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Staff Christmas Gift Ideas [Updated Oct. 2023]

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Best Virtual Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

The world is becoming more digital every day, and employee Christmas gifts are no exception. If you’re looking for some holiday gifts for employees but aren’t brave enough to face the in-person shopping crowds, why not go for a virtual gift?


Here are some of the best virtual Christmas gift ideas for employees. No matter what their interests may be, there’s likely to be something on this list that they’ll enjoy.

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Finding the best Christmas gifts for staff can be difficult, but as more and more options become available in the digital world, it becomes a little bit easier.

1. An Opportunity to Learn with Amphy

Amphy Art and Music Gift Card

If you’d like a Christmas gift that will keep your employees’ minds as fresh as ever, why not give them a gift card for some online classes? 


Whether they like to cook, draw, or do yoga, there’s sure to be a class on Amphy that’ll pique their interest and keep their skills sharp. There are even health and wellness classes for those who struggle to stick to their fitness routines, as well as second language classes for people who just don’t click with Duolingo. 

2. An Endangered Animal to “Adopt”

Do you have any animal lovers in your workplace? Consider “adopting” them an animal from the World Wildlife Fund. This option is the perfect gift idea for office staff who try to keep things eco-friendly. 


When you adopt an endangered species from WWF’s symbolic adoption service, your funds will go towards helping preserve habitats and fight climate change. In return, you’ll also get a few physical gifts from the organization to show their gratitude–including an official adoption certificate, a plush toy, a reusable tote bag, and more. 


There is a vast selection of endangered animals that you can adopt for your employees. Tigers, elephants, polar bears, and even capybaras are just a few of the options they have available.

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3. A Message from Their Favorite Celebrity

If your employee has a celebrity that they simply adore, a message on Cameo may be a gift they’ll never forget. These personalized messages can make excellent company holiday gifts for employees. 


With this online service, you can choose from a massive selection of celebrities to record a video specifically for your employee. You can request a heartfelt message, a funny joke, or even a song–it’s entirely up to you. 


You can search on their site to see if their favorite celebrity is currently taking requests. The prices may vary depending on the celebrity, so this may be a great employee gift if they’re fond of a lesser-known star, as those Cameos tend to run slightly cheaper. 

4. A Membership to a Virtual Gym

Do you have an employee that’s hoping to stay healthy in the upcoming year? Consider giving them a membership to a virtual gym. 


With the gift of a virtual gym, they’ll be able to work out even on those days where they don’t want to leave the house. They can do plenty of energizing exercises all from the comfort of their home, making it easier to stick to their health goals. 


There are plenty of virtual gym memberships to choose from, so browse online to find one you think is best for your employee.

woman looking at laptop with holiday treats

5. A Food Delivery Service Gift Card

Some days, you just don’t want to leave the house or cook anything from scratch. Help your employee out on those days with a gift card for a food delivery service. 


These services have become more popular over the past few years, allowing you to order food from any restaurant you’re craving. Unfortunately, the additional costs of these services can add up over time, so anyone who uses them often will likely be grateful to receive a gift card. 


You can purchase gift cards online for services like Grubhub, Ubereats, Doordash, and much more. Choose a physical gift card to stick in a Christmas card, or opt for a virtual gift card to send to their email if you’re in a hurry. 

6. A Gift Card for Handmade Goods

There’s something about handmade goods that just feels more special than ones made in a factory. However, not everyone has the time or handiwork to make their staff Christmas gifts from scratch. 


If your employee enjoys handmade goods and supporting small businesses, consider giving them an Etsy gift card. You can either choose a physical gift card or an e-gift card, depending on your preference. 


Once they activate this card, they can browse thousands of unique handmade goods that you can’t buy at retail stores. From knitted scarves to scented candles to beautiful handmade jewelry, there’s likely to be something on Etsy that they’ll love. 

7. A Monthly Snack Box Subscription

Are your employees always eager to try new foods? A subscription to a monthly snack box could be a perfect gift. And the best part is that it’s monthly, so they’ll enjoy some delicious treats for months the whole year ahead. 


For a monthly trip around the world, you could get your employee a subscription to Monthly Yums. They provide snacks from different countries each month, so your employees won’t be short on variety. 


Or, if your employee enjoys all-natural treats, you could give them a subscription to NatureBox. They have options for all types of diets, including vegan and gluten-free, so no matter their dietary preferences, you can probably find something here that they’ll enjoy. 

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best Christmas gifts for staff can be difficult, but as more and more options become available in the digital world, it becomes a little bit easier. Those looking for team gifts can expect a huge variety of options this upcoming Xmas season. 


Whether they’re looking for some fun online classes with Amphy or a monthly subscription to some tasty treats, there are sure to be some employee Christmas gifts out there that will be a hit.

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