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33 Hilariously Fun Virtual Games for New Year’s to Try

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We’ve got all the New Year’s ideas you need for an amazing virtual party. 


Sometimes a virtual New Year’s Eve party at home can be just as entertaining as an expensive night out on the town. Especially at a time in our lives when limiting our distance from others socially is recommended. 


If staying at home for New Year’s Eve and watching the ball drop from the comfort of your couch is in the cards for you this year, you might be searching for virtual entertainment to help make your evening more festive. 


Finding something virtually enjoyable at home might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be when you use a little imagination to find the perfect selection of virtual games to play this New Year’s Eve. 


Discover loads of online fun, such as baking yummy party snacks and playing a round of virtual charades, preparing fabulous festive drinks for a game of New Year’s Eve bingo, or dancing the night away to your favorite playlist. We only named a few endless possibilities of fun virtual New Year’s Eve activities there are to discover. 


Are you ready to have even more fun? We have rounded up 33 of the most hilariously virtual games for New Year’s to try with your friends and family. 

1. Amphy Online New Year’s Teambuilding  

One of the best ways to enjoy a thrilling New Year in at home is by browsing a list of New Years online classes from Amphy. This one-of-a-kind website offers a variety of fun New Year activities for the whole family to enjoy. 

2. Guess that Resolution 

Collect New Year’s resolutions from all party guests. Google form is an excellent way to help make the process simple. 


Display the answers online and have the party guests guess which player wrote the resolution. The player with the most correct answers wins the round. There are some great virtual prizes to be won, such as:


  • Downloadable backdrops
  • Holiday-themed photographs
  • Offer online coupons

3. Amphy Zumba Class 

Are you looking for an entertaining way to have some fun at home this New Year? Try an online Zumba class to stay fit and share a few laughs as you dance the night away til the clock strikes midnight. 

4. New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

 For ultimate New Years fun, celebrate the holidays with a virtual photo booth where you can show off your style to your friends and family with fun New Year’s props, such as:


  • Funky eyeglasses with the year on them
  • New Year’s Eve hats
  • Party blowers


You can even change the virtual photo booth into an entertaining competition of who can post the silliest photo or the best-dressed couple photo. 

5. Have a New Year’s Cook-Off

Why not ring in the New Year with some fabulous foods? Have a virtual cook-off with your friends and family. You can exchange recipes with each other and spend the day cooking up some tasty treats to sample while you ring in the New Year. 


You might also like this online class, Teambonding in the kitchen!

6. Download a Holiday Playlist

Nothing beats ringing in the New Year like listening to your favorite music to celebrate New Year’s. Download your favorite playlist, and remember to add in a few traditional New Year’s songs, such as “Auld Lang Syne.” to dance the night away in style. 


Listening to your best-loved songs is the perfect way to help countdown the hours till midnight on New Year’s Eve. 

7. Play New Year’s Eve Bingo

Have a blast while shaking a leg through decades of great hits from the 60s to present-day hits with an exciting game of The Best of Bingo Bash! Team Building.  


Test your musical knowledge of incredible past singers, such as the Beach Boys, or Whitney Houston, and collect points as you groove to the beat of the music. Be the first to get a row or a full card to win.


This interactive bingo is hosted by a professional and is sure to have you tapping your toes throughout the entire hour-long virtual game. 

8. Create a Virtual Countdown Clock

Midnight is the highlight of New Year’s Eve, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate virtually than by creating a countdown clock to help anticipate the big moment when the ball drops to ring in the New Year. 


We have come up with a unique way of designing your countdown clock for all your guests to see in three easy steps:

Step 1: Customize Your Clock

Download a live countdown timer to customize your countdown clock. 

Step 2: Display the Clock

Use a spare computer or tablet to display your customized countdown clock.

Step 3: Share Clock with the Guests

When you enter your virtual meeting with guests, including friends and family, have the countdown clock on display within your screen so all party members can view it. You can also open a separate link to the countdown clock that covers the entire screen. 

