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17 Beginners Chess Tips That Will Impress Anyone

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17 of the Best Beginner Chess Tips

Is chess hard to learn? Can you play chess by yourself? What is the best way to start a chess game? All of these questions are important, especially when learning the sport. If you’re wondering how to become good at chess or where to start, these chess tips for beginners will make you more familiar with the game.

Tip #1: Familiarize Yourself With the Pieces

Before finding “chess lessons near me” or figuring out how to improve at chess, you have to know the very basics. Know which pieces go where, how they move, and their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will set you up for success, especially in chess plays for beginners.

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If you are concerned about how to improve your chess game, don’t worry. Chess is difficult to learn, and most of the masters have taken years to get there. There are many methods to becoming more skilled at the game of chess.

Tip #2: Take Online Lessons

Of course, there’s only so far you can get on your own. When you feel like you need help, look up an online chess class and learn from a professional. Find an instructor in your area or the best online chess lessons that work for your schedule.

Tip #3: Online Chess Practice

Don’t have a chess buddy and wondering how to play chess by yourself? A chess app or website is extremely helpful. Most websites and apps will allow you to sign up for free, play chess, and analyze your games.

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Tip #4: Analyze Your Games

Speaking of analysis, it’s vital to learning chess. Even if you don’t take online lessons, the best chess websites will have a feature that shows you where you succeeded and failed in the last game. This also works when playing chess with yourself, as most chess apps have bots to practice against.

Tip #5: Find a Chess Community

The other good part about chess websites (such as and is that you can build a community around chess. An online chess community will have tournaments, friending options, and chess games for beginners. You might be wondering, is free? What about the others? Most have a free membership and a paid option.

Tip #6: Know When to Castle

While many of these tips are focused on how to learn chess, the next few are directly about the game itself. Castling is when you switch a previously unmoved rook and king. This is usually to protect the king, and is a very impressive move if you know when to perform it!

Tip #7: Know a Few Openings

The most important part of any chess game is the beginning. To learn how to start a chess game, you’ll have to know which color you are. The simplest chess theory for beginners to learn are basic openings. Instead of guessing wildly where your pieces will go, follow a set pattern to show your opponent you know your stuff.

Tip #8: Know Classic Attack Sequences

It’s one thing to know the basic rules of chess, and another to know some of the easiest ways to attack your opponent. The best chess apps and lessons will tell you some modes of attack, but you should always be researching on your own!

Tip #9: Know End Game Patterns

If you’ve learned some beginning and middle parts of the chess game, there’s one more important aspect when considering how to play chess for beginners. You need to know the end of the game. Research common chess end games and watch your game improve.

Tip #10: Know How to Spot a Fork

A fork in chess is when two pieces are trapped, and only one of them will make it out alive. If you can spot a fork before it happens, you might be able to prevent unnecessary death. However, it’s even more exciting when you trick your opponent into a fork!

Tip #11: Understand the Safety of the King

One of the first chess lessons for beginners is the importance of the king. While the king doesn’t move around too much and holds less power than many other pieces, it is a vital piece. An easy chess strategy that will impress others is keeping your king safe at all times. Do this, and you’ll be able to win the games.

Tip #12: Know How to Evaluate the Board

Of course, it’s not just about the king. You want to be aware of every piece on the board, both on your side and your opponents. Whether you are playing chess by yourself or with a live person, make sure you are thinking about the entire board between each play.

Tip #13: Subscribe to Chess YouTubers

There are a myriad of chess players who post videos explaining their moves, teaching beginner chess strategy, and offering free chess lessons. If you are looking to learn chess basic strategy from a pro, check out a Magnus Carlsen stream or watch Levy Rosin teach chess.

Tip #14: Watch Famous Chess Games

Watching the pros play chess is an excellent method of learning chess for beginners. If you’ve subscribed to some of the current grand masters, you can find videos of them breaking down the most famous chess matches of all time.

Tip #15: Read Some Chess Books

Another great resource on how to study chess is the myriad of chess books available. Whether you are looking for beginner’s chess books or studies on specific topics, find a book that works for you and impress others with your bookshelf and chess knowledge.

Tip #16: Avoid Tunnel Vision

One of the most crucial chess tips for beginners is avoiding tunnel vision. When learning chess strategy for beginners, a common mistake is getting so focused on one aspect of chess training that you forget the rest. You might be so ready to take a piece that you put yourself in check.

Tip #17: Have Fun With Chess

The best way to learn chess is to study hard, invest in chess lessons online or in person, and find an internet chess club to practice with. However, if you’re not having a good time, you won’t be able to enjoy this wonderful sport. Enjoy yourself, and you’ll find yourself learning to play chess faster!

Final Thoughts

Chess is a great game. With good chess strategies, chess websites, and online chess lessons, it’s possible to learn it quickly. While you are learning how to get better at the game with these chess tips for beginners, you can enjoy yourself and be part of a great online community.

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