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29 Zoom Christmas Party Games for Very Merry Remote Employees

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More employees work from home than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of getting together for the holidays. A Zoom Christmas party is the perfect way to bring your remote employees together to have a great time online.


It might seem daunting to host a Zoom Christmas party since you can’t host a potluck or do a traditional gift exchange. Instead of feeling limited to what you can accomplish via Zoom, these 29 Christmas party games will help you realize how much fun you can have.


Think about what your employees like to do, such as:



You’ll find all these programs and more on this list. Don’t worry about a lack of engagement because the games and activities are entirely online, so everyone can play together through Zoom. You’ll interact through audio and video to feel like a great team even while you’re in different locations around the world.


Mix and match the suggested activities to appeal to your employees. You can start with a team-building activity and introduce an icebreaker to get the party going. Learning about Christmas in various cultures and languages can also strengthen your team. Kick off the season by hosting a Zoom Christmas party and bringing your group together.

List of Zoom Christmas Party Ideas for You

Virtual Christmas Team Building Activities

Team building online is a great way to kick off your Zoom Christmas party. Employees will get to see and hear each other online while they work together towards a common goal. These activities are the best openers because they make everyone feel like a team, which starts the party on the right foot.

1. A Christmas Murder Mystery

Amphy offers an exciting Christmas murder mystery. Your team virtually travels back in time to find out who killed Charles Dickens’ infamous Jacob Marley. The familiar characters provide evidence and insight to help your group solve the murder. You work together to decide who committed the murder, making it a great team-building event on Amphy.

2. Christmas Crack Up!

This Christmas joke-writing session on Amphy will get your team laughing before the party kicks into high gear. Your goal is to write Christmas cracker jokes for Santa, whether they’re genuinely funny or punny. Your coworkers will learn about laughter, why jokes work, how to write one, and mastering delivery.

3. Guess the Gift

Break your team up into several small groups. Send a private message to each group with a specific gift idea. The other players will ask questions about each group’s gift. While you can play it like 20 Questions, sometimes limiting it to ten questions makes the game more suspenseful.

4. Escape the Ice Palace

Escape the Ice Palace is a game on Amphy that’s perfect for team building. The virtual escape room has a set host that provides everything your party needs. You learn the story about the evil sorcerer before breaking into small groups and getting unique clues. Everyone must work together and brainstorm to solve the puzzle and escape the ice palace.

5. North Poll Points

The Amphy game North Poll Points is a Family Feud style game where the whole group sees a question about the holidays, such as:

  • What’s the most popular Christmas dinner?
  • What is the highest-charting Christmas song?
  • What chocolate company makes the most money during the holidays?


You enter breakout rooms to confer, then come back to the group to answer. The host reveals the poll results on the shared screen, and the teams win points according to their ranking.


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6. Write a Christmas Carol

Is there anything more collaborative than writing a song together? Get your team in the holiday spirit by writing a Christmas carol together. You can work with a professional musician to make a catchy song you can sing during the holidays.

7. Holiday Pictionary

Pictionary is a great game to play online. Let guests take turns sharing their screens and drawing in Paint or on the Zoom whiteboard. You can also use a website like to have everyone play online.

quotation marks

A Zoom Christmas party is the perfect way to bring your remote employees together to have a great time online.

Christmas Icebreakers

Remote workers don’t get the same chance to become friends as people working together in an office. Icebreakers help everyone get to know each other better. It’s also a great way to signal the start of the Zoom Christmas party because you’re encouraging everyone to be silly and let loose.

8. Get To Know Ya Game Night: Holiday Edition

Get To Know Ya Game Night is a fun event on Amphy that helps your employees get to know each other. Since remote workers don’t get to know each other in the break room, this game accelerates the process. The host asks holiday questions that each person answers through a unique app. The host reads out the replies and everyone guesses who said it.

9. Name That Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol quiz is a fun way to break the ice and set the tone for the party. With everything Zoom offers, you can either send the quiz link in the chat, share your screen, or play audio clips of each song and let your employees enter their guesses in the chat

10. Holiday This or That

Playing Holiday This or That is a great way to get to know your coworkers. You can allow everyone to unmute and share their answers or assign a letter, number, or emoji for each response. 


Ask your team questions such as:

  • White lights or colorful lights?
  • Outside decorations or indoor-only?
  • Real Christmas tree or a fake tree?
  • Chocolate pie or apple pie?
  • Turkey or ham?
  • Snowfall or icicles?

11. Intention and Goal Setting for 2023

You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Resolutions to share your intentions for the coming year. This Amphy course for goal setting gives your employees a chance to reflect on the previous year and prioritize goals for the next. You can set a few personal and work-related goals and share them to get to know the team better.