9. Have a Sing-Off

A holiday sing-off is another excellent virtual game that party guests can enjoy ringing in the holidays. Play a song and when the music stops the guests must finish the lyrics. If you are stumped, you lose. 


The person who finishes last is the ultimate winner in the New Year’s sing-off competition. Virtual prizes can be given to the winners, such as Amphy gift cards or courses. 

10. Plan a Virtual Meeting with Friends and Family

Although personal family get-to-gathers are a traditionally common way to ring in the New Year, celebrating virtually with friends and relatives is the next best thing. 


Ringing in the New Year virtually also allows you to get together with people on the other side of the world with whom you would otherwise miss out on celebrating. 

people on a zoom meeting

11. Virtual Gingerbread Contest

Christmas celebrations are technically not over until January first, right? Why not celebrate the holidays right up until the last day of the year?


Ring in the New Year with a gingerbread contest and see who can create the best gingerbread creation. Use your imagination to come up with the most creative gingerbread house, car, or village you can create. 


Make sure to post pictures of your creations online for all to see and offer people to weigh in on the betting for the best gingerbread creation.

12. New Year’s Murder Mystery

How about hosting a virtual New Year’s Eve murder mystery where all the party guests must dress in fancy clothing and follow a character script? 


Murder mysteries are sure to add some suspense to the evening, and encourage you to dress in fancy clothing even though you aren’t leaving the comforts of your home. 


You might also like A Christmas Murder Mystery.

13. Holiday Movie Marathon 

Ring in the New Year with a holiday movie marathon. Spend the day watching some of your favorite holiday movies that will soon disappear for another year.


Our list of best New Year’s Eve movies includes the following:


14. Virtual Happy Hour

New Year’s Eve celebrations go best with a cold beverage in hand. Why not ring in the holidays virtually with your friends and family over a New Year’s drink? Sharing cocktail recipes with other members of the party is a must.


Here is our list of favorite holiday drinks to help ring in the New Year:

1. White Christmas Margarita

  • Tequila
  • Coconut rum
  • Lime juice and coconut milk
  • Garnish with cranberries

2. Mistletoe Mule

  • Vodka
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime juice, and pomegranate seeds
  • Garnish with crushed candy cane

3. Jack Frost

  • Blue Curacao
  • Vodka
  • Club soda and lemonade
  • Garnish with a sugared rim and a lemon wedge

15. New Years Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of the best ways to celebrate a holiday, and New Year’s is no exception. Online scavenger hunts can be fun and creative, especially in winter because there are so many options to include in your scavenger hunt. 


You might also like this unique online game, Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Finding Thankfulness.

16. Virtual Trivia Games

Online trivia games are huge crowd-pleasers for New Year’s Eve parties. Test your knowledge of past events that took place around the holidays. Some examples of trivia questions might include:


  • Holiday movie characters or years of production
  • Name that drink
  • Name that song

17. Play Virtual New Year’s Pictionary

Pictionary is another crowd-pleaser sure to please every member of the household, including the young and the old. 


In this virtual game of Pictionary, members can contribute to an online pot of holiday-themed words that members must draw.


Randomly divide players into two teams by using a computer-generated sorting app and let members take turns drawing according to their place on the list of generated names. 


The team who guesses the most correct drawings wins the contest.

18. Have a Cheese and Beer Party

Subscribe to a virtual beer and cheese party. Each adult guest receives a box in the mail containing holiday beers, festive cookies, cheese, and festive party crackers to sample. 


Meet up with other guests via an online group chat to enjoy the celebration and ring in the holidays together.

 19.  Play a Virtual Casino Night

Why not enjoy a virtual casino night to ring in the New Year with friends and family near and far? There are also plenty of online casinos that can be accessed online from the comfort of your living room. 


You might also like this online game of Casino Night.

