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Amphy: The Best Virtual Gift Ideas You Can Get Everyone on Your List This Christmas 2024


Find the best virtual gift ideas you can get from Amphy, including classes to get your family and friends into the holiday spirit.


All over the world, people celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve. Families come together to enjoy a lovely meal, exchange gifts and spend time together.


With the upcoming holiday season, you don’t want to procrastinate and get your friends and family a meaningless, last-minute gift. Instead, you can get your best pals and beloved family members any of the best virtual gift options we outline below.


There are several Christmas gift ideas, including:


  • Virtual classes teaching users how to plan a Christmas party
  • Making Christmas crafts
  • Simplifying the holiday season

You can also choose one of multiple virtual Christmas gifting ideas teaching individuals about worldwide holiday traditions.


Do you have a family member who wants to dance and enjoy a Bollywood holiday party? Or is your best friend interested in learning about Italian or Greek Christmas traditions? 


Luckily, the virtual classes here can provide your friends and family with the perfect virtual classes to get them into the holiday spirit. They’ll get to learn about unique holiday traditions from around the world. 


You can also buy classes about New Year’s Eve, making Christmas cards, and the religious aspect of Christmastime. A different class can teach you how to organize your house and have a clutter-free holiday season.  


Are you ready to pick the best virtual gift for everyone on your list? Then check out the 14 top virtual gift ideas from our list below!


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Our List of Best Virtual Gift Ideas for You

Subscription services and digital gift cards allow anyone who may have procrastinated to find the present for their family or friends as soon as possible. However, these virtual gift ideas still make a wonderful present for those who didn’t procrastinate at all.


Whatever state you’re in, you can get a thoughtful and sweet gift for the people in your life. Take a peek at the 14 best virtual gift options below. 

1. Christmas in Serbian Class

Natasa Pivnicki is the teacher for the Christmas in Serbian class. Pivnicki has a degree in Comparative Literature and has worked as a high school teacher. She also provides private tutoring to teach high school students the Serbian and Russian languages.


The students in the class learn about the customs, language, and traditions of a Serbian Christmas. The class is perfect for your children or your nieces and nephews. 


The teacher will read Christmas stories and speak about the traditions and customs of the Serbian holiday. Children will also get to sing Christmas carols during the class.


Essentially, the class is for the younger generation in your family. Children from your family will delight in learning new Serbian Christmas songs.

2. A Simplified Christmas Class

The holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming for many parents and couples once December rolls around. Many people often over-plan and pick too many activities to pursue during the holidays. Families may spend days or weeks baking cookies, decorating the home, setting up the Christmas tree, sending out holiday cards, and more.


Shopping for gifts can become a never-ending nightmare during the holidays. However, if your friends or family experience stress during the Christmas season, you may want to buy them a virtual class taught by Alexandra Kozak in which they learn how to simplify that holiday.


Students in the class will learn how to break down cumbersome holiday chores and tasks while focusing on lowering their expectations and learning how to say no to others. 

3. Explore Rajasthan​ This Christmas

Consider buying a fun group class that takes only 30 minutes for your friends and family. The class provides a virtual tour of the city of Rajasthan, where students will learn about the ancient history of the Indian city and the unique forts found here.


If you have anyone in your family in love with ancient history, that loved one is sure to enjoy the virtual tour of Rajasthan during the Christmas season. The teacher will also provide information about the Christmas traditions typical in the city.


The teacher Garima Kat will lead the class. Garima Kat has more than 15 years of teaching experience and uses a fun and exciting teaching style to engage students in the material. The class is also perfect for anyone planning to visit India.


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4. Easy Chrismas Crafts Class

Do you have any children in your family or any artistic friends who love crafts? If so, the Easy Christmas Crafts class is perfect for those individuals. The students learn how to design and craft a Christmas decoration to add to their Christmas tree.


The freelance artist Silvia Njoki teaches the class and has more than seven years of experience as an artist. Furthermore, Silvia Njoki has several years of teaching experience. 


It’s a wonderful class to get everyone into the holiday season and feeling happy. The class requires users bring wooden sticks, a hot glue gun, stickers, and paint. As such, it truly makes a perfect gift for children of all ages. You can buy the supplies as part of the present for your kids and sign them up for the Christmas crafts class.

christmas cookies

5. Make Christmas Cards: Kids

Another excellent class for the kids in your family is one where they learn how to make Christmas cards. Children will learn the top tricks and tips to create beautiful and unique Christmas cards for their friends and family members.


Rakhi R leads the class and has spent several years in the teaching profession, including private tutoring. 


The children will need to bring colorful paper to the class and crayons or colored pencils, pens, cards, paint, scissors, and more. Once again, you can make the perfect present for your kids by buying the art supplies and signing them up for the “Make Christmas Cards” class.


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6. New Year’s Eve Serbian Class

Many countries worldwide celebrate New Year’s Eve similarly to how Americans celebrate Christmas in the United States. Another great virtual class to gift your friends and family is one showcasing the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Serbia.


Children and families will learn about the delicious cookies Serbians bake during the holidays and the fun decorations they hang around the house. Children will get to spend the class finding out more about Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and the New Year holiday.


Natasa Pivnicki teaches the class with her expertise and experience as a high school teacher and a degree in Comparative Literature. Natasa Pivnicki provides private lessons for high schoolers today and teaches Serbian, English, and Russian language classes.

7. Planning a Christmas Party

Do you have any family members or friends stressing about planning a Christmas party? Do they have no idea where to start or how to handle the latest holiday party problem?


