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31 Office Halloween Activities: Celebrate Halloween in the Workplace This Fall

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If you want to spice up your fall festivities in the office, try out any of our 31 office Halloween activities to take a break from work and enjoy good, clean team fun.


It’s that time of year when the leaves start to turn, and the air becomes a little cooler. These signs can only mean one thing: Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween activities are a fun way to lean into the tricks and treats of the season, but they don’t have to be limited to just at home with the family – and they’re not just for kids!


Whether you’re a Halloween fan or enjoy the excuse to put the work down and engage in some fun activities, office Halloween activities and games are loved by all. 


From pumpkin carving and mummy-wrapping competitions to themed online games, there are tons of options to spice up the workday when it gets close to Halloween. 


They can also serve as virtual team building if you have a remote team that doesn’t have the luxury of getting together in person or an ice breaker for a fairly new team that’s still getting to know each other.


As you prepare for all of the spooky fun, don’t forget to plan some activities for your workplace celebration. No matter what kind of office setup you have, here are 31 office Halloween activities that will get everyone in the spooky spirit:

List of 31 Office Halloween Activities For You

Ready to bring out your Halloween spirit? Dive into our list of office Halloween activities in their respective categories to find the right thing for your team.

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Whether you're a Halloween fan or enjoy the excuse to put the work down and engage in some fun activities, office Halloween activities and games are loved by all.

Halloween-Themed Team-Building Activities

Try these themed team-building activities to get in the spirit!

1. Virtual Halloween Activities offers tons of options for virtual Halloween activities for you and your team. Led by specialized teachers, you can browse our collection of classes and activities and sign up for an experience you won’t soon forget! Check out some of our most popular classes like Halloween in Russia, and our Halloween Drawing Class

2.  This is Halloween! Horror Music Bingo Bash!

Ready to be thrilled? If you know your Halloween and horror-themed music, this might be the perfect team-building activity for you and your office! Hosted by a verified teacher through Amphy, this team-building activity involves playing Halloween songs you may or may not recognize, and marking each one on a Bingo sheet – the fastest team to get a full row wins!

3. Blind-Folded Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin carving is a fun Halloween activity, but pumpkin decorating lends itself to even more creativity! 


Turn it into a team-building activity that helps workers trust each other to reach a goal by blindfolding one person and asking the rest of their team to guide them. Plus, the hilarity of leading a blindfolded person to create an artistic masterpiece will keep the whole office laughing.

4. Halloween Trivia

Who knows the most about Halloween in your office? Find out when your team engages in a Halloween Trivia game! A funny and lighthearted game, the trivia questions range from scary movies and Halloween music to famous ghosts and ghouls.

5. Biggest Fears

Vulnerability is key to building trust within a team, so why not embrace it with a “biggest fears” activity? 


Have each person write down one of their biggest fears on a piece of paper. Mix them up, and ask each person to draw one piece of paper from a hat or bucket. Go around and read them out loud, then guess whose fear is whose. You may never have guessed who was terrified of frogs or heights!


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6. Impromptu Team Costume Contest

What’s more fun than a regular costume contest? A costume contest that requires your team to get creative and innovative to put together a spooky look using only what’s in the office! Give everyone a set amount of time – say, 30 minutes – to put together a costume using materials around the office. The weirder and wackier, the better!

7. Murder Mystery Party Office Halloween Activities

Murder mystery parties bring the game of Clue to a new level. Instructions will give each team member a role, complete with objectives, to play within the story. The catch? No one knows who everyone else is playing as! Your team will have to put their detective hats on to deduce who the murderer is while completing their objectives. 

8. Office Decorating Contest by Department

Get the office in the Halloween spirit by decorating your department’s space! Each department will be tasked with coming up with a theme and decorating their area accordingly. Themes could be anything from a classic haunted house to a spooky graveyard or a festive fall scene. Get creative and have fun with it!

9. Homemade Fear Factor

Want to get your team’s blood pumping? Create your own homemade Fear Factor challenge! Come up with a few different challenges – they can be anything from eating unappealing food combinations to watching a video of a man being covered in spiders. Be sure to make it safe and put some parameters in place so you keep it office appropriate.

10. Pumpkin Pie-Making Contest

Get your team in the kitchen with a pumpkin pie-making contest! Baking or baking classes are a great activity for teams of all sizes, but it only works if you have a full kitchen on the premises. If you don’t have ovens nearby, turn it into a pumpkin pie-tasting contest and have team members bring in their special pie for employees to vote on!


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hands cutting a slice of pumpkin pie

Halloween Activities

Skip the teambuilding and move straight to the fun with these Halloween activities.

11. Halloween Special: Campfire Ghost Stories

Storytelling is one thing – but ghost storytelling is an evolved art and something all on its own. While this game might not be for the faint of heart, it’s perfect for all the horror lovers out there (or those who believe in ghosts).


