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19 Best Agile Coaches to Improve Your Team

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If your business is looking to improve its project management and software development by implementing agile processes, an agile coach may be what you need. 


They will help you, your team or your entire organization smoothly transition into using agile processes in the workspace. With their help, you can better serve your customers or clients more efficiently. 

1. Bring Your Team Closer With the Guidance of Amphy Coach: Dennis Hensley

Dennis Hensley is an Amphy coach creating games for a team to build a stronger bond through game playing. He will guide team members to join a zoom meeting and perform the roles of a game to get to know each team member better. 

2. Improve Your Team’s Bond With the Help of Amphy Coach: Arevik Hayrapetyan

Arevik Hayrapetyan instructs team members to split into small groups to perform tasks with their other team members. She will work on team presentations, time challenges, and reflections under the guidance of the coach. Her guidance will encourage colleagues to solve tasks under pressure, ensuring teamwork completes the objectives. 

3. Understand Your Team With Amphy Coach: Julia Akashi

Julia’s coaching habits help team members work together more efficiently by answering simple questions about daily life. Each person gets to know the other members through interesting facts and practicing simple Japanese phrases. 

4. A Simple Game To Improve Team Skills With Amphy Coach: Garima Kat

Garima brings an early childhood game back to the professional work field to help team members grow together and perform collectively within an organization. In addition, Garima guides her clients to practice better-thought output and be communicative. 

5. Team Bonding in the Kitchen With Amphy Coach: Edie Dourleijn

Edie has brought team members closer than ever during the pandemic times. He encourages clients to get closer through virtual cooking in the kitchen. Each member can communicate via Zoom to produce a tasty meal. Once they finish cooking, everyone can enjoy a meal virtually and chat together.

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They will help you, your team, or your entire organization smoothly transition into using agile processes in the workspace

6. Game Night Team Building With Amphy Coach: Keshav Aggarwal

Keshav guides clients to join a Zoom call for 60 minutes to participate in a group game that produces laughter and fun. Each game is different and guided to be unique for different team participants. The game intends to improve cooperation of corporate events, online team building, and more.

7. Write Jokes as a Team With Amphy Coach: Alex Ranahan

As a coach, Alex provides training in comedy material to help clients build a better bond with others in the work field. He will teach you how to create your jokes and make people laugh hysterically. He aims to bring comedy into the workplace and keep the mood funny. 

8. Take an Island Retreat With Your Team With the Help of Amphy Coach: Carolina Greno

Carolina understands how stressful a job can be between the company and its team. She encourages clients to participate in a group activity of embarking on an island retreat. She believes this will help team members relax and work together better. It is great for teams that always perform high-involvement jobs.

9. Team Building Through Russian Culture Learning With Amphy Coach: Iuliia Rozhkova

Team bonding through language practice is a great way to unite team members and build better organizational cooperation. Iuliia helps team members learn more about their Russian co-workers and minimize cultural knowledge gaps. Colleagues will work together to help each other learn more about a foreign culture. 

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10. Grow Your Software Team With the Help of James Shore

James Shore has invested more than twenty years of expertise, helping organizations perform better as a team, making him one of the best agile coaches. He teaches business agility and technical approaches for better project management. As a result, a team will gain real-world practical advice with no fluff, strengthening the company culture.

11. Improve Project Management With Dana R Thomas

Dana has guided more than 1,300 students, leading them to successful roles within different organizations. He considers himself an Agile geek, dedicating his life roles to improving team cooperation in project management and pushing a company towards success. 

12. Increase Product Management With Erin Stewart

Erin knows how to work with small companies and Fortune 500 companies. Her expertise lies in guiding teams to become more involved in product management. She can provide knowledge of product, project, and software management to different organizations. 

13. Create Better Project Management With Avalon Swain

Avalon is another trusted agile coach due to his high-level effectiveness in working with business executives. He can guide a business to work together and communicate effectively to deliver technical information to clients. With his management skills, your team will significantly improve their cooperation.

14. Develop Your Team’s Programming Skills With Uncle Bob Martin

Uncle Bob Martin is another of the best agile coaches known for his wide-range work ethic. He offers guidance to improve the team management and development of projects, products, software, architecture design, and coding. With his help, your team will improve in just a few days!

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15. Work on Better Software Development With Martin Fowler

Martin practices teaching software development techniques to the younger generation. He will teach your team to build software together better, faster, and more efficiently.

16. Allow Jeff Sutherland To Guide Your Team Working With Scrum

Jeff is among the best agile coaches out there. He is known as the co-founder of Scrum. He speaks about hyper-productivity within a team and how to increase better organizational management.

17. Keep Your Start-up Company Alive With the Help of Ken Schwaber

Ken is the other co-founder of Scrum. He focuses on community project management and leads as one of the top reliable coaches due to his senior positions. His coaching ability allows him to drive the right techniques to clients, allowing them to cooperate productively. 

18. Produce Better Team Thought With the Help of Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen has become the best agile coach and influencer in Europe. He is considered a thought leader in project management and helps organizations work together to perform clear thought output. 

19. Increase Your Team’s Thought Production With Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa is a highly reliable coach known for her ability and professionalism in training other coaches to gain the proper agile skills. She also has written one of the most recommended and read books about being an agile team.


With our list of the best agile coaches, you can find online, you will find the right person to help you and your team successfully transition to agile processes in the workspace.

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