If so, you may want to get them a virtual gift where an expert will teach them how to plan a Christmas party. Their holiday event will end up perfect after taking that class. The freelance artist Silvia Njoki will lead the class.


The class consists of using a notebook and an Excel file to plan out all the details for any Christmas party. The teacher focuses on planning for the number of people invited, the amount and type of food needed, the party theme, and the costs associated with the party.


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8. In the Footsteps of Baby Jesus – Christmas Tour

If you have any religious and Christian family members or friends, you may want to give them the virtual gift of an online class where they will learn the story of Baby Jesus.


The class also works as a nice Christmas gift for any of your coworkers. Itamar Ben David, who is a licensed guide in Israel, will teach the class. Itamar Ben David will go over the entire story of Jesus Christ starting with his birth and continuing until Jesus turns 30 years of age.


The story will include the cities of Nazareth and Bethlehem along with the country of Egypt. The students also get a virtual tour of the Temple in Jerusalem and see where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.


Any loved ones interested in learning about Jesus Christ would benefit from the virtual class.

9. Have A Clutter-Free Holiday!

The Christmas season is often filled with tons of decorations, cookies taking up the entire kitchen, a large Christmas tree, and an infinite amount of gifts for friends and family. Some families may find toys and candy canes all over the house, as their kids don’t always clean up after themselves.


Are there too many holiday-related objects all over the house? Your family members or friends may need to learn how to have a clutter-free holiday season. As such, the virtual class teaching them organization and ways to get rid of clutter can truly help.


Your loved ones will enjoy taking a virtual course on ways to have a more clutter-free holiday taught by Erin Candeloro. 


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quotation marks

Do you have a family member who wants to dance and enjoy a Bollywood holiday party? Or is your best friend interested in learning about Italian or Greek Christmas traditions?

Unique Christmas Traditions Throughout the World

Do you have any family members or pals who love to travel and learn about different cultures? If so, there are specific virtual classes that will get them into the holiday spirit while teaching them about interesting and unique Christmas traditions around the globe.


For instance, the Indian culture is one of the most beautiful, colorful, and incredible cultures around. Bollywood is a fun and exciting form of entertainment in India, so a class focused on Bollywood and the holidays is sure to put a smile on the face of your loved ones.

10. Holiday Special Bollywood Party

If you have family members or friends who are Indian or interested in Indian culture, you should surely get them the “Holiday Special Bollywood Party” virtual class. During the holiday season, the fun dance party session in a Bollywood style will give your loved ones a great time. They’ll have tons of fun dancing and enjoying the Christmas season.


The class lasts 30 minutes so they won’t get too tired. Your coworkers, friends, and family will love taking the Bollywood dance class. Nidhi Mehta of teaches the class to people of all ages. The dancers can take photos and have fun laughing about their dancing skills.

11. Italian Christmas Traditions and Recipes

The country of Italy takes Christmas seriously and has plenty of Christmas traditions Italians follow to a T. Do you have anyone in your family or friend group interested in learning about Italian customs and traditions during the holiday season?


Barbara Catino, an Italian teacher with more than ten years of teaching experience, will lead the class. Students must bring a pen, paper (or notebook), and a computer. 


If so, the “Italian Christmas Traditions and Recipes” course is the perfect virtual class for them. Furthermore, your friends and family will learn about the top Italian recipes and dishes for the Christmas season. The class is ideal for people of all ages.

12. Hindi Speaking Class; Christmas Edition

Do you have anyone in your family interested in learning a new language? Has anyone in your friend group started a Hindi language beginner class? If so, you’re sure to have the perfect virtual gift for them. The “Hindi Speaking Class: Christmas Edition” gift is a wonderful way for your loved ones to get into the Christmas spirit and learn a new language.


The teacher Rakhi R who has several years of private tutoring experience will provide instruction in the Hindi language. Students will learn the grammar, pronunciation, antonyms, and synonyms of Hindi. The teacher will also describe the common phrases used during the holidays and sing a popular Christmas Hindi song.


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13. Greek Christmas Traditions Class

Do you have any pals in your friend group who love Greek culture? If so, they might enjoy the “Greek Christmas Traditions” class. 


In the class, Sanja Ristić who has five years of online teaching experience will cover conversational skills and the customs and traditions of Christmastime in Greece. Students also learn about traditional Greek meals during the holidays and the fun Christmas songs that Greek families sing right at home. 


Those who take the class will become more fluent in the Greek language. Their confidence will increase too. Your friends or family will enjoy learning more about the popular Christmas traditions of Greece.

14. Christmas Time Spanish Classes for Kids Ages 2-7

Do you have young children in your family? If so, they will love learning a new language with a fun teacher who uses a Santa puppet to get kids into the holiday spirit.


If you want to teach your children Spanish, try getting them the “Christmas Time Spanish Classes for Kids” virtual gift. Darlin Rincon has several years of teaching experience and has taught Spanish to children virtually and in person.


The lessons here will have a Christmas theme. Also, the children will play games with Santa Claus. The kids will learn how to count in Spanish and name Christmas decorations. It’s a perfect way for children to learn a new language while enjoying the holidays.

christmas tree with red ornaments

Final Thoughts

Out of these best virtual gift options, which one is your favorite? Pick out the best ones for your friends and family. They’re sure to love the fun classes and will enjoy getting into the holiday spirit. Everyone will have a jolly and happy outlook once they come together to celebrate at your holiday dinner. 

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