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Top 10 Places for Online Kids Learning Platforms

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Are you a parent who has decided to home-school their child? If so, we have gathered a list of the top 10 platforms for online learning for kids. Check it out below!

1. Amphy: Overall Best Choice

Amphy is the best overall choice for online kids learning. Through this platform, your kids will enjoy virtual classrooms where they can learn different languages, math, science, music, or chess. You can even sign up your kiddo for an art class or have them take a gym class for some physical activity.


Whether your child needs a review of their multiplication tables and fractions or needs to brush up on physics, your son or daughter can get individualized attention with a teacher through these virtual classrooms.

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Whatever you choose, you’ll be happy to have a way for your kids to learn online.


There are tons of classes to choose from, ranging from dance and singing to art, history, math, or a foreign language. You can even have your child attend a reading or writing class where they get to enjoy reading a book as a class or writing a creative story.

SplashLearn: Personalized resources for academic excellence

SplashLearn is the ultimate educational companion, catering to the diverse needs of students from PreK to Grade 5. From mastering addition and fractions in Math to developing sight words and phonics skills in ELA (English Language Arts), SplashLearn has it all. With interactive learning games, engaging worksheets, and comprehensive live lessons, SplashLearn ensures a solid understanding of these fundamental concepts. Powered by an adaptive algorithm, it tailors content and tracks progress in real-time, ensuring every child’s success. Discover the power of SplashLearn and empower your child to excel in academics while fostering a love for learning.



2. Epic: Best for Boosting Reading Skills

Epic has more than 40,000 books available on its platform for children to read through and improve their literacy skills. If your kid is behind in their reading level, the main thing to do is keep reading.


Via Epic, your son or daughter can enjoy reading classic stories, picture books, and educational magazines. In addition, there are videos to view and ebooks in the Spanish language.

3. BrainPOP: Best for Engaging Students

If you want your kids to pay attention and learn something new, BrainPOP is your best bet! The animated videos, including an interactive robot and his friends, will get your kids eyes popping open. Teachers have used this online learning platform in their classrooms for years.


Through these videos, kids learn plenty of information about science, history, and more. Are your kids interested in English language arts, music, engineering, or health? Then this is the perfect site for them!

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4. ReadingIQ: Best for Early Readers

Do your kids need an online library to access whenever and wherever they are? Then the ReadingIQ platform is a perfect option! This website stores more than 7,000 ebooks for children at all reading levels.


Children from two years of age to 12 years old can access all the books they need through this platform. You can even find books from Disney, National Geographic Kids, or Boxcar Children. In addition to chapter books, this program provides guided reading assistance for early readers.

5. Excellent for Young Children and Early Readers

If your child is only entering Kindergarten or first grade, is the perfect online learning website for him or her. This site is tailored specifically for children from two years old to seven years old. There are applications for your kids to color and play games on


It also helps young children learn to read and provides opportunities for kids to listen to audiobooks or music.

6. Adventure Academy: Great for Core School Subjects

Adventure Academy is a mobile app that kids can use on a tablet or laptop. Your kids will learn all about the core school subjects like math, science, history, language arts, and social studies. In addition, your child can play games virtually with their school friends even if they can no longer attend school in-person during the global pandemic.


There is also an incentivized program through Adventure Academy where kids can earn coins and shop for virtual gadgets all while learning key school subjects.

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7. National Geographic Kids: Best for Teaching Science

When choosing educational websites for kids, National Geographic Kids is another great pick. If you want your kid to learn all about science, including many of its fascinating details like how bees make honey, then you should definitely use the National Geographic Kids website for at-home learning.


Your son or daughter can watch videos on the National Geographic website or even play games. They can learn about different animals as well, such as the bald eagle, the bull shark, and the African elephant.

8. Funbrain: Great for Boosting Math Skills and Literacy

Funbrain is another awesome place for kids to play games while learning. Kids of all ages, from pre-k through 8th grade, can enjoy this website and learn reading, math, and other literacy skills.

For example, there are games like math baseball that can help kids improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division skills. Your child can even find books to read through FunBrain. In addition, there are videos for your children to view to learn more about science and other topics.

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9. PBS Kids: Good for General Education and Entertainment

PBS Kids is another great choice when searching for online learning for kids. PBS Kids has many interactive and educational games for children to choose from. Your child will both have fun being entertained and learn something at the same time!


For the young ones, there are games where they’ll learn their letters. There are also plenty of puzzles for your kiddos to complete. Your child can even create a story from scratch. PBS Kids is definitely a solid choice when picking education websites for kids.

10. Outschool: Great for Virtual Classes

The Outschool platform showcasing online learning for kids is an excellent place for parents to sign up their children. Outschool lets kids attend a virtual class online and interact with teachers and other students through a real-time video system.

There are tons of classes to choose from, ranging from dance and singing to art, history, math, or a foreign language. You can even have your child attend a reading or writing class where they get to enjoy reading a book as a class or writing a creative story.



There are tons of excellent websites for online learning and help with essays that your children will enjoy. Amphy is the best choice if you want your kid to have more specialized attention from a teacher. If you want your son or daughter to have more interactive and educational games, you can choose Adventure Academy or Funbrain.


Whatever you choose, you’ll be happy to have a way for your kids to learn online.

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