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27 Mother’s Day Campaigns by Your Favorite Brands [Updated Nov. 2023]

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Mother’s Day is coming up in less than two weeks! Have you bought your lovely mother a present yet? Luckily, there are tons of Mothers Day campaigns from some of the best brands on the market advertising the perfect products and gifts you can get your beloved mom.


In this review, we have outlined 27 Mothers Day campaigns from some of the greatest brands throughout the country. Your favorite brands range from Macy’s, Samsung, and Kraft to Pandora and Simon & Schuster. Now, let’s get started and learn all about the 27 best Mother’s Day campaigns!

1. Mother's Day at Macy's in 2018

Macy’s did brand Mothers Day in 2018 with its television commercial about a young girl who received a purse from her mother on her first day of school and, later, as an adult, bought her mom a similar purse for Mother’s Day.

2. Procter & Gamble's Mother's Day Olympics

When it comes to Mothers Day ideas, Procter & Gamble created a great idea about the impressive nature of moms with the tagline “The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world. Thank you, Mom.”

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Mother's Day is coming up in less than two weeks! Have you bought your lovely mother a present yet?

3. Samsung's Texts from Mom Campaign

Samsung has a great commercial with adults scrolling through their texts with their moms. The texts are quite humorous, with mothers discussing avocados and using silly slang.

4. Pandora's My Strong Mother Campaign

Pandora had a simple advertisement of a woman changing her car’s tire and then getting back into the vehicle with her daughter. The message involves showing how strong and independent mothers are.

mother and kids

5. Stockland's "All Those Who Mum"

Stockland celebrated the many different types of mothers in the advertisement, including single moms, stepmothers, working parents, adoptive mothers, and traditional moms.

6. Brawny's "Once a Mother, Always a Giant" Campaign

Brawny’s commercial showed a toddler making a mess with food and a mother jumping in to save the day with Brawny paper towels and cleaning up the disarray.

7. Kraft's Swear Like a Mother Campaign

Author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing Melissa Mohr showed up in a Kraft commercial explaining that parents don’t have to be perfect and that it’s okay to swear and serve their kids a meal of mac and cheese from Kraft.

8. JetBlue's Fly Babies Mothers Day Campaign

JetBlue provided moms traveling with a baby with a promise to give surrounding passengers a discount on their next flight if the baby cried and the passengers did not complain.

9. Nivea's "An Ode to Mommy"

The Netherlands-based Nivea created 40,000 bottles with easy-to-use packaging and instructions that allows children to decorate the bottles and then give them to their moms on Mother’s Day.

10. Body Shop's Mother's Day at the Palace Slogan

Body Shop created a commercial where people could see just what Mother’s Day looks like at Buckingham Palace. It was a rather funny commercial with a fake Prince Charles.

11. Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and the "Dear Mom" Commercial

Hallmark Gold Crown created a wonderful commercial about a child with Down’s Syndrome and how her mother is there with her every step of the way.

12. UPS Canada's Pet Moms Social Media Campaign

UPS Canada used Twitter to develop a social media campaign aimed at pet moms with fur babies. The organization created a contest where anyone could win a gift for pet moms.

13. Simon & Schuster’s #BooksToGiveMom Viral Hashtag

Simon & Schuster produced a #BooksToGiveMom hashtag where people explain the first book they ever read and how their mom gave them that book.


14. Tesco Mother's Day Advertisement

Tesco used real people in their Mother’s Day advertisement and celebrated stepmoms, aunts, foster mothers, and more. True stories here make the ad stand out.

15. KFC's 2019 Mother's Day Campaign

KFC used exotic dancers known as Chippendale’s dancers in a commercial to advertise their brand to mothers on Mother’s Day.

16. Google Home Hub's #HeyMom Viral Hashtag

Who do kids call out whenever they’re scared or hurt? #HeyMom became a viral hashtag first stated via Google Home Hub.

17. Facebook Portal's Mother's Day Campaign

Facebook shows celebrities’ mothers talking to their children through their portal platform and advertises how any mom – even if their kids aren’t famous – can communicate with their kids.

18. Budweiser's The Real MVP Advertisement

Budweiser uses a commercial where NBA player Kevin Durant attributes his success to his mother in his MVP acceptance speech and includes clips of other players spending time with their moms.

19. eHarmony's "Someone for You" Marketing Campaign

eHarmony outlines a unique aspect of motherhood – trying to date as a single mother. The commercial ends on a pleasant note.

20. Teleflora's #OneToughMother Viral Hashtag

This video shows various tough mothers with a speech from Vince Lombardi showcasing the toughness of the human spirit. The #OneToughMother hashtag also went viral.

mothers day

21. Allswell's #BantheBrunch Viral Campaign

The mattress-maker Allswell created a viral campaign known as #BantheBrunch by emphasizing how mothers would prefer to have breakfast in bed instead of going out to brunch.

22. SeatGeek's "Make It a You & Mom Day" Advertisement

SeatGeek showed an animated GIF where a mother and her kid exchange texts. The advertisement inspires people to purchase experiences for their mothers.

23. Ulta Beauty's #PamperHerWithPretty Viral Hashtag

This social media campaign and the viral hashtag are all about sharing all the top beauty tips that mothers have given their daughters over the years.

24. MRY's "Moms Explain What Their Kids Do in Advertising" Campaign

In this commercial, marketing agency MRY shows mothers explaining what their kids do in the world of advertising.

25. Walmart's Mother's May Month-Long Event

Walmart created a month-long affair for mothers called Mother’s May. The campaign included in-store and online events and plenty of social media posts.

26. Carhartt's Hard-Working Moms Campaign

The Carhartt campaign focused on moms working in construction and farming and taking on family-related tasks. The commercial ends with, “Take a break, Mom. You earned it.”

27. RITZ Foster Moms/Parents Campaign

RITZ released a two-minute video celebrating the amazing foster mothers taking care of children within the foster care system.

Wrap Up

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, these campaigns should have given you great ideas about the perfect gift for your wonderful mother. 

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