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41 Unique Holiday Gifts for Employees

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The holidays are always a great time to show your appreciation to your employees. If you find the right gifts for your employees, you can leave a positive impact on them. Ran out of ideas? Then try some of these cool Christmas gifts to make their holiday.

1. Online Class

Some people love to learn, so specific online classes might help your employees enjoy their hobbies and have fun during a break.

2. Personalized Notes

People appreciate personalized notes since you show them that you pay attention and take the time to write something unique for them.

3. Holiday-Themed Candles

Scented candles can add to a home’s aesthetic, so try and buy some scents related to the holiday season.

4. Ornaments and Decorations

Your employees may want to hang up decorations and ornaments. See if you can find any cute ones for them to use.

5. Custom Mugs

For custom mugs, you can add unique images or funny phrases to make your employees smile or get a chuckle from them.

6. Custom Portraits

If you can hire a professional artist, you can have them do custom portraits of each of your employees as a pleasant surprise.

7. Scrapbooks

Some businesses take plenty of pictures, so throw together a scrapbook for your employees or make digital scrapbooks if they prefer.

8. Holiday Frames

If your people like to take photos or display them on their desks, you can purchase holiday frames to match the season.

9. Supplies

It can be a chore to purchase supplies, so you can save your employees a trip by purchasing necessary supplies for the entire office.

10. Holiday Party

Throwing a party will make everyone happy and enjoy the holiday season. See if your employees want to have a party to celebrate the year.

holiday party refreshment table

11. White Elephant Gift Exchange

Can’t think of gifts for each person? Try a White Elephant Gift Exchange to get everyone involved while having a good laugh.

12. Secret Santa

If you want more meaningful gifts, you can try a Secret Santa. Of course, doing so requires coordination and planning, but it’ll be worth it.

13. Gag Gifts

If your office likes to laugh, you can try gag or funny gifts to spread some cheer and create fun memories.

14. Inside Jokes

Incorporating inside jokes can help you find a memorable gift while earning some chuckles to put your employees in a good mood.

15. Signing Pens

Offices need people to sign the paperwork, so make it more meaningful by giving each person a fancy signing pen.

16. Consider Families

Some of your employees may have families, so see if you can pick out gifts their families can use and enjoy.

17. Custom Name Plates

Since many offices have different desks, you can also purchase custom name plates for your employees as an easy way to mark their places.

18. Custom Stockings

If you want a positive approach, you can purchase custom stockings and put your employees’ names on them.

19. Remember All Holidays

Your employees will celebrate different holidays, so remain inclusive and consider other holidays while choosing gifts.

20. Virtual Tours

Your employees can’t always visit places, so try and give them virtual tours of unique locations or entertaining areas worldwide.

amphy dark blue virtual tour gift card
quotation marks

If you find the right gifts for your employees, you can leave a positive impact on them.

21. Charging Cables and Plugs

Everyone needs to charge devices and probably already have these, but you never know when they’ll break, so give them some extras.

22. Yearly Calendar

Since the new year will approach soon, you can give your employees their own cute or practical calendars to prepare for the year.

23. Phone Apps

People love to use their phones, but they don’t want to pay for the apps, so gift some to your employees.

24. Phone Cases

You can help prevent people from breaking their phones, so purchasing phone cases might make for good holiday gifts for your employees.

25. Favorite Candy

If you pay enough attention to your employees, you’ll find their favorite foods and candy, so buy some candy for them.

26. Gingerbread House Kits

Gingerbread houses remain fun activities for families, so see if your workers want to get some kits for their families.

27. Upgrade Equipment

The office can always use some upgrades, so if you can afford it, see what you can get to surprise your employees.

28. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are adorable gifts most people like. You can easily give them to your employees to keep or give to their loved ones.

29. Gift Wrap

Others may overlook the holiday season, so buy them some gift wrap to save them time and hassle once they get around to gift-giving.

30. Swag

Swag works well since your employees can use backpacks, water bottles, and similar supplies as a token of remembrance of your business’ generosity.

box of grey hat and waterbottles

31. Ties and Pins

People love to accessorize even at work. See if your employees like the idea of ties or pins as an excellent way to add to their outfits.

32. Homemade Cookies

Do you like to bake? Then, you can easily make some cookies for your employees and even offer vegan and nut-free options.

33. Cookie Kits

Even if you can’t make cookies, you can provide the supplies by purchasing cookie kits for your employees.

34. In-Store Credit

Depending on your store’s offers, you can give your employees in-store credit or an option to cash out as a holiday bonus.

35. Specific Gift Cards

While gift cards work great as holiday gifts for employees, try and give specific gift cards to niche services or stores, so they realize that you put thought into choosing the service.

36. Holiday Plates

The holidays bring lovely decorations and kitchen items, so go through the holiday plates action and give some to your workers.

37. Family Photo Opportunities

If you have a reasonable budget, you can offer family photo opportunities to your employees as a fun way to make holiday memories.

38. Movie or Sport Tickets

People love to go to events with their family members. See what movies and sports they like, so you can grab them some tickets.

39. Board Games

Some people don’t like to go out, but they want to play games, so buying some board games can help your employees have fun!

40. Custom Playlists

If you know what music your employees like at work, you can make custom playlists for them to enjoy during their breaks.

41. Buy Different Gifts

Always strive to think of unique gift ideas for coworkers, so each of them feels unique and special.


Getting your employees the right gift will make them happy and more comfortable with work. They worked hard throughout the year, so go through the trouble of giving them unique gifts to show them your appreciation.


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