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Top 10 Places to Learn Drawing Online

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places to learn drawing online. So if you want to jump-start your drawing skills, keep reading.

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Amphy is a large marketplace that allows people to become teachers in their area of expertise.

10. SkillShare

Instead of paying per course, you can subscribe to a membership with SkillShare. With SkillShare, you get access to hundreds of different classes and learn from acclaimed creators. Furthermore, when choosing a class, you can filter through the available using the advanced, beginner, or intermediate options to tailor your results to your skill level.


You can also filter class results based on your niche objective and desired timeframe. For example, if you only want a quick tutorial to brush up on your drawing knowledge before diving deeper, SkillShare offers classes that only last half an hour. In contrast, other online drawing platforms require you to undergo a week to a month of intensive projects.


9. Domestika

Domestika is an online art hub with illustration classes, architecture, digital art, and other drawing-based art classes. With their illustration courses specifically, you can choose from niche groups specific to what you want to learn.


Want to learn how to draw people? Want to learn how to create an illustrated life journal? Whatever you can think of, Domestika likely has a course for it. Plus, Domestika doesn’t charge uber-expensive prices and offers frequently discounted prices on almost every class.


8. Tucson Art Academy Online

With Tucson Art Academy Online, you learn from 18 fine arts professionals and choose your course of study, either through the online mentoring courses, self-study, or downloadable videos.


Since the institution’s courses reside online, you can learn at your pace and around your schedule. However, you might want to consider the level of your artistic abilities and how much money you’re willing to spend on online drawing classes before grabbing your paintbrushes and palette.


The Tucson Art Academy online is a bit on the pricey end, but you can access high-quality courses in anything from watercolor to sculpture. While the platform welcomes beginners, some of the studies involve advanced techniques and prior knowledge.

7. London Art College Online

Colored pencils can give your drawings life, and the London Art College Online is a great place to start learning. This online institution offers both beginner’s drawing basics lessons and multiple colored-pencil-specific drawing courses.


If you’ve always wondered how artists can take a seemingly child-like medium to make life-like masterpieces, the London Art College Online drawing courses might be the place for you to learn how to draw.


6. Drawspace

Whether you’re refining your colored pencil technique or picking up a pencil for the first time, Drawspace’s broad scope of courses and lessons allows everyone to learn how to draw. You can set your timeline, goals, and projects with the site’s self-guided lessons option or have a professional course guide you through various topics.


Plus, Drawspace offers many free course options. So, if you want to test out the site’s online drawing courses before you commit to any payment, Drawspace gives you ample opportunity. You can even subscribe to their newsletter to receive free class information.


Ultimately, Drawspace is a quality platform to learn how to draw online if you don’t want to fork over a monthly payment. You can practice at your leisure without commitments.

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5. UDemy

If you don’t want to commit to multiple month-long courses, you don’t have to with UDemy’s online drawing classes.


You can choose your preferred topic, such as charcoal, colored pencil, comic, or other drawing-related niches, and even narrow down the options based on duration. In doing so, you can choose the drawing course that best suits your timeframe, whether that’s an hour or 11.


The site frequently updates, giving you access to brand-new online drawing classes each month. So, if you don’t find one that you like at first glance, you can always check back in to see what lessons pop up later.

4. How to Draw it

Like Art Factory’s approach, the How to Draw it online drawing classes are incredibly hands-off. However, How to Draw it offers more specified classes.


For instance, if you want to know how to draw octopus specifically, How to Draw it has a lesson for it. In addition, you can search for pinpointed instructions for various objects, animals, and people with this online drawing platform.

3. Vitruvian Online Studio



Learn fine arts drawing with the Vitruvian Online Studio drawing classes. You will learn from an accomplished artist and professor, David Jamieson. You can start with the basics, which encompasses 62 fundamental lessons, and work your way through the other courses, including portrait illustration and cast drawing.


Vitruvian Studio-offered courses are refined and intensive, giving you multiple projects and videos to learn from in the process. It also comes with suggested materials, which might be an admirable quality if you genuinely don’t know where to begin your art journey.


2. Art Factory

The Art Factory offers more laid-back online drawing classes. More specifically, the art lessons that Art Factory offers aren’t so much as lessons as they are how-to instructions to learn how to draw.


For example, suppose you want to learn the specifics of a charcoal drawing. In that case, Art Factory provides the different details to charcoal drawings, such as charcoal portraits, eyes, noses, and shading, and gives you step-by-step instructions for each with images to aid you.


It’s an ideal online drawing option if you don’t want to get tied down by projects, videos, and instructor-led lessons.

1. Amphy

Amphy is a large marketplace that allows people to become teachers in their area of expertise. The teacher can determine the level of learning they are targeting and set their price accordingly. This means you should have no problems finding an instructor that fits both your learning needs and style.


The drawing category is just one of hundreds that this site allows you to explore. The classes available can cover styles such as comic books, cartoons, and portraits. However, if you are looking for more of the fundamentals, there are plenty of teachers willing to start from the bottom and some that are waiting for those well on their drawing journey. Take a look now and watch as you take your skills to the next level.

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