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41 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Office Needs to Try

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Having an engaged team in the workplace will keep your staff running efficiently and cohesively. We will discuss fun virtual team-building activities to help your peers grow and prosper in any work environment. 


Trivia/Quiz Activities

1. Trivia Game

This trivia game is similar to the ones you find in your local pub, but in this case, it can happen wherever your team is located. Your team will be divided into groups of ten, and there will be a host explaining all the procedures.

2. Virtual Team Trivia

Virtual Team Trivia is a fun activity because it involves a high-energy host to entertain the entire staff completely online. Race together to solve questions and compete against your other teams. 

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a free online quiz game that’s fun and easy to create. Just create a quiz and share the pin amongst your team and play amongst yourselves! 

4. Sporcle

Sporcle is a fun virtual team-building trivia game for all offices. Its games can be filtered to suit your team’s desires and help specify what exactly it is you want to teach in your team-building. 

5. Slack Trivia

Slack Trivia exists within the app Slack, a convenient team application to keep in contact. Trivia can be played between your team members through the app, allowing you all to stay engaged without being in person.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is great for virtual team-building in workplaces. It is completely free to use and share amongst your office, and the topics are yours to create.

7. Jackbox Games

This is one of the best virtual team-building activities ever. It is super entertaining and inventive, and the teams’ responses can be entirely individualistic. 

Virtual Team-Building Activities for Remote Workers

8. Card Games

Card Games will be a great accessory amongst your team. Checkers, Chess, and even Go Fish will keep your team members engaged with each other inside and outside of work.

9. Donut Meetups on Slack

Donut is integrated into Slack. It’s perfect for team-building as it randomizes virtual meetups with your peers and workers to engage with each other and learn more from each other.

10. Coffee Breaks and Happy Hours

While commonly held in person, why not have a coffee break online? Planning coffee breaks online for your office is great for virtual team-building as it gives a stressless moment for your peers to learn more from each other without the strain of the workplace.

11. Houseparty Games

Like Facetime or Skype, this app comes with games with its video chat features. Games like “Heads Up!” and “Chips and Guac” are two of the many which will provide great team-building amongst your workers.

12. Recipe Swap

Who doesn’t love learning a new recipe? A fun, inventive way to learn more about your peers is their favorite foods to cook and eat. Try swapping recipes between them and discover the flavors they enjoy loving. 

13. Guess Whose Workspace

Working remotely means a unique workspace. Try sharing pictures of your team’s setups and guess whose is whose! 

14. Movie Night

Watching movies is already fun, but watching movies with your coworkers is even more fun!

Free Virtual Team-Building Activities

15. Skribbl

Imagine “Pictionary” but free! Use this free, fun team-building website to draw and laugh with your friends and office workers.

16. Words with Friends

This is a great virtual team-builder; it’s a virtual Scrabble that’s engaging and fun to play with your friends and office workers.

17. Scattergories

Scattergories lets you pick from an endless supply of categories for your team. It will give you a random letter, and you’ll have to figure out what that category is from that letter. It also keeps track of the winner. You can access this activity at Amphy.

18. Playing Cards

Playing Cards is a fun-filled application full of over sixty board and card games to play in your office. It’s great for virtual team-building and will bring so much fun to the team.

19. Typing Test

One of the most exciting options for a team game is the speed typing test, where you and your colleagues can compete to showcase your typing skills and speed since speed typing is a necessary ability to possess at almost any office job. While this one may not seem the most fun at first, it is a competitive and focus-driven game for you and your team. Compete with each other to show off your skills and speed!

20. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game meant for the clever individual, but can also be used amongst teams to create bonds amongst themselves. Use apps like Zoom and work together to solve these puzzles.

21. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

This requires very little effort to prepare and is as easy as telling your team to search for something online. It is a great, fun team-builder since it allows groups to solve the host’s puzzles together.

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Having an engaged team in the workplace will keep your staff running efficiently and cohesively.

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Fun Virtual Team-Building Activities

22. Alice Escapes Wonderland

This fun virtual team-building activity brings your team together to solve a mystery through puzzles, mazes, and more!


23. War of Wizards

This is a virtual RPG that can be played by all levels of role-player! Come together virtually to act as wizards’ minions and bring peace to war with your team.


24. Online Team-Building Bingo

Bingo can be a perfect way to get your team together to work on getting to know each other or setting yourselves for success in a fun and easy way.


25. Quarterly Christmas/Holiday Gift Swapping

Around the holidays’ teams can swap convenient gifts like toiletries or sweet-smelling candles to make their office spaces in the remote environment more comfortable during virtual hours.


26. Text Channels to Share Pet Pictures

Creating a separate text channel in Discord or Slack for pet pictures can create a loving and fun space to get to know your office workers without being too serious.


27. Pancakes vs. Waffles

This game is an “either-or” discussion game where it begins as a “would you choose between Pancakes or Waffles”, then expands between different topics of conversation like Waffles vs. Airplanes, Waffles vs. Fossil-Fuel Usage, or Waffles vs. Kittens.


28. Werewolf

Werewolf is great for team-building and trust. It’s similar to Town of Salem but is more immersive since you can play it together entirely through Teams or Zoom.


Virtual Team Building Games/Activities

29. 50 States Challenge

Work in teams to name all fifty states in America before the others!


30. Tree or Bob Ross

This is very much like charades except you can converse and work together with your teammates to discover what the object is.


31. Blackout Truth or Dare

Using your camera in Zoom you can choose to take a dare or a truth or turn off your camera to be disqualified.


32. Something in Common

A great virtual team-builder that allows your peers to know more about each other by finding unique things they have in common.


33. Two Truths, One Lie

All you need is stable wi-fi and a few minutes to figure out your truths and a lie while in a conference call.


34. Chubby Bunny Challenge

WARNING: do not choke! This is meant to be a fun challenge to laugh with your office workers and build trust.


35. Murder in Ancient Egypt

Like Alice Escapes Wonderland, this is a murder mystery to solve with your team using puzzle mechanics within escape rooms.


Ice Breaker Virtual Team-Building Activities

36. Rose/Thorn Icebreaker

Introduce a positive, your Rose, something that makes you happy, and a challenge, your Thorn, something that makes you struggle, like in the workplace.

37. Snapshot Virtual Icebreaker

Take a picture of something you’re proud of like your kids or pets and send it to your peers to learn little snippets of each other.

38. Open Mic Virtual Icebreaker

An inventive virtual team-building activity that allows your office peers to perform online a performance, poem, or joke of theirs.

39. Dance Party Virtual Icebreaker

After some prep, play a song through Zoom to have a mini-dance party with your peers.

40. Critical Thinking Icebreaker

Give your team a critical discussion topic to start the day off to get their brains in the mood for your virtual conference session.

41. Crime Junkie Virtual Icebreaker

Using the Crime Junkie link you can solve crimes with your team in a fun, inventive way.

Have Fun!

Now that you have all the fun ideas for team-building activities for work to play and team-build amongst your peers, enjoy your virtual time together and have fun!


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