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51 Virtual & Fun Halloween Activities for Families

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Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy quality time with your kids as the spooky season wraps up. Many love harvesting pumpkins, visiting haunted houses, or going trick-or-treating with their peers. 


Families with busy schedules might not have the time to visit these destinations. Therefore, an excellent alternative is to do them at home and showcase these events virtually. 


However, coming up with a list of fun Halloween activities can be challenging if you’re unsure of finding something every family member can enjoy. 


Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of many fun Halloween activities you can consider if you want to plan a party for your kids or do something during your free time.


You can also give traditional Halloween activities a virtual twist if you want to share your experience with extended family members who can’t participate in person.  

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Fun Halloween Activities With a Virtual Touch

Want to get digital with your spooky fun? Consider these activities! 

1. Amphy Virtual Halloween Activities

One of the best places to find engaging virtual Halloween activities your family can enjoy is Amphy. You can bond with your kids by baking sweet treats or playing an interesting Halloween-themed quiz.

2. Take a Halloween-Themed Italian Class

It’s never too late to learn a new language during the spookiest time of the year. So, wear your favorite costume to this virtual Italian class and take notes in a relaxed, conversational setting.


The class divides its lessons by level and age, making it ideal for families.


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3. Create a Halloween-Themed Playlist

If you’re planning a virtual or in-person Halloween party, you’ll want only the best music to capture the emotions of the occasion and set the mood for your guests. Create a playlist on Spotify or YouTube with classic Halloween songs from your favorite movies, TV shows, and musicians to give your celebration extra ambiance.

4. Stream Halloween Movies

End your spooky night in style by streaming some Halloween favorites with your family in the comfort of your living room. If you have relatives who live away from your home, you can watch it with them through FaceTime or a streaming-support watch party.

5. Play Pass the Story To Create a Scary Story

Spice up your Halloween by playing a storytime collaboration game with your family members. It’s a great way to test their creativity and craft an unforgettable Halloween tale by giving each team member a minute to add to the story before switching to the next player.

6. Host a Virtual Puppet Show

Entertain your family with a virtual puppet show over Zoom or FaceTime to get them in the Halloween mood. You could encourage improvisation and use any leftover supplies in your house to create monster and ghost puppets, like paper bags, socks, and popsicle sticks. 

7. Virtual Halloween Karaoke 

Virtual Halloween Karaoke is another one of the top fun Halloween activities you can do with your family. Let your family sing along to a wide selection of catchy spooky songs as the lyrics pop up on your computer screen. If the songs don’t have an instrumental version, you can still sing along to keep the setting lively.

8. Virtual Candy Grab Bag

After a night of trick-or-treating, you could always set up a virtual grab bag with family members via a webcam.

Let them guess what candy you collected and see if they get the correct answers. You can also make the event more lively by wearing your favorite costume.

9. Monster Dance Party

If you’re in a festive mood, you and your family can dress up and host a virtual dance party. After creating a playlist of Halloween music or your favorite songs, dance the night away after eating your candy. Then, for an additional bonus, pause the music and challenge your family to a game of freeze dance.

10. Virtual Costume Contest

Do you have a large extended family who can’t stop by your home for Halloween? Then, consider hosting a virtual costume contest through video chat. Showcase your flashiest or scariest costumes with your family and create a point system to keep everyone engaged. 

11. Virtual Charades

Challenge your family to a game of virtual charades during your next long-distance Halloween party. You’ll need to act out your chosen words silently, like in the oldest horror movies, making it an excellent game for anyone who wants to get creative with their performances.

12. Halloween Trivia

Another spooktacular activity to keep your family engaged throughout All Hallows’ Eve is testing them to a round of Halloween Trivia. Questions can range from trivia about holiday traditions and monsters to movies and scary events.

13. Learn About the Facts and History of Halloween

Are your kids curious about the origins of Halloween? Then, consider Amphy’s informative Facts and History of Halloween class. Delve into the holiday’s history, how different countries celebrate it, and what myths are associated with it. 

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14. Haunted Magic Show

This Haunted Magic Show is perfect if you’re looking for something mystical to experience during Halloween. This show’s scary stories and magic acts are enough to make any Halloween night thrilling.

halloween decorations

Fun Halloween Activities With an Outdoor Theme

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get active outside.

15. Create a Haunted Maze in Your Yard

If there are any fun Halloween activities you should do with your family, it’s setting up a haunted maze in your backyard. You can add plenty of scary decorations to give your family some safe frights. 


Feel free to record yourself walking through the maze to share with your family members online to see if they can get through without screaming. The person who gets scared the least could receive a candy reward.

16. Fallen Leaf Collect-a-Thon

If you have a spacious backyard with massive trees, consider playing a game where you and your family must collect the most fallen autumn leaves within a time limit. Then, after tallying the results, you can reward them with candy or a spooky Halloween trinket. You can also give extra points for specific leaf colors.

