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22 Websites for English Language Learning Better Than Duolingo

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There are thousands of languages spoken around the globe, and learning any language apart from your mother tongue can be quite challenging. However, in today’s world of digital transformation, it has become quite convenient to learn any foreign language at the ease of your own home, including English. 


One of the most popular websites for English language learning is Duolingo, but it is certainly not the only website teaching how to learn English. 


Therefore, we have brought together twenty-two alternative websites for learning English, each better than Duolingo in one way or the other. Let’s dive in!

1. Amphy

One of Amphy’s most unique features is its live video classes for English language learning. Be it at any level, the website features an engaging and interactive way of teaching English by connecting professional teachers to the students, allowing them to learn the English language face to face with their teachers at the convenience of their homes.

Amphy has classes for kids and adults and everything in between. Here’s a video to show you what we’re talking about.

Whether you check out an ​​English Trial Class or jump into a more intermediate Conversation and Confidence Building class, there is a course listed on Amphy for you. 

2. BBC Learning English

Designed for teaching intermediate or advanced level English, the BBC Learning English website has high-quality learning material, including free videos, audio, and podcasts. The website teaches English to global audiences by offering the latest news stories, and a vast vocabulary of English words and phrases with their pronunciations.

3. British Council Learn English

British Council Learn English has divided its English class into six categories: grammar, skills, vocabulary, business English, general English, and IELTS practice. It offers a unique way of learning the language via videos, games, podcasts, and other interactive lessons. The British Council website is for all levels of English learners, from beginners to advanced.

4. LingApp

Another resource you can take advantage of is LingApp. It’s an app with more than 5 million users worldwide and it offers an extensive range of learning opportunities, including, interactive exercises, engaging activities, listening tasks, etc. LingApp is the place where you can learn a new language, app or website-based.

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Getting the best out of a particular website depends entirely on what aspect you wish to focus on to meet your particular language learning goals, such as improving vocabulary, grammar, translation, or speaking skills.

4. Rosetta Stone

One of the oldest English language learning platforms, Rosetta Stone is a computer-assisted website that has been teaching English in the context of real-world conversations using bite-sized lessons for the past 25 years. It offers twenty-four other languages and consists of professional and interactive study material for any of the languages you choose to learn from the website, available on both IOS and Android smartphones.

5. Busuu

Through Busuu, you can learn English pretty conveniently with the help of flashcards, short lessons on vocabulary, terms, and phrases, and grammar. You can even have a one-on-one session with the tutors to exchange helpful learning tips, pronunciation, exercises, and feedback and learn directly from native English speakers worldwide.

6. Lingua

Lingua has both business and general English learning options, making them fun to learn by offering engaging reading, learning, and dictation activities. To attempt the English exercises, you do not need any teaching support or tutor, which is why Lingua is a highly convenient website to use at home. Along with short quizzes, the website also offers pronunciations in various accents.

7. Cambridge English

The Cambridge English learning website is quite popular among students willing to attempt the Cambridge English proficiency exam. However, you can learn basic English by taking part in quick activities including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, listening, etc. These are offered through games, flashcards, stories, songs, and more.

The website also offers an audio feature called Virtually Anywhere, with writing prompts and a vast English dictionary.

English Language Learning

8. Babbel

Babbel is one of the top-ranked websites in the language learning industry and offers a holistic learning experience. It helps users learn new English words and phrases by attempting quick quizzes, fun games, and using other learning materials like live classes, videos, and podcasts. 


It often reminds you of the new words you have learned from the website by bringing popup images, videos, audios, etc. You can also practice your English speaking skills on the website with the help of a speech recognition tool.

9. FluentU

FluentU is popular because of its interactive video features with subtitles, including movie trailers, news, music videos, and tv shows, offering a fun and immersive English learning experience. This makes it convenient for students to learn the language naturally like native speakers., adapting different words and phrases organically.


10. Word Reference

Word reference’s special features include a thesaurus, dictionary, word conjugation, and translation options. With a user-friendly interface, you can learn new English definitions, interact with native speakers worldwide, and ask them anything you want to know about the language like pronunciations, phrases, idioms, etc.

11. Drops

The feature that makes Drops unique is a 5-minute English learning class, where students can only attend a short session of five minutes. This allows the students to stay entirely focused on the activity, improving their memorization skills.

12. LingoDeer

Featuring a visually appealing interface, LingoDeer offers language learning with more depth and details. It provides a daily ten-minute session where you can improve your English learning skills with the help of reading, writing, and speaking activities on the website.

13. Daily Grammar

Though with a slightly outdated look, Daily Grammar still stands among the most valuable resources for learning the English language, and a great alternative to Duolingo. The website focuses on teaching grammar through easy and fun activities. You can choose from 440 fun exercises and 88 quizzes to improve your language skills.

14. English Central

Focusing on teaching the English language via video sessions, English Central is a useful website to improve your vocabulary. It offers various activities for practicing different words and a speech recognition tool to let you know your mistakes and speaking skills.

15. Lingvist

If you are a science fan, then Lingivist is your website of choice to learn English the scientific way! The website offers a unique approach to learning the English language through actual conversations. It also tracks your learning progress and status, thus offering exercises according to your level and capability.

16. Memrise

With more than 100 languages to choose from, Memrise follows a game-like way of teaching the English language to the learners. For example, you are an undercover agent on a mission to save the world in your chosen language. However, you can select your learning level, from a beginner to advanced.

English Language Learning

17. Mondly

With short yet engaging lessons, Modly is a viable choice for learning the English language, as it offers a unique voice-recognition tool to check your pronunciations and reading skills. It also boasts audio recordings of native English speakers to help improve your pronunciation. 

18. Magoosh

Through Mangoosh, students can easily prepare for their upcoming English exams by developing their speaking, writing, and reading skills. These exams include GREs, IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL. In fact, Mangoosh stands among one of the top academic learning websites offering more than 150 video lessons and 450 practice questions.

19. Knoword

Featuring an exciting game for vocabulary development, Knoword is a fantastic choice to learn English and build vocabulary skills without getting bored. Instead of other categories, it focuses more on word association and vocabulary by offering difficulty levels of your choice. You can select from over 1000 activity packs on the website to strengthen your vocabulary game.

20. Pimsleur

Following the fifty-year-old Pimsleur method, the website offers long audio sessions to help you improve your English speaking skills from the very beginning. The website also features vocabulary flashcards, games, and videos at short intervals to help you memorize new words and phrases.

21. TED

TED stands among the largest English learning websites to offer video-based sessions, referring to the infamous TED talks. Since these video sessions are based on actual conversations, you can improve your speaking skills by learning new vocabulary directly from native English speakers.


22. ABC

The abbreviation of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC is a public news website with a fantastic feature on how to learn English. On this website, you can learn the language by watching videos based on current affairs and attempting various exercises and activities.

Final Thoughts

There are various great alternatives to Duolingo for English language learning. Each of these resources offers the best learning experience in its own way. 


However, getting the best out of a particular website depends entirely on what aspect you wish to focus on to meet your particular language learning goals, such as improving vocabulary, grammar, translation, or speaking skills. Rest assured, there is a dedicated website for every English learning skill out there! 

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