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25 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dad That He Won’t Return 2024

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Finding last-minute Christmas gifts for Dad doesn’t have to be a fight. Even when you’re running behind, there are plenty of last-minute Christmas gifts for Dad out there that are sure to make your dad smile. As long as you know what you’re looking for, you can find the perfect gift with plenty of time to spare.  


Gift-giving is a special kind of skill that usually requires forethought and a lot of planning. But with the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to get behind. Before you even have time to digest your Thanksgiving meal, people are decorating their homes and stringing lights on the porch. 


Life moves faster and faster, but that doesn’t mean you should let your gift-giving skills fall by the wayside. There are plenty of last-minute options for anyone looking to make Dad feel extra special this holiday season. 

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Dad That He’s Going to Love

Christmas is about making the important people in your life feel loved and appreciated. Whether your dad is a fan of the outdoors, an aspiring musician, or has recently decided to try his hand at cooking, you can find unique last-minute gift ideas that are sure to make him feel like the luckiest dad in the world on Christmas. 


If you’re worried about your dad returning your gift once the Christmas season has passed, you can put those fears away. With one of these excellent gifts, your father won’t have a choice but to put your gift to good use.


So if you’re an avid fan of giving the perfect gift at Christmas, you’ll love what’s in store for you here. 

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Virtual Christmas Presents

Maybe your dad likes to learn new things. Or perhaps he’s big into reading online or listening to audiobooks. Whatever his preferred hobby, you can find a virtual Christmas present to help him hone his skills or learn something new! 

gift card for amphy that says 'learn anything'


There are so many different platforms out there that are available to teach all kinds of fascinating things to young and old students alike.


If your dad has been talking about learning a new skill, you can find an online platform (like Amphy!) that will host him as a student.

hand chopping peppers on a white cutting board

Another great gift for your kitchen-loving father is online cooking classes! You can find all kinds of great selections for the aspiring chef in your family, whether he’s brand new to cooking or makes every meal. 

red and white netflix gift card

If your dad likes to unwind at the end of a long day with a fun show or a favorite movie, then he’ll love having access to the wide world of online video streaming!


Purchasing your father a subscription to one of the many online streaming platforms is a great way to give him the gift he wants: relaxation.


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In the Kitchen

Whether your dad is new to the kitchen or he fancies himself a regular gourmand, you can find meaningful gifts that are sure to make his cooking experience even better than before. 

Everyone loves popcorn, right? But popping popcorn in the microwave is too boring for the 21st century. Finding a great stovetop or air popper is a great way to give your dad something fun and helpful. 


Add a bag of popcorn, some salt, and other seasonings, and you’ve created the perfect Christmas gift basket for your dad. He might even give it an inaugural go on Christmas afternoon!  

One of the first things a man learns when it’s time to become a dad is the wonderful skill of grilling meat to perfection. It’s a critical part of being a dad, and most dads take great pride in it.


If you want to bless your dad, find him a brand new set of utensils for his grilling escapades. Shiny spatulas and never-before-used tongs are a sure way to make him feel loved and appreciated. 

With those grilling utensils, you can make your dad’s Christmas the best Christmas ever with a clever basket of the best meat seasonings available. 


Whether you purchase something prepacked or prepare a basket yourself with seasonings you know your dad loves, assorted meat seasonings are a fun and practical gift that he’s sure to love. 

quotation marks

Gift-giving is a special kind of skill that usually requires forethought and a lot of planning. But with the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to get behind.


This section could also be called the “gift of the month” section. With these subscriptions, you can give your dad a year’s worth of delicious drinks, treats, or fun activities to keep him and your mom busy on their long days at home! 

a row of different wine bottles

You can introduce your dad to a new world of delicious cabernets and merlots with different wine-tasting subscriptions on order. Whether he likes white or red, fruity or dry, a wine-tasting subscription will widen his tastes and broaden his horizons. 

wooden crate that reads cheers, with six cans of beers lined up in front of it

Maybe wine isn’t your dad’s thing. Perhaps he’s more of a beer guy, preferring stouts and porters to a merlot or shiraz. 


The good news is that there’s a crate of beer for every occasion.

Who wouldn’t love cheese of the month subscription? Having a fresh variety of cheeses delivered to your house every month sounds like a dream come true.


Want to encourage your dad to try new cheeses he’s avoided his entire life? This is how to make it happen.  

cookies in a row on a white background

The only thing better than having cheese delivered to your door every month is having cookies delivered to your door every month. 