17. Halloween Moon Watching

Anyone who adores Halloween knows how eerie the nighttime sky can be during October. So, why not watch the stars or the moon’s phases? Although full moons don’t always happen during spooky season, it’s a great way to set the mood before you do more fun Halloween activities.

18. Video Chat in a Make-Shift Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are adorable, so why not turn your yard into one? You could arrange your pumpkins by size and shape to give your backdrop a symmetrical vibe. Then, when you make your video call, feel free to ask your family members to show their pumpkins.

19. Pumpkin Races

You can host a live pumpkin race through your smart device if you have a few pumpkins and a steep hill near your home. Participants can bet their candy on a pumpkin, and if they win the final round, they’ll get the pumpkin as a prize.

20. Take a Virtual Cemetery Tour

Are you looking for something creepy to do with your family? One surefire way to get chills is to record your walk through a cemetery and share it with anyone who can’t make it. 

21. Catch a Ghost Game

Have you ever wanted to catch a ghost on film? If so, you could create your own “live” ghost-catching video with some movie-making magic, strings, paper bags, sheets, a camera, a net, and some trees.

22. Livestream Your Trick-or-Treating Trip

Nothing says Halloween like trick-or-treating, so why not commemorate the experience and film your trip live for anyone who prefers staying at home? Keep track of how many costumes you see during your trip, and watch as the afternoon sky darkens as the sun sets.

23. Virtual Backyard Scavenger Hunt

This activity is excellent for anyone who loves searching for treasure. Create a list of objects for your family to find, such as hanging Halloween decorations, and let them race to see who can make it to the Halloween treasure box first. For an added challenge, rearrange the objects to test their speed at finding everything.

24. Hold a Jack-O-Lantern Light Parade

Want to end your virtual outdoor Halloween party in style? Place some colored LED candles in your jack-o-lanterns to hold a light parade. Wheel them across your yard in a wagon, or put them across your property as you walk and film it live.

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Halloween activities can be challenging if you're unsure of finding something every family member can enjoy

Fun Halloween Activities for Anyone With a Creative Side

From pumpkins to face painting, these creative activities are fun for the whole family.

25. Halloween Drawing Class

If you’re looking for something for your younger and older kids to do as Halloween approaches, consider signing up for an interactive Drawing Class for Halloween session. Kids and teens can learn to draw classic Halloween characters and showcase their skills with others. 

This class session lasts less than half an hour, so your kids are less likely to get bored before moving on to another activity.

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26. DIY Black Cat Dolls

Are you short on ideas for homemade Halloween decorations? Spruce up your child’s bedroom or your home’s countertop by making an adorable black cat doll with black pom poms and old socks. It’s fun to do if you’re a fan of spooky crafts or cute animals.

27. Pumpkin Painting

If you don’t want to carve a jack-o-lantern, don’t let the pumpkins you pick go to waste. Instead, why not paint them like a skull, a bat, or add a silly face?. Then, you can place it on a table indoors as a centrepiece or put it on the patio once Halloween arrives.

28. Create an Ugly Halloween Sweater

Do you have any worn-out, plain sweaters you don’t wear frequently? Then, consider converting them into ugly Halloween sweaters with any leftover supplies you have at home, like ribbons or pom poms. Making these sweaters is also a great alternative if you can’t decide what costume to buy at your local store.

29. Take a Spooky Black & White Photography Class

Amphy’s Spooky Black & White Photo Photography class is an adorable interactive art class that lets your family turn any part of your home or backyard into a scene straight out of an old scary movie. It’s a great introductory class for anyone interested in photo editing. 

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30. Decorate Your Attic or Basement

Give your attic or basement a spooky touch to replicate the look and feel of a haunted house. For example, you can add fake spider webs on the walls, place skulls on tables, or place LED candles near your old books.

31. Face Painting

Face painting is a timeless Halloween classic. If you don’t know where to start, check online for advice and tutorials. Don’t forget to customize your family’s look with their favorite colors to make the skulls and animal faces (or whatever you decide on!) stand out.

32. DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial

Do you want your family’s costumes to stand out before you go trick-or-treating? Creating a costume at home is an excellent way to give your Halloween look a personal touch.

Once you have a vision of what you want your costume to look like, check your closet to mix and match clothes. You can also find a few videos offering DIY costume ideas for anyone short on time.

33. Create a Halloween Collage

Parents who love taking photos of their kids’ costumes will adore creating an inventive collage for Halloween. Upload photos onto your computer and edit them together on a photo editing program. You can spruce the pictures up with Halloween-themed clip art, stylized text, and visual filters.

