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Your One Stop Shop for Gift Giving Around the World: Amphy [Updated Nov. 2023]


How do I buy an Amphy gift card?

It’s incredibly easy to buy an Amphy gift card! Simply log on to Amphy and select the amount of money you’d like to put on the e-gift card. You pick from nearly a dozen sleek gift card designs, including cards that feature Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Swami Vivekananda, to provide some extra personalization–plus a 250-character personal message!


Finally, enter the recipient’s email address and set a delivery date–or pay a flat 19.99 to send something via the post.

What kind of gifts can I give on Amphy?

Here’s the great news: if you want to give a gift on Amphy, you’re basically only limited by the boundaries of what lessons are available–and Amphy has lessons on pretty much everything. Keep reading to learn some of the best ideas for gift giving on Amphy. 

Gifts on Amphy


Music is universally beloved, and everyone loves to learn a little more about it–and Amphy has an expansive collection of music lessons and courses that Amphy gift cards can pay off!


Some of these lessons are based on general appreciation of music, music theory, or understanding music. Others focus on more specific forms of music, such as Spanish music, Carnatic classical music, or even Bollywood Halloween music.


Or maybe, like millions of people throughout the world, your friend wants to learn how to sing or play music! In this case, you’re both in luck: Amphy offers a wide array of beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons in instruments and vocals–even for kids!

Guitar Amphy

Language and Culture

Another option for an Amphy gift card is a class on language and culture. Amphy offers classes on 23 (and counting!) different languages, from English and Spanish to Latin and Latvian.


There are options both for those who want a group lesson (for those who like to learn in the community) and one-on-one options (for those who need more individualized attention). No matter what lesson they pick, Amphy’s highly trained and knowledgeable teachers will offer a lesson that’ll bolster their language skills considerably.


On top of language, there are even more lessons available under the banner of culture! Amphy offers a number of classes on world cultures, philosophy, and history.

Boy Writing on Blackboard Amphy


One of Amphy’s most popular categories is that of art! If you have a friend who’s an aspiring artist, or even just an art enthusiast, then an Amphy gift card could be an absolutely stellar gift for them.


There’s a wide array of options available for art-heads out there. If your friend is interested in traditional art, Amphy offers videos on drawing comics and substance painting.


If they’re more interested in photography, Amphy also offers classes for beginners and more advanced classes on specific topics, like food and portrait photography.


Or, if they’re more versed in the auditory arts, Amphy can provide several other ideas for gifts, such as voice acting.

Paint Brushes Amphy
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Keep reading to learn some of the best ideas for gift giving on Amphy.

Home and Lifestyle

Maybe what your friend needs for their special occasion is a way to expand their skillset in the realms of their home and lifestyle.


Gift giving on Amphy can allow your friend to explore any number of different skills. They might, for instance, take a dive into the world of adult first aid, closet organization, and decluttering.


If your friend is a pet-lover or aspiring pet-lover, then it could be great to offer any number of classes based on pet ownership and care, whether for birds, dogs, or cats.


No matter what you pick, though, your friend is certain to expand their domestic skillset!

Organized Table Amphy

Chess and Poker

If your friend is a board game enthusiast, then you might find stellar ideas for gifts among Amphy’s selection of chess and poker classes.


In this case, gift giving with Amphy can be a stellar way to choose a very personalized gift for someone in your life, whether they’re young or old. If they’re a complete beginner to chess or poker, then the site offers plenty of lessons for beginners–and in some cases, they can even get a lesson with a grandmaster!


There are also options for more advanced players, including both group lessons and private lessons, with commensurate pricing.

Chess and Poker Amphy

Classes for Kids

Finally, gift giving on Amphy is an excellent option when a child in your life has a special occasion, whether they’re a child, grandchild, nephew/niece, or family friend.


Have a precocious young artist in your life? You could pick out a class in mixed media self-portraits. Or, if they’re interested in delving into music, they could pick up a beginner’s class in the guitar. Or maybe they just love to learn–in which case, there are lessons on topics ranging from ice cream to interesting animal facts!


One of the best things about giving this kind of gift is that it’s very different from the other gifts they might be receiving. Even better, the lesson might be an opportunity for them to develop a new skill or even find a new passion.

Girl using Tab Amphy


Gift giving with Amphy is an extraordinary way to give a loved one a gift that’s unlike anything they’ve ever received before. Even better, there are options well beyond the ones we’ve suggested here, meaning that you’ll be able to have plenty of suggestions once your loved one receives their gift. 

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