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53 Spooky Halloween Party Games for Kids: Virtual Halloween Activities

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As warm summer days fade, a crisp chill fills the air, and spectacular displays of autumn leaves fill the store shelves and front porches of our homes, we know the spooky season is fast approaching. October is a much-loved month for many people who love to celebrate fall. 

Halloween comes after another spooktacular holiday when ghosts and goblins come out to play, and kids are always looking for fun fall activities to celebrate the festive season with their friends and family.

Halloween is often acknowledged by dressing up in spooky costumes and going door-to-door trick-or-treating, hosting house dance parties, or experiencing the thrill of the spooky season by getting together with friends and family and walking through corn mazes and scary haunted houses. 

But what to do if you’re looking for virtual events? Finding fun Halloween activities that do not involve being around tons of other people may seem like a mission impossible, but who says it has to be?

We’ve shopped around to discover plenty of exciting Halloween activities you can enjoy virtually from the comforts of your home. We have created the ultimate virtual list of the best 53 spooky Halloween party games for kids, and we hope you will love them. 

Fun Virtual Halloween Activities

Here are some great virtual activities to enjoy on Halloween.

1. Take an Online Halloween Class

The ultimate way to take in virtual Halloween festivities is by browsing a vast selection of Halloween online classes from This unique site offers several Halloween activities to suit every child’s interest. 

2. Watch a Halloween Movie

Who doesn’t love watching a scary movie to get into the October spirit? Several apps are available to download scary movies for the whole family to enjoy this Halloween season. Some of our top picks of Halloween favorites include:

3. Host a Virtual Murder Mystery

Hosting a murder mystery is another spooky idea to celebrate the Halloween season virtually. Check out Murder! in Hollywood Murder Mystery for a unique online murder mystery. Send out invitations to all your besties with game directions. If they decide to join, they must follow the rules and play the part of their assigned character.

4. Enter a Halloween Writing Contest

If you are feeling creative, why not write your own Halloween story or poem and enter a Halloween writing contest for a chance to win spooky prizes? Spooky writing is not only fun for kids, but it also helps build vocabulary skills and inspires creativity. 

5. Go on a Ghost Hunt in a Haunted Mansion

If you are into extra spooky festivities, why not join a virtual escape room for a ghost hunt in a haunted mansion? Get ready for a fright as a host leads you through a haunted mansion via zoom. Get ready to crack codes and solve puzzles as you attempt to make it through before your teammates.

6. Join a Virtual Halloween Arts and Crafts Group

Why not get crafty and make handcrafted Halloween decorations? There are plenty of virtual arts and crafts sites for kids online to create some one-of-a-kind Halloween art projects this October.

You might also like Online Live Art Class for Kids – Klee for Kids.

7. Play Online Halloween Bingo

Bingo is one of the best virtual Halloween party games to play. There are plenty of online bingo games available that do not require a printer to play. Browse the internet to find one that is perfect for your child this Halloween. 

8. Join an Online Reading Group

An online Halloween reading group is another idea to enjoy the Halloween season by reading short stories, Halloween poems, and writing posted by other children. Reading groups offer a great way to get to know other children with similar interests.

9. Go Geocaching

Although geocaching involves spending time outdoors, you can play alone or with a small group of people. Look online for hints to uncover the location of Halloween surprises hidden all over town. 

10. Join a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Plan a virtual scavenger hunt with friends and family for the ultimate family fun adventure this October. Make the scavenger hunt extra scary by adding:

  • Body parts
  • Eyeballs
  • Bats and rats
  • Witches
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kids are always looking for fun fall activities to celebrate the festive season with their friends and family.

two boys hugging, dressed as spiderman and captain america

Halloween Decorations & Contests

Do you like showing off your crafts and skills? Go for it this Halloween!

11. Decorate your Window and Post Online Photos

Have a blast decorating your front windows in autumn-themed designs for all your neighbors to admire. Post pictures of your spooky creations online for all your friends and family to see your fantastic artwork. Some artwork ideas to paint on your windows might include:


  • Welcome fall signs
  • Pumpkins and sunflowers
  • A cemetery and ghosts

12. Enter a Costume Contest

Halloween is all about dressing up. Whether you pick funny hand-made costumes, scary costumes, or cartoon-themed characters, be adventurous. Post your Halloween costume online for all to see. 

13. Play Virtual Freeze Dance 

Find an open area to dance and crank up the tunes. Dance until the music stops, then hold the position until the music starts again. The last one dancing is the winner. 

