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What Is An e-Gift Card? [Updated Nov. 2023]


An e-Gift Card is a convenient way to send and receive gift cards. If you have recently received an e-gift card or are considering gifting an e-gift card to someone else, you may be wondering how it works and where you can use it.


Read on for a complete guide on how to use an e-Gift Card.

What Is An e-Gift Card?

An e-Gift Card is a digital gift card that you send to the recipient via email. The email will contain a unique code associated with the e-card, which the recipient uses to purchase the items of their choice. 


The sender of the e-gift card typically also receives an email for confirmation that the website has sent the card. 


Like any gift card, the sender can choose the amount of money put on the card, which the recipient can then use at the associated retailer. 

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An e-Gift Card is a thoughtful and practical gift that your loved one is sure to appreciate.

How Do You Use An e-Gift Card?

e-Gift cards are easy to use, as all the information you need is in the email you receive. The card will come with a code and a PIN. You can use the code and the PIN as payment when shopping at the associated retailer.


When you receive an e-Gift card email, be sure to save the email and write down the relevant e-Gift card code so you don’t lose track of it later on. 

How Do e-Gift Cards Work?

If you are interested in purchasing an e-Gift card, you first want to select what type of e-Gift card you want and how much money you would like to put on it. After you enter your payment details and the email address for the recipient, the e-gift card can be sent immediately. 


A recipient of an e-gift card should review the terms and conditions of that particular type of e-gift card. Different stores have different policies on the types of purchases that can be made.


Once you’ve looked over the e-gift card guidelines, you can start shopping. When it’s time to checkout, select “gift card” as a payment option. Then enter the e-Gift card code and PIN as the website requests. 


When you use your e-gift card online, you should be able to see the remaining balance on the card, so you know if there’s any money left to spend. 


What Is the Difference Between An eCard and A Gift Card?

The main difference between an ecard and a gift card is that the gift card is a physical card, whereas an e-gift card is only a code and PIN sent to your email.


Aside from the physicality of a gift card, there is no significant difference between an e-Gift card and a regular gift card. Some people find an e-gift card more convenient, as you don’t have to keep track of a small card. 


If you are choosing between an e-Gift Card and a physical gift card, you may want to check on the retailer’s gift card policies. Although many stores allow an e-Gift card to be used in-person or virtually, some retailers only accept e-Gift cards as payment when you make a purchase online.

How Do You Buy and Send an e-Gift Card?

Buying and sending an e-Gift card is an easy process that usually works similarly to making any other type of online purchase.


If you want to buy and send an Amphy e-Gift card, you can start by clicking the gift card button in the top right corner of the website. This button will lead you to the e-gift card ordering page.


On the e-gift card ordering page, you can start by selecting the gift card image you want the recipient to see in your email. Amphy has several stylish and festive options.


After picking a design, you can select a value for the e-gift card. You can choose a preset value (ranging from $25 to $100) or type in a specific value. 


In the “from” section, you can put your name, and in the “to” section, you can enter the recipient’s email address. There is also space to write a nice gift note to the recipient.



Whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas, or anything else, a gift card is always a good choice. You can customize the sending options by picking which date you would like the e-gift card to be emailed. For example, you can choose to have it arrive exactly on someone’s birthday or a major holiday.


Once the details of the e-gift card have been given, you can click the pay now button and securely share your payment information.

Are e-Gift Cards Safe?

If a company is trustworthy, purchasing and using an e-Gift card should be safe. Generally speaking, an e-Gift card is as secure as any other form of digital commerce


Never buy an e-Gift card from a website or company that seems strange or that you’ve never used before. It’s up to a company to securely protect your personal information, and you should only give your payment information to well-established websites with good reviews from consumer protection groups. 

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How Long Does An e-Gift Card Last?

Before you purchase or start using an e-Gift card, you should check on the company’s policy on gift card expiration. Some e-gift cards never expire, while others have a one-year expiration date. 

Can You Forward An e-Gift Card?

Yes, most companies send e-gift card emails that can be forwarded. You may want to forward an e-gift card if you wish to share the gift card code with a family member or if you purchased the e-gift card and wanted to make the gift-giving a little bit more personalized.

How To Use An e-Gift Card At a Restaurant

If a restaurant uses e-gift cards, there are a few different ways you can present the gift card information to pay your bill.


One easy way is to print out the e-gift card information ahead of time. Print the email with the e-gift card information, and bring a copy to the restaurant with you. When it’s time to pay, give the printed email to your waiter and request that the e-gift card be used for payment.


Another way is to write down the gift card code and PIN on a spare piece of paper. You can then share the gift card information when you are ready to pay your bill. 


Finally, you can pull up the e-gift card information on your smartphone and show it to your waiter, who can use the information to process your bill. 

How To Use An e-Gift Card In-Store

Much like a restaurant, there are few ways to use an e-Gift card in-person at a store. You can print out the information, write the information down yourself, or present the information on your smartphone to a salesperson. 


Benefits of e-Gift Cards

e-Gift cards are a convenient gift for someone who frequently shops online. Having a digital gift card can streamline the check-out process and avoid the risk of losing a physical card.

e-Gift Cards That Can Be Used Anywhere

Some e-gift cards can be used like cash. These gift cards are usually associated with credit card companies, such as Visa or Mastercard, which is a great gift if you want to give someone cash that they can use for online shopping.

Final Thoughts

An e-Gift Card is a thoughtful and practical gift that your loved one is sure to appreciate. With so little effort required to purchase and send a digital gift card, it’s the perfect low-maintenance gift for your next special occasion. 

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