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Why Live Online Classes for Learning?

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With the incredible number of education opportunities available, how do you choose the one for your unique needs and learning style? One option, live online classes, which offers a unique hybrid education experience that appeals to many students (and teachers) around the world.


Live Online Classes

Live online classes are one of several unique educational options from which modern students can choose. This article will discuss how live online learning works and what other options are available to students who prefer an alternative learning style.

What Is Live Online Learning?

Live online learning is something of a hybrid education model that straddles the line between traditional in-person learning and self-paced online courses. Live online courses are structured around a predetermined class schedule which paces the lessons, assignments, and evaluations. Students gather virtually for regularly scheduled classes in an online classroom.


As with traditional in-person learning, students must be independently motivated to stay on top of their work and do not google “write my research paper for me” between classes. Coursework typically includes readings, homework assignments, and online discussions that either refer back to or prepare students in advance of the live, virtual classroom sessions.

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What Other Options Are There?

To fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of live online learning, it will be helpful to understand the other available options. Live online classes differ mainly from live in-person classes and asynchronous online classes. Each has its benefits and difficulties as compared to live online learning. 

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Collaborating and interacting in real-time creates a more cohesive education experience for everyone.

Live In-Person Learning

This option is the traditional method of classical education, where students sit in a classroom with a live instructor for the class duration. Students of this learning style must remain close to the classroom, living on campus, or commuting from nearby. This factor and other hidden costs of live in-person learning add to the overall expense of higher education.


There are benefits to this style of education, however. For instance, an in-person class guarantees students a community of fellow learners to exchange ideas with regularly. Plus, students who are regularly present on campus have access to many educational resources that wouldn’t be available at home, such as laboratories, libraries, and study groups.


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Asynchronous Online Learning

Asynchronous courses are pre-recorded online lessons that do not have a set class schedule, where students and instructors are never fully “synchronized.” This option allows students to learn entirely at their own pace, offering maximum flexibility in balancing other life commitments.


While this can be an extremely beneficial arrangement for some students, it does require a lot of self-discipline and a consistent work ethic. Some students find it difficult to motivate themselves to keep working through the course without a scheduled weekly class structure. For those who can keep up the pace, however, asynchronous learning is an ideal situation.


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Five Benefits of Live Online Learning

Like any other education system, online learning has its advantages and disadvantages. However, for many students, live online learning is the perfect balance between traditional in-person learning and fully online, asynchronous classes. Here are five benefits to online learning as compared to alternative educational structures. 


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Your Classroom Is Wherever You Are

Unlike live in-person classes, virtual classrooms are accessible anywhere students and instructors can connect to the internet. Not all learners and educators have access to a physical, in-person campus, whether by choice or necessity. Giving students access to a classroom that goes where they go helps to expand and diversify education. 


Access To More Industry Experts

In any field of work or study, you’ll usually find the most relevant experts living and teaching close to wherever they can find lucrative employment. Location is a challenge for live in-person learners because they are unlikely to have access to that same level of expertise unless they also happen to live in the same area.


Live online learning allows the experts to live and work where they choose while still making them available to students worldwide. This structure also gives a platform to experts who may not be willing or able to commit to an entire class schedule. Live online learning opens new opportunities for the meaningful exchange of information and innovation for learners and experts.


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Recorded Sessions Make Learning Flexible

While the live online learning structure revolves around pre-scheduled classes, the use of a virtual classroom makes it easier to record and archive live classes. For students who cannot accommodate perfect attendance for whatever reason, this is a huge bonus. It allows these students to benefit from the live discussion, even if they can’t make it to the live class.


Real-Time Interaction and Feedback

Asynchronous online learning can make it hard for learners to get prompt answers to their questions or feedback on their work from their educators. With live online sessions in a virtual classroom, students can get clarification in real-time, and instructors can quickly read the comprehension of the room. Collaborating and interacting in real-time creates a more cohesive education experience for everyone. 


Build Your Own Course of Study

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Traditional classroom education revolves around a rigorous course of study, full of complicated credit requirements and often unrelated prerequisites. 


Live online learning enables students to focus their intellectual pursuits on topics relevant to them and their own life goals. One-size-fits-all education does not fit all, and live online learning accommodates learners of all types. 


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Live online learning is a hybrid educational model that straddles traditional in-person learning and self-paced online courses. Under this framework, students and educators alike can take advantage of regularly scheduled live classroom sessions from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


While not a solution for everyone, many students benefit from live online courses like those on Amphy. For students for whom traditional in-person learning isn’t practical or those looking for a more customized course of study, live online learning can offer a perfect balance between structure and flexibility.

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