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9 Games to Play on Zoom with Students

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Having games to play on Zoom with students can be a great way to engage and entertain students during virtual classes. 


These games to play on Zoom with students provide a fun and interactive way to keep students engaged during virtual classes. They also serve as a great way to review and reinforce learning, similar to a learning-to-play chess app. With the right game and approach, students will be more likely to participate, learn and remember the material, and look forward to the next class.


The following is a list of nine games to play on Zoom with students.

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How Do You Make Zoom Fun for Students?

To make Zoom fun for students, use interactive tools like polls, quizzes, breakout rooms, and whiteboards, play games, use humor, encourage participation, be flexible, personalize the class, use exciting visuals, and give rewards or incentives. 


Incorporating personalization and games like Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Charades, Kahoot, Pictionary, Word Ladder, Word Scramble, Zoom Escape Room, Virtual Field Trips, etc., can make the class more engaging and interactive. 


Using humor, being open to trying new things, and experimenting with different ways of teaching can also create an enjoyable learning experience for students.


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These games to play on Zoom with students provide a fun and interactive way to keep students engaged during virtual classes

How Do You Make Zoom More Interactive?

Making Zoom more interactive for students can help keep them engaged and interested in the virtual class. Here are some ways to do this:

  1. Breakout Rooms: Use Zoom’s breakout room feature to divide students into small groups for group discussions, activities, and problem-solving.
  2. Whiteboard and Annotation tools: Use the built-in whiteboard and annotation tools to share documents, diagrams, and images, and allow students to annotate, highlight, and make notes on them.
  3. Polls and Quizzes: Use Zoom’s built-in polling feature or third-party tools like Kahoot or Google Forms to create quizzes and polls that students can answer in real time.
  4. Use hand-raising feature: Use Zoom’s hand-raising feature to allow students to indicate when they have a question or comment; this way, you can keep the participation more organized.
  5. Use virtual backgrounds: Use virtual backgrounds to create an immersive and interactive experience; for example, you can use a background of a place related to the subject and location you are teaching.
  6. Give students control: Allow students to take control of the class by giving them the opportunity to lead discussions or activities.

Using these interactive features and tools, you can create a more engaging and interactive learning experience for students on Zoom.


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What Are Some Cool Zoom Features?

Zoom has many features that can make virtual classes more engaging and interactive for students. These include breakout rooms, whiteboard and annotation tools, polls and quizzes, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, nonverbal feedback, recording, and chat. 

These features allow students to participate in group discussions, activities, and problem-solving, share their screens and change their background, indicate questions and comments through nonverbal cues, review the class later, and communicate with the teacher and other students in real-time. 

These features make the virtual class more interactive and engaging for students and help keep them interested in the material.


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Our List of Games To Play on Zoom With Students Ideas for You

Looking for fun and interactive games to play with your students on Zoom? Look no further! Our list of games to play on Zoom with students offers a variety of ideas to keep your class engaged and entertained. 


From classic games like Trivia and Charades to interactive games like Kahoot and Pictionary, our list has something for every subject and interest. These games are engaging and fun and serve as a great way to review and reinforce learning. 

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Final Thoughts

Using Zoom to play games with students may be a fun and engaging method to keep them interested during virtual courses. These games to play on Zoom with students on this page are only a handful of the many games available on Zoom. 

From Trivia and Charades to Kahoot and Pictionary, these games may be adapted to any subject area and used to review and reinforce learning. Introducing games into your virtual classrooms can give your students an exciting and fun learning experience. 

The idea behind finding games to play on Zoom with students is to be creative and experiment with various activities to see what works best for your pupils. Consider implementing one of these games to play on Zoom with students the next time you have a virtual class to make it more interactive and enjoyable.

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