Turn off the lights in the office and illuminate the room with just the glow of the computer as you’re led through the stories of a book that’s been cursed. Engage in a few interactive stories, play fact-or-fiction (spooky version!), and try not to jump from the scares you won’t expect!

12. Costume Contest

Costume contests are classic for a reason – people love showing off their creative costumes! If you don’t want to challenge them to an impromptu team costume contest, pick a day for everyone to show up wearing their Halloween costume. Then, host a team get-together everyone casts their votes to pick a winner!

13. Scary Taste Test

Have a few team members dress up as the “Witch of the West” and brew up a concoction in a bubbling cauldron. Then, have everyone else line up to take their turn tasting the witch’s soup! Of course, it’s all just for fun – the soup is delicious (and non-toxic).

14. Candy-Making Class

Grab some candy moulds and a candy-making kit and clear off an afternoon to get your team sticky as they create some sweets. Who needs trick or treating when you already have candy that you made on hand?

15. Halloween Party

Your office Halloween party could be anything from a simple potluck to an all-out costume bash. Assign roles to different team members and work together to plan the perfect party. Then, enjoy the fruits of your labor by attending the party and celebrating with your coworkers!


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16. Fall Festival

If Halloween just isn’t your thing, celebrate the fall season with a team-building fall festival! Fall festivals are great activities for companies that want to get their employees outside and enjoy the cooler weather.

17. Halloween Office Potluck

Halloween isn’t known for the food – but why not? Assign different dishes (like mummy dogs or witches’ cauldrons fondue) to other team members and have them bring their creations to work on the day of the potluck. Don’t forget to set up a buffet-style table with all the fixings so everyone can build their perfect Halloween meal!

Virtual Office Halloween Activities

Team working virtually? Try these online activities!

18. Pet Costume Contest

For those at home who have furry friends, have them dress up their dog or cat and present them in a contest over Zoom to dub one dog or cat the spookiest of them all!

19. Virtual Scary Movie Viewing Party

Get into the Halloween spirit by organizing a virtual scary movie viewing party! Choose a frightening film everyone will love, mail out some popcorn and candy to your team, and hit play at the same time over Zoom for a fun (and scary) movie night.

20. Online Halloween Puzzles

Get your team’s minds working with some online Halloween puzzles. You can find themed crosswords, word searches, and more to keep everyone entertained – and maybe even learn a thing or two about their colleagues in the process.


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21. E-Scavenger Hunt

For a spooky twist on the classic scavenger hunt, send your team on a digital treasure hunt with an e-scavenger hunt. With this activity, you can customize the clues and challenges to be as easy or difficult as you want.

22. Haunted Magic Show

For fans of mind-bending magic, you can’t get much spookier than a Haunted Magic Show. Blend supernatural stories, mind-reading demonstrations, and magic tricks you won’t believe for a true departure from the typical workday. 

sign with a wooden broom that reads 'eat drink and be scary'

Office Halloween Team Outings

Getting out of the office is good for boosting team happiness, and studies show that happier workers are 13% more productive. Put it to the test with these Halloween-themed outings:

23. Pumpkin Patch

No Halloween is complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch! Go as a team and enjoy the crisp fall air while picking out the perfect pumpkins. Then, have a contest to see who can carve the best jack-o’-lantern!

24. Haunted House

If you’re looking for a truly spine-tingling experience, take your team to a local haunted house. Just be sure to leave the scaredy-cats at home – haunted houses are not for the faint of heart!

25. Scavenger Hunt

Get your team moving with a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt! You can tailor the hunt to your city or town, and include spooky (but safe) tasks like taking a picture in front of a haunted house or finding the biggest pumpkin in the patch.

26. Trick or Treating

For a fun twist on the traditional activity, take your team trick or treating! Visit local businesses in costume and see who can collect the most candy. Just be sure to save some for the ride home!

27. Apple Orchard

Enjoy the fruits of the season with a trip to a local apple orchard. You can pick apples together, sample different types of cider, and maybe even find a new favorite fall treat. Pro Tip: Always find the apple cider donuts.

28. Escape Room

For a Halloween-themed escape room adventure, try one of the many escape rooms located in just about every corner of the country. You and your team will have to solve puzzles and riddles to make your escape – just don’t get too scared! Escape rooms are also a sneaky team-building activity, but it won’t feel like one.

29. Ghost Tours

If you’re looking for a truly haunting experience, take your team on a ghost tour. You’ll visit some of the most haunted places in your city or town, and maybe even encounter a ghost or two. Don’t forget to bring your camera – you never know what you might capture!

30. Hayride

For a fun and festive activity, take your team on a hayride! You can find hayrides at local farms or even some pumpkin patches. Bring blankets to bundle up because it can get chilly on those rides!


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31. Corn Maze

Get lost in a corn maze with your team! Corn mazes are ideal for a group, and you can even make it a competition to see who can make it out first. You never know, you might run into a spooky scarecrow or two!

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