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Top 10 Places to Learn Baking Online

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Baking is a generational skill that many learn over time. It’s a pastime that people enjoy taking part in during the holidays and forgatherings and celebrations. However, baking doesn’t come easily for everyone. If you struggle to bake, there is no need tostress. Now you can utilize online baking classes to learn.

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Baking is a generational skill that many learn over time.

Best Overall: Amphy

In the number one position is Amphy. With live instruction in both private and small group formats, you can learn how to make some of the most highly desired baked goods in their online baking classes.


You can find a variety of class options with a range of fees on Amphy’s user-friendly website


Some of the most popular classes include:


Monster Cupcakes for Kids
Healthy Whole Meal Subway Loaf
Fruit Galette
Llama and Cactus Cookie Decorating
Belmont Halfsies


Recently reinvented, Craftsy offers many different classes for people looking to learn more about particular areas. Users can pay a monthly fee to access many online baking classes.


Some of the most popular courses taken on Craftsy include:


Better Basics for Exceptional Cookies
Mr. Chocolate’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Cookie Pop Presentation
Artisan Bread Making


To learn more about Craftsy and the cost of the monthly membership fee, and the different classes they offer, visit their official company website.



A fun play on the word academy, one of the top places to learn baking online, is Udemy. Not only does this learning portal offer classes in baking, but you can purchase courses in different topics, ranging from coaching to website development.


In terms of baking, Udemy offers a wide variety of options for an online baking class, including:


Basis of French Pastry Making
Healthy Gluten-Free Desserts
Sourdough Bread Baking 101
Bake the Best Pizza Crust


The courses are all unique and have a mix of video and slideshow presentations. To learn more about Udemy and its offerings, visit their website.

rolling dough


All the top experts have taken to the Masterclass platform to teach others about their craft and the secret ways they create them. This information is something that you can’t find anywhere else!


These courses come in a variety of topics, including bread baking and french pastries. The online baking classes are done primarily by video, but this varies by course and teacher.


If you decide to utilize Masterclass, you have two different courses to choose from that relate to baking:


Apollonia Poilâne Teaches Bread Baking
Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals
Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques III: Seafood, Sous Vide, and Desserts


If you are interested in taking a Masterclass with these professionals, check out the website for fees and account information.

piping macarons


Similar to Udemy, Skillshare offers various courses on many different subjects. For a monthly fee, you can access all the additional training available to customers. There are many online baking classes to choose from on the website.


Some of the choices you have when learning to bake online include:


Layer Cake From Scratch
Cookie Decorating for Beginners
Sourdough Bread and Rye
Artisan Croissants
How To Make French Macarons


To learn more about the classes offered and the different formats they provide, check out Skillshare’s website for further information.

cookies with sprinkles


If you want to get one-on-one or small group cooking lessons in a virtual format, Cozymeal is the way to go. This company offers various classes and structures to choose from, giving you the experience you desire.


The cost varies depending on the course you choose, but offerings include:


Authentic Italian Tiramisu
Cookies for Kids
Parisian Macarons
Handmade Tarts and Pies
Basics of Flourless Baking


For more information on Cozymeal, visit their official company website.


Milk Bar

This company is famous for its unique desserts, and now they offer an online baking class that allows you to become a better baker in just 30 days. Within the class, taught by an expert baker, you will learn how to make Milk Bar’s signature desserts as well as some of your own.


The online baking class runs for four to 10 hours per week for one month, and Milk Bar offers them throughout the year. To learn when the next round starts, visit the company website.

Airbnb Experiences

When you see Airbnb, you automatically think of vacation rentals. However, they also offer online experiences that you can take part in from home. 


The prices vary by experience, but the company has a comprehensive offering of courses, including:


Make Cannoli with Sicilian Home Chef
Soulful Biscuit Making
The Ultimate Cookie Class
Learn to Make Perfect Pies
Japanese Sweets


Check out this exciting option on the Airbnb website!


Learning With Experts

Similar to Masterclass, Learning With Experts allows you to learn about the topic of your choosing with people who are experts in their field. The different formats offered through the company for their online baking classes come as singular classes or as part of a collection.


On Learning With Experts, you can choose from:


Cake Baking and Design
Sourdough and Wild Yeast Baking
The Pie Shop


Learning with Experts provides a large amount of information on their website for customers to peruse.

King Arthur Baking

The famous flour company now offers virtual baking classes. Not only can you learn in your own home, but you can learn alongside the bakers behind King Arthur Baking!


The classes are small in size and are interactive. Therefore, you can ask questions and seek input throughout the instruction.


You can view their calendar of events on their website. Some of the options include:

Crafting Croissants
Breakfast Buns
Cream Puffs and Eclairs
Flatbreads of Italy

bread and pretzels


There are a lot of options to learn baking online. The companies listed in this article have a variety of different formats and class options. Some, like Amphy, feature modern and unique classes for both children and adults.


Explore the top ten places to learn baking online and become an exceptional baker in no time!

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