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29 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas Your Company Will Love

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Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with your company, but coming up with virtual Christmas party ideas can be a challenge. If you’re on the hunt for fun virtual Christmas party ideas, check out the list below. 

1. Scavenger Hunt

To do a scavenger hunt with your coworkers, the host should have everyone take 3 to 5 minutes to collect specific items from around their houses. Think candy canes and holiday decor.

2. Art Class

Taking a virtual class together is a great way to build strong relationships with your team. Consider taking an art class on Amphy and ask if the teacher could do a holiday-themed project for your team.

3. Trivia

Create a holiday trivia about popular holiday movies, historical figures, or holiday traditions. You can break out into teams or simply ask the group at large.

4. Create Ornaments

You can have everyone create an ornament during the call. Either put together a package of supplies and send one to each employee or have everyone make something out of what they have at home.

5. Holiday Bingo

To do a virtual holiday bingo, you can either download an app or have each person draw and fill in their own bingo sheet. Just have them randomly fill in the spaces on their boards with the items.

6. Holiday Icebreakers

Often, icebreakers can be awkward. However, most people love talking about their holiday traditions. Have each person answer a question, like “What’s your favorite holiday memory?”

7. Holiday Newsletter

Create a holiday newsletter by sending prompts to the team and then compiling it into a newsletter. Then you can either send it in a mass email to the team or read it at the holiday party.

8. Charades

Virtual charades are essentially the same as in reality. Break into two teams and send a private message to each member when it is their turn to act. Try classic Christmas characters, like a reindeer or Frosty the Snowman.

9. Holiday Reading

If you have any eccentric coworkers, ask if they’d be interested in doing a dramatic reading of a Christmas classic. It’s best if you can get multiple people who are willing to do this.

10. Take a Virtual Tour

It may not be possible to travel at the moment, but taking a virtual tour with your team might be the next best thing. 

close up a christmas tree at a party

11. Merch Bags

Put together some holiday-themed merchandise and mail it to your team to open at the party. Think socks, hot cocoa mix, and mugs. It’s like Christmas morning with your coworkers. 

12. 20 Questions

To play 20 questions virtually, the host wraps up a gift and answers questions from the team based on the size, weight, and sounds of the box. You can play several rounds by having other coworkers do the same thing. 

13. Caroling 

Start your virtual Christmas party with a song and have everyone do their best karaoke version of a favorite holiday tune. Done individually or as a group, this activity is one of the best virtual party Christmas ideas out there. 

14. Share Recipes 

This virtual holiday game is easy. Have everyone share their favorite holiday recipe with the group. They can even include pictures and videos if they are available.

15. Light Tour

This activity requires a bit of planning, but if your team is up to it, you can have everyone spend some time capturing photos and videos of excellent displays around their areas. Then during the party, you can share your discoveries.

16. Cooking Class

Take a virtual cooking class with your team to help them make the most of the holidays. Food can bring a group together, and sharing a recipe is a great way to build connections. Employees love virtual office Christmas party ideas like this one because they’ll be able to bring new delicious dishes for their holiday gatherings.

17. Pictionary

Virtual Pictionary is as easy as virtual charades. To play, just private message a few team members some holiday-themed pictures to draw. Once they’re done drawing, they can show their creations to the camera and let the team guess what it is.

18. Create a Funny Christmas Card

Have everyone put on their favorite Christmas attire and capture a screenshot of your team during the virtual Christmas party.

19. Holiday Happy Hour

Have each of your employees share their favorite holiday drink. Then, have fun concocting it and enjoy a holiday happy hour with your team.

20. Secret Santa 

To do a virtual Secret Santa, you’ll simply have everyone on your team send a gift by mail and open them together during the party.

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Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with your company, but coming up with virtual Christmas party ideas can be a challenge

santa ornament

21. Musical Trivia

Play short sound clips of classic Christmas songs and let your coworkers guess what they are. 

22. Watch a Movie

Sometimes the best way to bond is to cozy up with a good movie. There are several apps to host a movie night with. Just pick a holiday classic and enjoy the show.

23. Decorate Cookies

For a team with excellent culinary skills, host a virtual Christmas decoration party. Either pick up a premade kit or make your own and swap Christmas stories or play games while the cookies are in the oven.

24. Show and Tell

Many people have holiday decorations that are meaningful to them. Host a show-and-tell and have everyone share their favorite holiday item. 

26. Holiday Tips

Pick up some holiday tips at a holiday class through Amphy. Learn how to keep your holiday organized or stay focused on what really matters throughout the season.

27. Naughty or Nice

This game is essentially the same as Never Have I Ever, except it’s Christmas-themed. People will answer yes or no to whether they have or have not committed any holiday faux pas, such as regifting or last-minute purchases.

28. Craft a Holiday Story

Give each member of the team a number. Then going in order, have everyone add a sentence to the story. This can be as wild or as tame as you want it to be.

29. Show Off Your At-Home Coworkers

Allow the members of your team to introduce you to their children, pets, or spouses. The holidays are all about family, so showing them off can be a great morale boost.

Wrap Up

Coming up with virtual Christmas party ideas shouldn’t be a headache. Enjoy the holiday season with your team with any of these excellent holiday celebrations. Check out Amphy today for some excellent classes to gift to your team. 

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