14. Virtual Calls with Family Members or Friends

Give your family members a virtual call to see your Halloween costumes without getting up close and personal. Virtual meetings are a terrific way to stay connected this October and show off your Halloween creations. 

15. Enter a Spooky Photo Competition

Take a snapshot of your favorite festive event and submit it to an online photo contest for your chance to win bragging rights or something spooktacular. Some spooky photo ideas may include:


  • Abandoned houses
  • Old Barns
  • Abandoned train tracks
  • Fall foliage

16. Best Pumpkin Contest

Find a virtual pumpkin contest and submit your best-carved pumpkin. Or, better yet, start a pumpkin contest of your own and have visitors to the site vote on the best pumpkin photos. Get creative when carving your pumpkins. 

17. Best Halloween Decorations 

How about having a contest for the best Halloween decorations? Have fun decorating for the spooky season. Take lots of photos to post online. 

18. Halloween Trivia Night

A virtual trivia night is another creative way to spend Halloween in the comfort of your own home while having some traditional spooky fun. Trivia questions could be about anything Halloween-related, such as popular movies, foods, songs, or characters. 

19. Host a Virtual Halloween Party

How about having a virtual Halloween party where you can enjoy playing games, having sing-alongs, or dusk off your shoes for a spooky danceathon? Virtual Halloween parties are an excellent way to connect with friends and family virtually and ring in the Halloween festivities. 

20. 90s Themed Costume Party

You can never go wrong with having a 90s-themed virtual Halloween party. Some costume ideas could include Madonna, Michael Jackson, or a Titanic character. 

21. Play Online Halloween Charades

A game of charades is always ideal for a few good laughs. Create a list of Halloween-themed words to act out virtually and get ready for gut-wrenching laughter between friends and family. 

22. Make a Virtual Haunted Halloween Maze

This idea could be enacted in your home and posted online for others to view as friends and family individually walk through your scary Halloween maze. You could also shop around online for a virtual haunted Halloween maze for your children to tour online.

cupcakes decorated like witches with black and orange background

Halloween Treats & Games

Do you love to trick and treat? Here are some great ideas for treats and games for Halloween.

23. Look up Halloween Recipes and Have a Bake Off

Why not celebrate the spooky season by having a virtual bake-off with your friends and family? The only condition is your dish has to be Halloween-themed. How do Kids Activities: Bake Monster Cupcakes sound?

You might also like a Kids Cookie Baking Workshop.

24. Virtual Trick-or-Treating

One of the most adventurous ways to spend Halloween is by taking part in trick-or-treating. Exchange virtual treats such as free wallpapers, drawings, or Halloween riddles. 

25. Watch a Comedy Magic Show

Entertain your kids this Halloween season with a virtual murder mystery and share a few good chuckles with the kids. 

You might also like Murder Mystery Comedy Magic Show With David M.

26. Match the Pairs

Another fun virtual game for Halloween is to uncover matching pairs. Matching games can be found on most educational game sites for children, or have fun creating match games for your children to enjoy this Halloween.

27. Join a Halloween Escape Room

Nothing beats spending a night during October than participating in a spooky escape room. It’s the perfect escape from reality where teams can enjoy themselves. 

28. Create Spooky Virtual Backgrounds

Amuse the kids for hours before the party begins by creating one-of-a-kind spooky backgrounds for your virtual party. Some background ideas could include:

  • Haunted houses or hotels
  • Graveyards, ghosts, and ghouls
  • Witches flying past full moons
  • Pumpkin patches and mazes

29. Campfire Ghost Stories

Nothing says Halloween better than listening to a Halloween ghost story around the campfire

told by professionals with real-life voices sure to get you in the haunted spirit of the season.

30. Make a Halloween Cocktail

Enjoy some grown-up fun by getting together with your friends on Zoom and making creative cocktail recipes for both kids and adults before the party begins.

31. Take a Drawing Class

A virtual drawing class offers plenty of Halloween fun for kids of all ages. Choose from a beginner to an advanced drawing class for Halloween, depending on the child.

32. Watch an Online Puppet Show

Young children will enjoy watching a puppet show to get them in the festive Halloween spirit. Kids can sit back and watch characters, such as ghosts, witches, and zombies, as they light up their world in a virtual puppet show. 

33. Digital Fortune Telling

During October, spirits take center stage. Entertain your children with a virtual fortune teller where they can receive thrilling yes or no answers from the spirits. Free online fortune tellers can be found by browsing online. 

