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What are Ice Breaker Activities and Why Should We Do Them?

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What are ice breakers? Often, icebreakers seem pointless to people, so why do leaders insist on doing them? While they may seem useless, they offer great benefits for people as they get to know each other. That way, everyone in the group can work off an introduction and see what they offer.


People tend to associate icebreaker activities with classes, but icebreaker activities for adults exist. Before you organize icebreaker activities for Zoom or any other setting, ensure you understand what they involve and why you should try them out.

What Are Icebreaker Activities?

Icebreaker activities refer to fun games where people learn about each other and spend time interacting. Usually, the leader explains the activity and leads it as the others listen and talk. They can try multiple activity types as icebreakers, such as the ones below:


  • Have people learn each other’s names through games.
  • Let them introduce themselves and share information.
  • Get people to ask questions to others, so they know about each other.


They work as introductory activities meant to let a group quickly meet each other. That way, they don’t have to go around and spend more time meeting people after the initial activity. So while they can mingle more afterward, they get past the initial barrier.

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Why Do Icebreakers Matter?

Once you understand icebreaker activities, you’ll naturally question why people have them. After all, why bother worrying about knowing people when you need to work? However, as you look into it, you can see why icebreaker activities matter.

Allow People to Learn Each Other’s Names

You let people learn each other’s names when you go through icebreaker activities. When groups first interact, they may struggle to remember all the names as they meet new people. However, icebreakers make it easier to remember everyone in the group.


They start to associate names and faces with the activity. From there, they begin to remember the group members, so they feel better about getting to know them. It helps them work past that first step and get to know everyone they need to work alongside.


As you look into icebreaker activities for adults, ensure you incorporate names into the process to help everyone meet each other.

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Once you understand icebreaker activities, you’ll naturally question why people have them

Build Your Team and Community

As you work on icebreakers, you can establish a sense of community among your team. Your team needs to interact regularly, so they should get to know each other. Doing so will help them talk and learn how to work together during different projects.


On top of that, they can learn how to work together as they understand each other. For example, if your team understands that people work best in duos, you can assign them accordingly. They can also form duos to make the process easier for everyone.


If you don’t hold icebreaker activities, you won’t figure out these details, so always give them a try and see what works.

Establish Trust and Relationships

Planning out icebreakers gives your employees a chance to establish relationships and build trust. People become more likely to cooperate and work together if they know each other, so icebreaker activities help them to learn about each other.


Even if they don’t entirely know each other after the activities, they have a foundation to help them meet others. From there, they can easily talk about the icebreaker and get to know others as they start conversations and see what they have in common.


Once they get to know each other, they’ll have an easier time working together and talking about the projects required for work.

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Leave a Positive Impression

Sometimes, people become nervous when they need to form new groups. However, they can overcome the nervousness as they get to know people and see who they like in the team. Because of that, you need to offer people a chance to introduce themselves.


On top of that, you can create a positive environment for these people as you come up with icebreaker activities for Zoom. While it may seem excessive for an online environment, the icebreakers can still create a positive online environment for everyone.


From there, they can feel positive emotions when interacting, so they feel better about the team and work effectively. Of course, the same applies to in-person meetings, so review your icebreaker options.

Break Through the Initial Awkwardness

At first, a new team may feel awkward while they try and interact with people. However, if you give them an easy way to interact, you can make it easier to break through the awkwardness. From there, they may get along and develop better relationships.


You may have a few quiet people in the group, so icebreakers give them the chance to open up. From there, they can get a feel for each person and see if they want to know any of them. Depending on the group, the process helps them in the long run and improves the group.


Even if you don’t have anyone who feels awkward, the other benefits make icebreakers worth it.

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Find Out What People Know

Getting to know people through icebreaker activities also helps them to get to know each other. For example, they can explain their roles and skills while introducing themselves. Doing so allows everyone to see what they each offer to the group.


For example, if someone specializes in technology, they can take care of any software the group needs to use. The same applies to any skill someone shares during the icebreakers so that everyone can succeed and use their strengths.


Make sure you give everyone a chance to share a skill. By doing so, everyone can understand how each member can help the group.

Final Comments

Icebreakers allow your employees to meet each other and establish relationships. From there, they can work better and even feel comfortable around each other, so you end up benefiting the business or group.


Ensure you never overlook icebreaker activities for adults and see how they can help you. As you do so, you can help everyone in the group and get started on the right foot, so review some activities and let your group get to know each other.

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