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25 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Mom That Will Arrive on Time 2024

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Sometimes, life gets in the way and you don’t have a lot of time for Christmas shopping. And before you know it, December is nearing its end and you still haven’t gotten your mother a gift. Luckily for you, there’s still plenty of time to get the ideal last-minute Christmas gift for mom. In fact, with this handy list, finding the right present can be a breeze. 


We’ve provided several virtual gift ideas on this list, so if you’re not a fan of gift wrapping, these options might appeal to you. They’re also suitable for mothers who live across the country, meaning you can still treat your mom to a wonderful Christmas present even if you won’t be seeing her in person this year.


Regardless of your mother’s interests, there’s likely a gift on this list that will be perfect for her. We’ve assembled gift ideas for moms with a variety of passions, including: 


  • Food 
  • Linguistics and culture 
  • Self-care 
  • Literature 
  • …And more! 

These last-minute Christmas gifts for moms can be thoughtful, creative, and even practical. Best of all, you can have them ready for Christmas morning in a matter of days, if not less. So if you’re struggling to find the right gift for your mother and you’re running against the clock, you’ve come to the right place. 


Ready to see some creative last-minute Christmas gifts for mom that will arrive on time? Let’s get started! 

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List of the Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Mom

Not sure where to start on your search for a Christmas gift? This list of last-minute Christmas gifts for mom has something for everyone. 

1. A Fun, Educational Experience with Amphy – The Best Last-Minute Christmas Gift for Mom! 

gift card for amphy that says 'learn anything'

A gift card for Amphy could be the perfect Christmas gift for your mom! This website is home to hundreds of unique online classes. Your mom can sharpen her cooking skills, learn another language, or even pick up a new hobby altogether. Fresh classes are always coming out, so no matter what her interests are, there’s could be something on Amphy that she’ll love. 

Green Spotify Premium Gift Card

A streaming service subscription can make a lovely last-minute gift for any mother. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max are a few popular choices to consider. Spotify Premium is also a great choice for music lovers. 

Few mothers wouldn’t cherish a bouquet of beautiful flowers. So, if you want a gift that’ll put a big smile on your mother’s face, consider a subscription to BloomsyBox. This subscription service will deliver different flowers each month, ensuring your mom can expect a pleasant surprise in every box. 

Candles are an easy, classic gift for moms. But why not go one step above and treat her to a new candle every month? A subscription to Vellabox can make for a pleasant gift for mothers who enjoy decorating their homes with fragrant artisan candles. 


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For a budget-friendly heartfelt gift, consider giving your mom a hand-painted picture for Christmas. You can paint a portrait of your mother, her pet, or even the whole family—the possibilities are endless. 

cameo gift cards in black and purple

Does your mom adore a particular celebrity? Then, a personalized message from them on Cameo could be just the ticket. This site hosts hundreds of famous names, so check to see if her favorite is available. You can have them tell a joke, sing her favorite song, or even give her a heartwarming Christmas message. 

Last-Minute Educational Gifts for Mom

No matter what, there’s always more to learn. Here are a few gifts for mom that can help keep her mind sharp. 

7. A Virtual Tour of Jerusalem 

With the “In the Footsteps of Baby Jesus Christmas Tour,” your mom can take a tour through Jerusalem and learn more about the story of Jesus’ birth. This online class makes for a truly memorable experience and highlights the spiritual side of the festive season. 

amphy dark blue virtual tour gift card

8. A Subscription for Endless Audiobooks 

An Audible gift card is a perfect gift for any mom who loves literature. With this subscription service, your mother can have access to thousands of audiobooks on her device. It’s the ideal Christmas present for bookworms who are running out of room on their bookshelves.


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give the gift of audible with an array of different books on dark background

9. A Christmas-Themed Class About Italian Culture 

With this “Italian Christmas Traditions and Recipes Class,” your mom can have a fun Italian-themed Christmas celebration. She’ll learn about the holidays in Italy and how to make some delicious seasonal dishes. 


Whether she wants to connect with her Italian heritage or simply has a passion for Italian culture, this class can make for a wonderful last-minute gift for your mom. 

venice with gondolas and the waterway

10. A Festive Way to Learn Hindi 

With this “Hindi Speaking Class: Christmas Edition,” your mother has the opportunity to immerse herself in another language. It’s well-suited for mothers with an interest in linguistics or Indian culture. Best of all, this class has a Christmas theme for a complete festive experience. 

colourful hanging decorations from India

11. A New Years’ Resolution to Learn Spanish 

Learning a new language is a common New Year’s Resolution, but sticking to it can be hard. To help her follow her goals, consider giving your mom this “New Years’ Resolution Spanish” course. It’s a virtual course, meaning your mother will get to learn the basics of this widely-spoken romance language in the comfort of her home. 

quotation marks

Sometimes, life gets in the way and you don’t have a lot of time for Christmas shopping

Last-Minute Food Gifts for Mom

You really can’t go wrong with these gift ideas! Here are some tasty last-minute gifts that your mom is bound to adore. 