34. Create a Halloween Gift Basket

Surprise your family members with a Halloween gift basket if they aren’t keen on trick-or-treating when it’s too cold. Decorate it with several Halloween-themed arts and crafts, toys, and candy to personalize one for each family member.

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35. Make Cardboard Headstones

Put your old cardboard boxes to use by crafting them into spooky headstones for your decoration collection. After drawing and carving the design, come up with a headstone message you want to put on it if you don’t want to add any of your family members’ names. 

36. Make Paper Bat Decorations

Paper bats are a perfect way to give your walls some chills. All you need are scissors and colored construction paper. Don’t forget to print a bat-shaped outline to help you shape it evenly. It’s an easy craft that your kids can complete within minutes, so they don’t have to spend much time making each one.

37. Paper Plate Halloween Decorations

Let your younger kids show off their art skills by making vibrant paper plate Halloween decorations. If you have extra construction paper, your little ones could add wings, arms, and other body parts, depending on what they want to design.

Don’t forget to stock up on green, black, and orange paint if they want to make a witch, bat, or pumpkin design.

38. Write a Halloween Song

Writing a Halloween-themed song is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit if you want to do something fun and creative with your family. If someone in your family can play an instrument, have them help you construct a melody while you write down the lyrics.

Songs could center on monsters, a full moon night, or other things related to Halloween and horror.

39. Write a Halloween Poem

Coming up with a Halloween poem could be a fun-filled way to organize a virtual writing competition. Choose a specific theme for participants to follow or let it be a free-for-all. You can also set rules for poetry style, such as haiku, freestyle, or rhyming.

Once everybody has finished writing their short poems, they can share them with the others. Then, after everyone is done reading, you can vote to decide which one was the scariest or most creative.

40. Make a Baking Soda Pumpkin Volcano

Turn your jack-o-lantern into a volcano by adding baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing soap. Then, watch the mess pour out of its carved areas.

halloween cookies decorated as pumpkins and mummies

Fun Halloween Activities Involving Food

Halloween has a reputation for delicious treats, so try exploring these food-filled activities with your little ones

41. Bake Spider Web Cookies

While many people associate baking cookies with winter holidays, you can still bake tasty treats just in time for Halloween. For example, you can create spider web cookies by coating sugar cookies with white and black frosting and spreading them out into a webbed design.

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42. Make Decorative Poisoned Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a tasty treat anyone can enjoy over Halloween. Add extra spookiness to these snacks by making their coating look like poisonous skulls as you bite into a sweet yet sticky delicacy.

43. Create a Spooky Graham Cracker Haunted Mansion

Building a graham-cracker haunted mansion is the perfect way to get in a spooky mood. Coat your graham cracker roof with chocolate before sticking orange and black candy on it, and make a fence with leftover candy corn.

44. Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Use the leftover seeds from your pumpkins after carving them if you’re interested in a light snack with a savory and crunchy flavor. Rinse and boil them in water before placing them in the oven to ensure they’re clean.

45. Bake Monster Cupcakes

When your kids crave spooky sweets, let them help you bake monster cupcakes. Your little ones can make their cupcakes in any color they like. Parents can also participate so they get a little extra help. 

You might also enjoy these other baking ideas if you want to expand your skills.

46. Marshmallow Ghosts

Looking for a simple recipe to follow for a virtual Halloween gathering? Grab a bag of marshmallows and chocolate icing to create some chilling ghosts. You could also roast them to give them extra shape.

47. Spooky Deviled Eggs

If you prefer making something savory for your family to enjoy, consider this devilish treat. You can add red food dye and candy eyes to make it look like bloodshed eyes or add pepper strands as horns.

48. Halloween Mocktail Lesson

Treat your family to some Halloween mocktails if you’re feeling festive. Some easy-to-find ingredients you can use for any recipe include apple cider, soda, fruit juice, and pumpkin spice. Of course, parents can add extra ingredients to their drinks for a more traditional cocktail.

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49. Bake Spider Macarons

Make creepy spider macarons that taste sweet, and add pretzel sticks as their legs to give them some extra flair. Then, bake them to perfection so they won’t sneak away.

50. Decorate Cupcakes With Candy

Top your Halloween cupcakes with something sweet from your pantry, from creamy chocolate pieces to pointy yet plain candy corn.

51. Make a Dirt and Worm Pudding Cup

Who knew something so dirty-looking could taste so sweet? Mix some chocolate pudding with crushed cookies, pumpkin gummies, and gummy worms, and place them in your fridge to chill.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can do plenty of fun, virtual family-friendly activities with family members near and far to celebrate Halloween.

We hope this list can help you narrow down a few fun Halloween activities you want to try with your family if you want to end the season with extra spooktacular flair. And, with the right personal touches, these ideas could quickly become part of your family’s annual Halloween traditions!

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