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41 Zoom Ice Breakers to Start Your Next Virtual Meeting

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With more businesses opening their doors to remote employees who could work from home thousands of miles away from the traditional office setting, fostering employee engagement and connection is crucial to meeting your objectives successfully. 


These 41 Zoom ice-breakers are a great way to get to know each other and become a stronger team.

1. The Noticing Game

Begin each Zoom meeting by asking for volunteers to share one thing they noticed since the last meeting. Not only can this be an entertaining way to break the ice, but it also promotes attention to detail and creative thinking. 

2. Never Have I Ever

This classic party game can easily be reworked to fit into a professional environment. These kinds of virtual ice-breakers for Zoom meetings are a fun way to get to know your team more. 

3. Two Truths and a Lie

An oldie but a goodie, this game is always great for getting things started. 

4. Zombie Apocalypse: Office Edition

What skills would you bring to the Zombie apocalypse? Get your team to build a survival plan utilizing their skills. 

5. Doodle Contests

Set a theme before the meeting and encourage participants to share their office doodles. Make it interesting by voting on your favorite. 

6. Teach a Man

Does someone on your team make a great omelet or have a hobby? “Teach a Man” can break the ice while providing skill-building mini-lessons. 

7. Bad Inventions

Good inventions are hard to come by. Begin a meeting by asking members for their truly bad invention ideas. Pancake toasters? Hot air balloons for cats? The sky’s the limit. 

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8. Discover What You Have in Common

Breakout rooms can encourage small groups to discover one thing they all have in common. Maybe they all went to the same school or have a similar passion. 

9. Six Degrees Of…

Similar to the “What You Have in Common” activity, ask members to try to establish connections with their coworkers or peers. Who does everyone know?

10. Secret Talent

Leaders can impress their teams by showing off impressive harmonica skills or other surprising abilities. 

11. “I Am” Exercise

Ask employees to begin a statement with “I am…” This can go as deep or casual as you’d like. Examples: I am a mother. I am the daughter of divorced parents. I am hard of hearing. You could even consider taking an Amphy “Get To Know Ya!” game course to help these Zoom ice-breakers. 

12. Random Acts of Kindness

Begin a virtual Zoom meeting with a small gift card raffle. 

13. Where You’ve Been, Where You’re Going

Have your team share something from their past and about where they hope to go in the future. 

14. Elevator Pitch Yourself

Sell yourself to the group! Better for confident groups, this is a great way to allow members of a meeting to humbly (or not so humbly) brag. 

15. Worse Case Scenario

Use this game to explore the most outlandish things you could imagine as a “worst case scenario” on the way to work.

16. Daily Poll

Zoom has a poll function. That can let you ask questions and collect data on your new group. 

17. Introduce Your Colleague

Break your meeting into partners and give them ten minutes to get to know each other. Have one person introduce someone else in the group each week. 

quotation marks

An oldie but a goodie, this game is always great for getting things started.

ice cubes

18. Hot Seat!

One person must answer questions posed by their colleagues for five minutes. 

19. Question of the Day

Ask about favorite soups, favorite songs, or whether hot dogs are sandwiches or not. 

20. In Another Life

What is the alternate dimension version of you doing right now? 

21. It’s All Greek to Me

What are common phrases or words heard in departments or areas? Decipher them for the group as a learning experience. Or, better yet, consider 

22. The Buzz

Are there any hot topics in your field? Go over them and see what different perspectives your team has. 

23. Name That Tune

Want to share your music tastes while having fun? Amphy’s “Song Showdown” class is an entertaining class that will challenge your team’s musical knowledge. 

24. The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

This classic questionnaire from The New York Times doesn’t have to lead to love. It’s a great way to get to know your team on a deeper level. 

25. Read Any Good Books Lately?

Get members of your virtual Zoom meeting to share their latest picks and explain why. 

26. 10,000 Things To Do Before You Die

Use this for one of the most fascinating virtual ice-breakers for zoom. Create a running list of things your team or group wants to experience in their lives, and explain why. 

27. Moment of Reflection

Begin your meeting by asking your team to reflect on a recent accomplishment. 

28. Embracing Failures

Sharing the wins can be great, but discussing failures builds trust. 

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29. Zoom Background Contest

Encourage those invited to your meeting to pick a distinctive background on Zoom

30. Holiday Themed Backgrounds and Filters

To spread cheer around the holidays, encourage your attendees to pick out a themed Zoom background or filter.

31. Blast From the Past Zoom Photo Contest

Ask attendees to change their profile picture on Zoom to surprise team members with some unexpected looks. 

32. Riddle of the Day

Some of the best zoom meetings ice breakers are brain teasers and riddles. They get everyone’s brains working while encouraging creativity. 

33. How’s the Weather Out There?

For meetings with out-of-state attendees, break the ice by having everyone share the weather. 

34. What Is Your Town Known For?

Does your location come with a beloved sports team or food item?

35. I’d Rather Be

Working on a frustrating project? Vary up your Zoom meetings ice-breakers by asking attendees what they’d rather be doing (in a fun way). 

36. TGIF

Embrace the weekend vibes by asking people about their fun plans. 

37. Watch Party Debrief

If your team all watches a show, begin the meeting with a quick breakdown of the latest episode. 

38. Ten Minutes of No Bad Ideas

Collaborating on a project or solving a problem? Set the timer for ten minutes and give everyone the freedom to pitch ideas. 

iceberg breaking

39. Ongoing Team Lists

Keep a separate document of lists for your team. Then, add to these during the Zoom (whether it’s the best restaurants in town or favorite activity outside work). 

40. Utilize Zoom’s Whiteboard Feature

Many favorite Zoom ice-breakers can be improved with the whiteboard feature. Doodle, map ideas, or play a game as a team to get the juices flowing. 

41. Establish a Running Bibliography

If your team is keeping up to date on the latest happenings in your field, consider creating a shareable bibliography to house articles. 

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