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29 Spooky Ideas for a Company Halloween at Work

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Bringing Halloween into your company can happen in several ways. Sure, you might think of a company costume party, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the spooky season at work. In the same way, you get creative with costumes, you can create many games, activities, and parties for your team’s great Halloween at work.

List of Halloween at Work Ideas for You

Our Top Pick

1.  Amphy Virtual Team Building Activities 

Virtual holiday parties have become a staple of the last couple of years thanks to hybrid and virtual work routines. They allow you to enjoy holiday-themed activities, like quizzes, tours, magic shows, or even virtual happy hours, from the comfort of your home while staying connected with your teammates.

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You might think of a company costume party, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the spooky season at work

Contests and Games

Games are more fun when there are prizes, and having contests themed around the holiday makes any workplace party more fun. 

2. Office Wing Decoration Contest

If your company uses different wings or offices, decorate each wing with a different theme. For example, you can decorate one wing like a witch’s lair, another like a graveyard, and another like a pumpkin patch. Ask your clients or patients to vote on which wing is the coolest, and the winner gets a special prize, which you can theme after Halloween or whatever you want.

3. Pumpkin Carving or Decorating Contest

Like the previous activity, you can carve or decorate a series of pumpkins that your coworkers or clients can vote on. Then, display them where everyone can see them and have people place their votes in a plastic cauldron, trick-or-treating bowl, or simply a Halloween-themed cookie jar. The winner may receive a fun prize or a special company promotion.

4. Halloween Trivia

You can host a Halloween trivia game at your office Halloween party or through company email. If you choose the latter, you can message your coworkers a series of Halloween-themed questions, and they can send their answers back. Questions can range from easy to hard, and the winner receives a Halloween prize, like a scary movie ticket or a basket of Halloween treats.

5. Mummify Your Boss or Coworker

You can bring this classic Halloween game into your office. Divide your coworkers into teams with a few rolls of toilet paper and pick one person to be the mummy. When a timer goes off, wrap your coworker in toilet paper as fast as you can, and when the time is up, the team with the best-looking mummy wins the game.

6. Murder Mystery Game

Pretending to solve a murder mystery is an intellectually stimulating activity and can help bring your team members together. At the start of the game, you learn that a murder has just occurred, and you have a series of clues to get you warmed up. You can work with your teammates to follow the clues, discover the culprit before a certain deadline, and win a prize.


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7. Halloween Trivia Game

If you know quite a lot about Halloween, now’s your chance to show off that knowledge. Your coworkers can divide into teams and compete to see who knows the most about ghosts, monsters, witches, and other Halloween-themed categories.

8. Favorite Candy Contest

Voting can be a high-stakes contest in politics, but sometimes it is simply a fun office activity. Cast a vote into your office’s plastic cauldron or trick-or-treating bowl, and see which candy comes out on top. You can even set up a board that shows how many votes each candy has. You can decide the winner and make a costume or giant poster celebrating that candy.

9. Guess How Many Candies Are In The Jar

This is a simple but classic game for any holiday. You can fill a jar of your choice size with any Halloween candy and have your team members guess how many candies are inside. You can make a fun board to show how many people are guessing which numbers. Like any game on this list, the winner can receive a special prize or simply bragging rights.

a carved pumpkin with smoke coming out of the holes

Spooky Food and Treats

Cookies and cakes and candy, oh my! 

10. Halloween Cookie Decorating

Nothing brings people together more than baking delicious holiday cookies. Your office baker can provide Halloween-themed cookies, like ghosts, bats, pumpkins, cats, candy corn, and so on, and the office can provide frosting, candy decorations, and decorating tools. Throughout the day, you can stop by the decorating station to create your special Halloween cookies.


11. Let Your Coworkers Clock Out a Little Earlier

Trick-or-treating starts early sometimes on Halloween, and your coworkers may need extra time to help dress up their children and head out. As a Halloween treat, you can let your coworkers clock out one to two hours earlier if they need to get home to their kids. You might even send those coworkers home with a few extra candy bars to get their kids started trick-or-treating.


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12. Hand Out Halloween Candy Bags

Sometimes a mystery candy bag is enough to brighten a dark fall day. You can include a couple of pieces of your coworkers’ favorite candies, along with fun little Halloween trinkets like rings, pins, or necklaces. You can also include a cute spooky note or a piece of Halloween trivia to take home or to use in your company’s Halloween trivia game.


13. Halloween-Themed Potluck Lunch

Halloween is a great time to try some delicious fall treats and meals. Everyone in the office can bring a Halloween-themed food item, like hot dogs with ketchup blood, pumpkin cupcakes, or ghost-shaped Rice Krispie treats to share with the whole group. It’s also a great chance to try new Halloween recipes or find your new favorite Halloween treat.


14. Office Trick-Or-Treating

Who says that grownups don’t still enjoy trick-or-treating? When you have a few moments, you can make the rounds of your company office, gathering sweet treats and interacting with your coworkers in a brief but sweet way. You might hold a quick workshop for you and your coworkers to make your own trick-or-treating bags or baskets to hold all your new sweets.


