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Top 10 Places to Learn Cocktails Online

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Ready to stir up some fun? Try online cocktail classes that will have you pouring Moscow Mules, Singapore Slings, Lemon-drop Martinis, and more for fun, profit, or both! Here are our picks for the top 10 places for online cocktail classes.


Criteria for our pick of the ten best spots for online cocktail classes include cost, classwork provided, and how engaging the lessons are. Our online mixology classes that made the list include the following.

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Many cocktail class options are online, but most offer recorded videos, not live interaction with an expert.

1. Amphy

Amphy is our number one pick. Amphy has plenty of surprises, which makes their live video classes fun.

Nothing is recorded on this online learning platform. Classes are interactive, live, and engaging. Amphy is a marketplace that connects online teachers with audiences who are thirsty to learn, and we’re here to drink in the lessons.

So, what makes Amphy the number one online mixology course?

Live entertaining classes that are never pre-recorded
Plenty of teacher-student interaction, which is a must when learning mixology skills
Amphy is an excellent spot to try out cocktail classes and other topics
Interactive and engaging teachers


Amphy includes many other subjects as well, so no matter what you’re interested in, you can find a class for you.

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2. MasterClass

During 2020, MasterClass offerings became popular. Craft cocktail classes by video, such as this series of 17 classes, were all the rage. These classes are recorded, though, so you can’t interact with the teachers or get their opinion on your work.

Some of the benefits of using MasterClass include:

Lower-priced options start at $15 a month
A varied selection of recorded classes


MasterClass is excellent for those looking for experts in a wide range of subjects.

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3. Skillshare

Another learning platform available is Skillshare, which became popular as more employees began working from home. It has lifestyle offerings, including classes in how to make cocktails, but its main focus is the creative side of the business.


Photography, illustration, animation, and even user experience classes are available, as are courses in business analytics. A few live studies are included, but most are recorded.

Here are the benefits of using Skillshare:

A few cocktail classes that you can take
Starting with Skillshare is free


Skillshare is an excellent platform with a creative touch, and it’s free!

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4. Udemy

Those bored at home in 2020 began taking classes at home on platforms such as Udemy. Cocktail classes and subjects from comedy to entrepreneurship are offered, but they’re all on video.


This cocktail class is an hour-long, so it only gets into the basics, such as the utensils you’d need to have and how to stock your home bar.

Are you thinking of using something else? Udemy might be the option for you.

Udemy has plenty of subjects on recorded videos
Recorded videos available can be about $20 each or more


Even with the cost, Udemy does an excellent job of providing online cocktail classes.

5. Bar Smarts

Aimed at restaurants, bars, and bartenders who want to gain their certification as mixologists, Bar Smarts is an industry-leading training program available online.


If you’re a beginner, the BarStarts program is the 101 class for those who want to create craft cocktails at home. It consists of prerecorded videos and printed materials.

Why choose Bar Smarts?

Recorded videos and written information
Beginner, as well as advanced training, offered


Since Bar Smarts is focused primarily on mixology and cocktail training, you might find its specificity perfect for what you’re looking for.

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6. Boombox

Boombox classes include a mixology kit shipped to your team members’ homes, designed to reward at-home and virtual teams. These are live experiences but are more of a virtual happy hour than a learning experience.

If you’re looking for another type of specific cocktail course, Boombox might be your best bet.

Cocktail experience as a bonus for virtual team members
Boombox prices are among the highest of those we reviewed


This class may not be the option for you if you’re not looking for a very high-cost option.

7. Virtual With Us

If tasting cocktails, or wines or beers, together virtually is what you’re after, Virtual With Us can work as a concierge, giving a list of what to purchase and setting up the virtual tasting for your group of friends or coworkers.

Here are some of the facts about Virtual With Us:

Virtual With Us is less training and more social
Instruction isn’t this platform’s strong suit


If you’re someone who enjoys social learning, Virtual With Us might fit your needs.

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8. European Bartender School

Want to take your bartending skills to the next level? European Bartender School offers online training that includes recorded videos. It’s well respected in the industry and has more than 20 years of experience in online training. You won’t be able to ask questions in real-time, though.

European Bartender School is a real option for those looking for professional training. Here are the details:

You’ll learn to make restaurant-quality cocktails
Since this class aims to teach professional mixologists and those aspiring to be, prices are higher than on platforms geared toward learning to make cocktails at home.


Choosing this school is an excellent option for those looking to work in a high-end setting.


9. Mixology Mixer

Part subscription box, part cocktail class, Mixology Mixer sends you a themed cocktail package each month to mix three unique cocktails. The kit includes the spirit, mixers, garnishes, bar tools, recipe card, and a pre-recorded video of a mixologist teaching you how to properly mix the three cocktails. Virtual courses teach you how to use them to make cocktails at home. They offer group classes as well.

If you aren’t interested in a subscription box, they also offer virtual mixology classes. They ship all the ingredients needed so everyone has the same items while they join the mixologist virtually.

Mixology Mixer’s virtual classes offer learning on the spirit, cocktail and how to mix craft cocktails at home. They have done hundreds of virtual mixers for corporation holiday parties, team building and so on.


10. A Bar Above

Serious about your cocktails? A Bar Above has recorded online courses that will take your bartending skills to the next level. These classes are preparation for mixology certification testing.

Here are some more details about A Bar Above:
Quizzes, cheat sheets and more help aspiring mixologists prepare for certification
Recorded videos are included


Get started today if you’re looking to get ready to take your mixology certification test.

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