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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About the Benefits of Playing Chess in Real Life


The Benefits of Playing Chess

Chess, the game of mind. When we talk about chess, we relate it to genius and intelligent people, but it is not only for such people. Chess is based on learning the right moves, so everyone can learn how to play chess with a little practice. Chess requires quick decisions and accurate predictions so it is very beneficial for the brain. In addition to making you smarter there are so many other benefits to playing chess that you may not have heard of! 


Keep reading to discover all the benefits of playing chess you may not have known before.

1. Accelerate Brain Functionality

When we play chess, we remain fully active with our brain to notice every move of the opponent. Our brain remains busy calculating the logical results of a step, analyzing the pattern, making virtual steps to predict the way to counter the opponent, etc. These all activities boost the overall function of the brain during the game. So, chess is the best exercise tool for the brain and can be enjoyed by everyone. This makes our brain sharp which help us in making instant decision and calculation in real life.


2. Enhance Confidence

Chess is a game like cricket, football, etc. So, in the beginning, you will be not so perfect but when you start playing against pro players and tackle problems. It enhances your confidence to make a face-to-face challenge. Also, when you lose a game you know about your weakness and trying to overcome such drawbacks in the next match makes you feel motivated.  Of course, you may have to face defeat but your continuity in chess develops your confidence.

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Chess, the game of mind. When we talk about chess, we relate it to genius and intelligent people, but it is not only for such people. Chess is completely based on the moves, so everyone can learn how to play chess with practice.

3. Improves Concentration

Chess is directly proportional to Concentration and Focus. Every move may be a game-changing move whether you may lose or win. So, it is very necessary to notice every second. Also, only with a deep focus, you can make better predictions. According to a Chess player, Bobby Fischer, “Chess demands Total Concentration”. With daily chess practice, you can enhance your concentration power which helps you to avoid noise in the study, workplace and family tasks of daily life.

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4. Develop Creativity

Chess is the mirror of your creativity and brain power. When you start the game, you follow your rules and ethics to make win which represents whether you are aggressive or patient. So, when you feel like losing you try to find out a new concept and tactics to offend the opponent’s moves which results in your creative development. Also, you sharpen and modify your creative thinking with the help of your opponent’s ideas and style.

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5. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

In chess, you face lots of challenges and problems due to opponents’ steps. So, you use your brain power and skill to solve such a problem to win the match. With this practice, you develop new tricks to overcome problems in the right and efficient manner. These skills will help you to defend against daily life challenges to make the best and most beneficial decision for your life and make you in a win-win situation.


6. Enhance your Patience

Victory is not compulsory in any game. When you play chess but you lose the match with a few points, you have to accept it. This skill to accept and move forward with improvements make you more patient and calm. Also, with patience, you can make a good decision with deep analysis during the match. Patience is very important in daily life.

Day by day human become so fast with technology results in a loss of patience which is very harmful and make people more aggressive. So, chess will empower your ability of patience and make you cool and satisfied in daily life.


7. Build Social Interaction

Chess is the best and most ancient indoor game which enhances social get-togethers between people all around the world on the eve of any tournaments. As a result of the Chess Tournament, people share their views, culture and ethics. This also improves individuals’ social activities and awareness of various religions and cultures.


chess players

8. Develop Sportsmanship

Like other games, chess also develops the belief of sportsmanship in every player. As we all know, both teams cannot win in a match, so players should focus on their tactics, moves and mistakes instead of winning or losing. If you are following the right tricks and rules then you also learn from loss but if you are playing with cheating, in reality, you are declining from the moral of the game. So, when a player learns about this quality of sportsmanship, he will never be defeated in a real-life game.


9. Teaches You About the Consequences of Every Action

Chess is a single-player game. Here, everything depends on just your steps. Here you know about the effect of every step you move whether it is making growth or shrinking. This teaches you how your actions will make changes in your life. Therefore, children learn about the good and bad effects of actions and make changes in behavior according to society.

10. Teaches you to See from Others' Perspectives

Chess is a game where you have to make decisions according to your as well as others’ perspectives. In chess, victory does not depend on some leads but players have to make every first or last step very carefully and with deep analysis from the opponent’s perspective also. This lesson will help you to manage your daily actions according to the perspective of your society so no one will feel hatred for your activities.


Hence, we have discussed several plus points of Playing chess in the above paragraphs which help us to make our life simple, easy, respectful and successful. These will also help us in developing mental health which results in better co-relation with society and friends. Also, chess will improve your analytical and algebraic skills which will help you in mathematics and physics studies. So, instead of scrolling social media in leisure time, everyone should prefer such beneficial games.

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