15. Virtual Chocolate Candy-Making Class

You can purchase special kits for your coworkers in an online candy-making class. You’ll learn to make peanut butter cups, turtle pecan turtles, chocolate-covered Oreos, or almond bear paws from the comfort of your home. Depending on the class you choose, you may need significant delivery headway, but your company should greatly enjoy its spooky season treats.


16. Virtual Trick-Or-Treating

Services like Sugarwish allow your coworkers to pick the treats they want, delivered to their homes in a festive black-and-orange box. They can choose from a variety of treats that include candies, cookies, popcorn, crunchy treats, and even items like dog treats or coffee and tea. It’s not traditional trick-or-treating by any means, but it’s fun to receive candies and other sweets.


17. Halloween S’Mores and Spooky Stories

Spice up your spooky story time with s’mores! Whether virtually or in the office, you can easily make s’mores using a microwave and gather around for some scary stories. Consider adding spices like nutmeg, cloves, or cinnamon to your melted marshmallows for some extra fall flavor.

baking sheet with cookies in the shape of ghosts and cats

Haunted Activities

These activities are perfect for giving your office a scare. 

18. Halloween-Themed Photo Shoot

Now that everyone has access to a camera, you can take lots of fun or spooky Halloween selfies in a photo shoot. It’s easy to set up a backdrop with pumpkins and spiderwebs, along with some cheap but fun costume pieces to use in your photos. Your coworkers can take pictures in their own costumes or use the pieces to create a fun, spooky memory to treasure. 

19. Halloween Charity Drive or Fundraiser

You can do a fun Halloween activity for a few hours while raising funds or gathering donations for a good cause. Carving pumpkins, decorating Halloween cookies, or making fall wreaths while collecting funds or donations is good for the community and brings your team closer together. Plus, you’ll help the less fortunate for the coming winter.

20. Live or Virtual Escape Room

This is a great way to accommodate remote workers in your Halloween festivities. There are a few virtual escape rooms you can work on together, which not only improves your creative thinking skills but strengthens your coworkers’ collaboration. You can also visit a live escape room to create a more immersive and spooky escape experience.


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21. Virtual Magic Show

In a virtual magic show, you can watch a professional magician perform tricks for up to an hour, many of which allow you and your coworkers to participate in the virtual space. Many magicians will accommodate you however you need, whether you prefer something raunchier or family-friendly or in a hybrid space.

22. Send Halloween E-cards

Sometimes you can spread Halloween cheer with a simple e-card. You can purchase a few different e-cards for each of your coworkers or send a single, massively appealing card. If you have the time, you can write individual cards by hand to bring a personalized touch to each coworker. Feel free to personalize it more with a piece of trivia or a spooky joke with each card.

23. Curate a Company-Wide Spooky Playlist

If you’re looking for new and fun scary music this Halloween, look no further than your own coworkers. You can ask your company members to send you a few suggestions for spooky music or songs. By Halloween, you’ll have a lengthy playlist full of classic horror movie themes, songs related to Halloween, or music that makes your skin crawl with fear.

24. Build Something Entirely From Candy

You can have a team-building activity where you build something entirely out of candy, like a moving car, a building, or a famous landmark. The winner can go on display for a few days, or if it looks too delicious, you can break it down and divide it among your coworkers.

25. Halloween Happy Hour

Celebrating Halloween Happy Hour can work as either a virtual cocktail class or you can gather to exchange your favorite spooky drink recipes. Not only can a happy hour let you relax and bond with your teammates, but you can enjoy several new drinks that get you in a spooky mood. You might even write a fun story that includes all these drinks.

26. Write a Collaborative Halloween Story

Start your original Halloween story with a set of words, one word for each team member. Each team member gets to write a line or small paragraph of the story, using their assigned word at least once. Pass the story along until each team member has contributed. Upon completion, the team can gather to hear the finished story.

27. Tell Scary Stories

You don’t need to be a master storyteller to enjoy this game. You can read your own favorite scary story aloud, or you can recite one from memory. Plus, you can turn this activity into a contest and see which story is the most terrifying. Feel free to use props and different voices to make your story come to life the most.

28. Try a Bob Ross Fall Scene Tutorial

If you’re trying to enjoy some fall scenery, you and your team can paint a fall forest with a Bob Ross tutorial painting party. There are many fall scene tutorials on YouTube, and you can easily get paints and canvas from the craft store. While you probably won’t find the exact shades that Ross used, you can easily paint the scenes yourself.

29. Take a Virtual Tour of a Haunted Location

Whether it’s Salem, MA, the Paris Catacombs, the Winchester Mystery House, and others, there are plenty of haunted houses, towns, and graveyards around the world to explore with your team. You can easily book a virtual tour online for any of these locations and more to bring Halloween at work to life.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is an excellent time of year to get creative with costumes, food, decorations, and more, and the best part about doing it with your coworkers is learning something else. We hope your entire team can create the most fantastic Halloween at work you’ll ever see.

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