20. Play Holiday Quiz Games

Have a blast taking online quizzes to see how you score amongst the others who have tried the holiday quizzes. Find out how many holiday songs you can remember from years past, take a quiz to see what your future holds for you, or discover your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year. 

quotation marks

Finding something virtually enjoyable at home might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be when you use a little imagination

people laughing around a table with laptops

21. Play a Virtual Drinking Game

This is the perfect game for adults to enjoy on New Year’s Eve. Randomly divide players into small teams. Then, read a list of statements that are either true or false. Each team must answer the question correctly, or drink up.


You can even mix it up, and drink up if the player gets the answer correct. Either way, it’s a terrific way to enjoy an entertaining evening of cocktails with virtual friends and family. 

22. Send Champagne Candy-Grams To Friends and Family

Why not ring in the New Year with a candy gram sent to your friends and family whom you won’t be spending New Year’s Eve with in person this year? 


Receiving a package in the mail is always enjoyable, no matter who you are. Ensure to ship early so your package arrives before the big day. Then, enjoy watching the recipient opening their package via virtual meetings. 

23. Play a Game of White Elephant 

Put a spin on the classic game of virtual White Elephant by aiming it towards the New Year resolution. Party guests can uncover prizes by picking the correct gift box and unwrapping it online. 


Other players have a chance of stealing gifts as the game goes on. Some gifts for this game could include prizes such as:


  • Gift cards to fitness apps
  • Gift cards for yummy weight-loss diets
  • Tips for de-stressing in the New Year

24. Would You Rather?

New Year’s parties are always entertaining when you throw in a virtual game of would you rather. 


Have guests answer bizarre questions that took place throughout the year. For example, if you had to quarantine with one person, who would you choose?

25. Have a Virtual Painting Party

Get together with friends and family virtually over the holidays to enjoy a virtual painting party of New Year’s Eve-themed paintings. 

26. Download Festive Printables

New celebrations are always better celebrated with unique festive decorations. Download some New Year’s printables to add some sparkle to your virtual party celebrations. You can also download printable games to play at your party, such as:


  • Virtual holiday bingo games
  • Trivia games
  • Name that song games

27. T.V. Game Show-Down

Join a virtual t.v. game show-down where you can compete with other teams to test your knowledge inspired by popular game shows from the past. 


If you are creative, you could also create your own t.v. game show-down by creating teams of players and enjoying virtual games for prizes. 


You might also like to try your luck this New Year’s with this virtual t.v. game show-down

28. Play a Game of Who is the Most Likely

Create an online game platform with each member submitting humorous questions about who is the most likely to do something in the new year. Some examples of funny questions to add to the bucket are:


  • Who is the most likely to end up in jail this year
  • Who is the most likely to break a leg
  • Who is the most likely to have a baby

29. Charades

Charades is always an excellent go-to game that is sure to provide plenty of laughs for all participants. New Year’s Eve charades could be catered to holiday themes. 

30. Learn Dance Routines to a Festive Song

Pick a song that members can enjoy learning the choreography of the lyrics. Show off your incredible dance moves to friends and family who can join you virtually as they attempt to master the required dance skills with you. 

31. Virtual Cup Pong

Cup pong is another entertaining game that can be played virtually among friends and family to help ring in the New Year in an enjoyable way. Try your luck at tossing ping pong balls into red solo cups. Each time you miss the cup, take another drink. 


Virtual Ping Pong is the ultimate holiday game to celebrate New Year’s Eve among friends and family. 

32. Truth or Dare

New Year’s is also a spectacular time for an entertaining game of virtual truth or dare. Get ready to answer questions about yourself, or face the consequences. 


Virtual truth or dare also provides an excellent opportunity to get to know your friends and family better. 

33. Name that Celebrity

Another great way to spend New Year’s Eve at home is by playing an online game of “name that celebrity” with other teammates. 


Test your skills from celebrities over the decades and see how well you do. 

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