12. Holiday Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is traditionally a drinking game, but when you play on Zoom, you can turn off your camera instead of taking a drink. The game’s premise is to learn more about your employees by finding out who has done specific things. If you ask a question and someone has done it, they’ll turn their camera off. The last person on camera wins the round! 


Ask “Never Have I Ever”:

  • Gotten caught putting out “Santa’s” gifts
  • Re-gifted a present
  • Eaten Santa’s cookies
  • Bought a real Christmas tree
  • Spent Christmas in another country
  • Been shocked by the outdoor Christmas lights


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13. Holiday Photo Scavenger Hunt

A holiday photo scavenger hunt is a great way to add an interactive element to a Zoom Christmas party. You can share the list of items in the chat and give people ten minutes to take the photos or break them into teams. When the time is up, each person can show their pictures by sharing their screen.


Ideas for the scavenger hunt include:

  • Christmas tree
  • Holiday dessert
  • Christmas lights
  • Broken ornament
  • Ugly Christmas sweater
  • Wrapped present

14. Holiday Hangman

Hangman is a fun game where the host chooses a word and draws a blank for each letter. Participants guess what letters belong and try to be the first to guess the word. Use Christmas and winter words for this game, and let your coworkers use Zoom’s whiteboard feature. You can add a Santa hat to your hangman if no one guesses the word!

champagne bottles and glasses in front of a christmas tree

Christmas Culture Classes

Add some education to your Zoom Christmas party with engaging culture classes. Your employees can learn about holiday traditions around the world. Some online courses include holiday terminology in a foreign language. These classes might play into some later trivia games, so you’ll want to advise your team to pay close attention.

15. Christmas in Serbian

Christmas in Serbian is an Amphy class that gives your team a chance to learn about Serbian traditions, hear Serbian songs, and learn some Serbian words.

16. Greek Christmas Traditions

The Greek Christmas Traditions class on Amphy teaches you Greek Christmas traditions and explains their holiday meals. You’ll also learn words, phrases, and songs.

17. Experience Christmas Around the World

You don’t have to leave the house to explore the world. This virtual reality tour of Christmas around the world shows your team how other cultures celebrate the holidays. 

18. Explore Rajasthan This Christmas

Through Amphy, you can Explore Rajasthan, an ancient Indian state with unique Christmas celebrations. Learn about the forts, traditions, and history. 

19. Hindi Speaking Class, Christmas Edition

It’s engaging to learn a language with a group of coworkers. Learning Hindi from Amphy, starting with Christmas terminology, is a fun way to celebrate the holidays.


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20. Holiday Special Bollywood Party

Celebrate the holidays in Bollywood style, learning a dance together through Amphy. You’ll learn all the steps and love the experience, even if you’ve never danced.

21. Italian Christmas Traditions and Recipes

This Italian Christmas class on Amphy will teach your employees about traditions and language. You’ll also learn some traditional Italian dishes to add to your holiday table.

Zoom Christmas Party Games

It’s not a Zoom Christmas party without games! Think of the classics like trivia, bingo, and guessing games—they’re all doable on Zoom. The party host can share their screen to showcase the questions and bingo board, or you can utilize Zoom breakout rooms to allow smaller game tables. There’s no need for pens or paper because everything is online.

22. Zoom Christmas Party Bingo

No Zoom Christmas party can end without a round of bingo! You can make your own bingo cards or send a website link to all the participants. Use holiday words and let the host call them out and see who wins.

23. Misheard Christmas Lyrics

Pump up the volume of your Zoom Christmas party with this fun game. Read some misheard Christmas carol lyrics and see who can guess the actual song.

24. Christmas Movie Trivia

Everyone loves Christmas movies, but do they remember enough to win a round of trivia? There are countless questions online that you can ask your group. Keep track of the points so you can declare a trivia master.

25. Christmas Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a fun way to write silly stories with your team. Create your own outline or find templates online. Break into small groups to write them, then come back to share them aloud.

26. Santa Baby Trivia

Santa Baby is a popular song, but do your employees know much about it? There’s an entire quiz about this Christmas hit, so you can play the song before letting everyone answer.

27. Heads Up

Heads Up is a great game for Zoom because someone holds their phone up to their head to show the clue. Everyone else has to give hints until the original person guesses it. There are many categories of questions, including holidays.

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28. Online Christmas Trivia and Quizzes

Consider compiling questions from various Christmas trivia and quizzes to see how much your employees know about the holiday. You can quiz them by theme or let them loose and see who racks up the most points.

29. Easy Christmas Crafts

When you have a Zoom Christmas party, decorations don’t matter. But your employees will decorate their own homes, so why not create some together? Amphy has a class of Easy Christmas Crafts that shows your team how to make ornaments.

Final Thoughts

A Zoom Christmas party is a great way to connect your very merry remote employees to celebrate the season. There are plenty of quality team-building activities, interesting Amphy courses, and fun games that will get everyone into the holiday spirit.

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