Give your dad the gift that he wants: new cookies brought straight to him. It’s sure to put a smile on his face and a little more joy in his life. 

christmas cookies

Thinking updates on your own can be an exhausting experience, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. With a date subscription gift, you can help your dad come up with fresh and fun ideas for his night out with Mom.


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Gift Cards

If you’re stumped on what to get your dad for Christmas, it’s impossible to go wrong with a gift card to his favorite store. Some people might think gift cards are impersonal, but they’re some of the easiest ways to show someone you’re thinking about them!  

12. Bass Pro Shops

If you have an outdoorsy father, you’ve probably spent more than one Saturday tooling around your local sporting goods store looking for new fishing gear or woodworking materials.


Make your dad’s Christmas memorable with a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store! You can give him the gift of the outdoors without returning to the store with him.

13. Escobar Cigars 

Is your dad a fan of cigars? Maybe he’s enjoyed a good stogie every weekend for the entire time you’ve been alive. Maybe smoking a cigar is his favorite way to unwind. 


You don’t have to know anything about cigars to ensure your dad gets his favorite kind. With a wide selection of his of great quality cigars, you are sure to find something he loves. 

14. Dollar Shave Club

A gift card to the Dollar Shave Club is a classic gift for any important man in your life, but especially for your father. 


Every father recognizes that classic brown box when it arrives in the mail. Every man gets excited when his favorite shaving products grace his doorstep.


Give your father the gift of a clean shave with his favorite blades this Christmas. 

15. Men’s Wearhouse

A Men’s Warehouse gift card is a great way to help your dad improve his fashion without telling him that he needs a wardrobe upgrade. 


You can subtly point him in the right direction and make him feel good about himself. 


With a Men’s Warehouse gift card, you can give him the classic gift of style.

16. Local Coffee Shop

Find out which coffee shop your father frequents and stop by to pick up a gift card for his Christmas present. 


Not only will you give your dad coffee that he loves, but you’ll also help support a small business he enjoys.


That’s like giving him two gifts in one!

17. Airbnb

Did you know you can purchase a gift card from the famous vacation rental website? That means you can help fund someone else’s vacation! Who deserves a free trip more than your dad?


With a gift card for Airbnb, you can give your dad the gift he wants: time away in a new place, full of new sights and sounds, free from the taxing responsibilities of everyday life.


You can guarantee your place as Dad’s favorite when you go with an Airbnb gift card. 

18. Audible

Audible gift cards are great for the reader in your family, especially your dad. You can encourage him to keep hearing new stories and learning new things with an Audible gift card.

19. iTunes 

Give your dad the gift music with an iTunes gift card. He can download his favorite songs, rediscover old artists, and maybe even make time for some new ones. 

20. Amazon

Amazon is more than just a fallback option for last-minute Christmas shoppers since many people use Amazon for all kinds of household needs and hobbies.


Getting an Amazon gift card for your dad is an easy way to get him something you know he’ll enjoy. It’s simple and practical, and he’ll love getting to spend it on whatever he desires. 


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treble clef ornament hanging from a tree

For Music Lovers

If you have a music-loving father, you must consider getting him something music-related for Christmas. Encouraging him in his musical pursuits will lift his spirits and help keep him sharp as a tack in the years to come!  

21. Guitar How-To

If your father is interested in learning the guitar, you can find him several excellent beginner tutorial options. Whether you go online or find physical books, plenty of resources will have your father mastering the six-string in no time.


Maybe your dad has been playing guitar since you were a kid and is looking for ways to learn more. You can find excellent resources for that, too! 

22. Harmonica Set

Any music-loving man has wanted to learn the harmonica at one point. They’re such simple instruments; who wouldn’t find them fascinating?


For Christmas this year, think about getting your dad something he can have fun using – even if it drives your mom a little crazy!

23. Ukulele

The ukulele is a unique instrument many people pick up later in life. If your dad is already musically gifted, he’ll have no trouble figuring out the Hawaiian instrument. 


If your dad isn’t that musical, then the ukulele is a great place to get him started!

24. Cajon

There are all kinds of Cajons, whether your dad is a rockstar drummer or just likes to bang out some beats on his legs.


The Cajon is a great gift because it’s small and easy to transport, but it inspires the inner musician in all of us. 

25. Piano Lessons

If your dad has always wanted to learn the piano, then this Christmas could be the year his dream comes true!


Sign him up for piano lessons online or with a local instructor and watch him become a kid again as he learns something completely new.


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Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling to find Christmas gifts for your dad, don’t worry! There is plenty of last-minute Christmas gifts for Dad that he won’t ever want to return.


You can rest easy knowing that, with one of these excellent choices, your dad will love his Christmas gift this year!

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