34. Join a Virtual Seance

Teenagers and older children will thoroughly enjoy an online game of Ouija board or online tarot card readings during October. Ask the spirits all your spooky questions that have been haunting your thoughts this Halloween season.

35. Make a Mask

Find an online tutorial to make a scary Halloween mask and get to work on your fantastic creation. Get ready to scare your next victim who walks around the corner when you jump out and scream in your scary homemade mask.

36. Halloween Persona Virtual Challenge

Entertain children and party guests with an online persona challenge, a fun virtual game to play with close friends and family. Each member adds a characteristic or trait of a family member to the online pot, and players name that trait. 

37. Finish the Lyrics

Create a virtual Halloween sing-along where members must correctly sing the lyrics to a popular Halloween song. The winner is the last member standing. What child doesn’t love stamping their feet to Halloween music and singing along to the tunes?

38. Monster Scream-Off

On Halloween let your kids howl at the moon with the rest of the monsters of the night. Use a decibel meter to determine who was the loudest online howler. 

39. Guess Who?

Enjoy a spooky game of guess-who trivia to discover the identity of the Halloween character. Look for templates online, or create your fun facts about famous Halloween characters and add them to a pot.

40. Make a Halloween Poster

Create a virtual Halloween poster to share with family and friends online. You could use a drawing app or create a masterpiece with materials at home and snap a photo of it to post online. Use your imagination to come up with spooky ideas, such as:

  • Halloween movie characters
  • Your favorite fall-themed activities
  • Zombies, ghosts, or witches
pumpkin carved with instagram logo

Halloween Social Media, Playlists, & Podcasts

Halloween permeates all aspects of social media, so you won’t have trouble finding something to enjoy.

41. Virtual Crime Scene Investigation 

Solve a virtual murder mystery online for non-stop October fun. Ask all our friends to join and solve the crime together virtually.

42. Halloween Social Media Challenge

Discovers pointers on how to attract more viewers to your site. Imagine having a huge audience of viewers when you post your latest Halloween party favorites.

43. Watch a True Crime Podcast

Get in the Halloween spirit by watching a true crime podcast of a real-life serial killer, sure to send shivers up your spine. Other Halloween-themed podcasts to help get you in the Halloween spirit may include:

  • Murder mysteries
  • Criminal investigations
  • Missing person cases

44. Halloween Writing Prompts

During October it is easy to find Halloween writing prompts to join in on the writing festivities of scary stories or poetry prompts. 

45. Play Virtual ‘I Spy’

A great Halloween game for kids to enjoy is virtual ‘I Spy,’ where players pay close attention to two pictures and point out the differences in each one. ‘I Spy’ games are routinely offered on several online educational sites for children. 

46. Create Online Party Invitations

Use free tools to create online invitations to your virtual Halloween party. Make sure to send an invite to all of your besties and be prepared for an awesome Halloween party.

47. Make a Spooky Playlist

Pick your favorite Halloween songs online and create a spooky playlist to listen to during the spooky season. Some of our best-loved Halloween songs include:

  • “The Monster Mash”
  • “Thriller”
  • “Ghostbusters”

48. ‘Get to Know You’ Game Night

Enjoy the holiday festivities with a get-to-know-you game, sure to have the kids chuckling with excitement when they discover the real you.

You might also like Get To Know Ya Game Night: Holiday Edition.

49. Send Halloween-O-Grams

Invite your friends to play along and send secret virtual Halloween messages to all your friends and family this Halloween season.

50. Take a Halloween Quiz

Try your luck with a virtual Halloween quiz and test your knowledge about the history of Halloween. 

51. Get Into the Festive Spirit

The best way to get into the festive Halloween spirit is by posting Halloween pictures and memes on your social media accounts so others can share in all the fun.

52. Social Media Pet Photo Contest

The spooktacular season of Halloween should be shared by everyone, including your precious. So, dress your pets in their best costumes and enter them in a pet photo contest. Don’t forget to show all your friends and family your scary pets by posting their pictures on social media. 

53. Black-and-White Photography

Celebrate the Halloween festivities by taking a spooky black-and-white photography class online. Discover the basics of black and white photography to create incredible Halloween-themed photos to share online. 

Final Thoughts

This concludes our list of the best 53 spooky Halloween party games for kids and virtual Halloween activities. We hope you found our list spooktacular. Let us know your favorite activities to do virtually this Halloween in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your ideas.


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