12. A Gift Card for Her Favorite Restaurant 

There are few gifts better than an excuse to dine out. For a convenient and easy last-minute Christmas gift, consider giving your mom a gift card for her favorite restaurant. With it, she’ll get to have a delicious, relaxing meal for New Years’ Eve. 

13. An Easy Way to Make Dinner 

If you want to make dinnertime a little bit easier for your mom, why not give her a subscription to HelloFresh? This meal service delivers ingredients and recipes for a vast selection of delicious dishes. And if your mom prefers a plant-based diet, their menu includes plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. 


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14. Some Yummy Snacks From Around the World 

Enjoying food from around the world can be an exciting (and irresistible!) experience. With that in mind, treat your mom to some worldwide snacks with a subscription to UniversalYums for Christmas. She’ll get a variety of sweet, salty, and savory treats from a different region every month. 

15. A Homemade Dessert 

Who could say no to some freshly baked sweets? If you want a budget-friendly last-minute gift idea, consider throwing together a tasty dessert. Whether you bake some simple sugar cookies or assemble an intricate cake, a homemade treat can make a simple yet heartfelt gift for mom.

Last-Minute Wellness Gifts for Mom

Self-care is essential, especially for moms with busy schedules. Here are some gifts to help your mom put her well-being first. 

16. A Relaxing Gift Box 

With this self-care gift box from Ayphesman, your mom will receive a floral bath bomb, two scented candles, a bar of fragrant hand soap, and a metal tumbler for her favorite drinks. It’s everything she could need for a relaxing night all wrapped in a pretty pink box. 

17. An App To Ease Her Mind 

Moms who have anxiety might benefit from a Headspace app subscription. It provides helpful tools such as meditation guides, mindfulness lessons, and relaxing music. Over time, this app could potentially help improve your mom’s mental well-being. If your mom has been going through a rough time lately, offer her support with this loving gift. 

18. Something To Help an Expecting Mama 

Seeking a gift for a mom with a baby on the way? This adorable pregnancy care package may be just what she needs this holiday season. It has a selection of gifts for mom and her little one, including warm socks, yummy snacks, and a milestone blanket. It’s the best last-minute gift for expecting moms! 

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Last-Minute Shopping Gifts for Mom

single present with a red bow

Gift cards are always a smart choice for Christmas. Check out these gift ideas for moms who love to shop. 

19. A Gift Card for Some Beautiful Home Decor 

Hay is home to thousands of beautiful home decor items. If this sounds like something your mom would enjoy, a Hay gift card might bring a lot of joy for the holiday season. Furniture, candles, and beautiful throw pillows are just a few products this website offers. 

20. Some Beautiful Handmade Products 

On Etsy, you can shop for handmade products from independent artists around the world. So if your mom enjoys supporting small businesses, a gift card for this online store could be magical. They have a massive selection of items from custom mugs to handmade clothing, so there’s something here for everyone. 

21. A Gift Card for Her Favorite Novels 

If your mom loves to read, a gift card for a bookstore might be an ideal gift for her. You could go for Barnes and Noble if she likes her books brand new. Or, you could give her a Thriftbooks gift card if she prefers a budget-friendly, second-hand novel. 

Last-Minute Hobby Gifts for Mom

Does your mom have a hobby that she’s passionate about? One of these upcoming gift ideas may be the perfect choice for her. 

22. A Way To Keep Her Plants Alive 

If your mom loves gardening, the Planta App could be a great gift for her. It can provide reminders to water plants, offer gardening advice, help with plant identification, and much more. 


There’s a free version, but we recommend the paid app because it delivers a lot more valuable features for anyone with green fingers. 

23. A Way To Express Her Inner Thoughts 

Has your mom always wanted to start a journal, but had trouble sticking with it? This online journaling class may be what she needs. Consider supplying some stationery and pens along with this thoughtful virtual gift. 


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24. Something New To Read Every Month 

A Book of the Month subscription is one of the best last-minute gifts for avid readers. Your mom will get a constant stream of quality literature. She can choose from several book options every month, so she won’t have to worry about getting any books she already owns. 

25. Something for Mom and Her Furry Friend 

Does your mom have a furry friend that she loves dearly? The BarkBox could be a wonderful gift for her. It’s a monthly subscription service that provides new-themed dog toys and treats with each delivery. It’s ideal for the mom who adores her beloved pet! 

Final Thoughts

The Christmas season can be a pretty overwhelming time, but with these easy last-minute gifts, you can alleviate some of the stress from your shoulders. Even if you don’t have time to head out to the store, you can still treat your mom to a super thoughtful Christmas gift. 

So, did any of these last-minute Christmas gifts for moms stand out to you? If not, there’s a good chance something in one of our related articles will!

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