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44 Spots in New York City to See Astonishing Street Art

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Street art is one of the most beautiful sights in New York City. Whether you are a resident or you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, an afternoon admiring New York City’s street art is a great way to spend your time.


We’ve compiled the essential list of street art spots in New York City, from the Bushwick Collective to the Graffiti Hall of Fame.


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1. The Bushwick Collective

Perhaps the best-known spot for NYC street art graffiti is the Bushwick Collective. The street art project brings together artists from across the globe, and it has covered Brooklyn with street art graffiti. Bushwick street art is a must-see when you are in New York City.

2. 79th Street 

Banksy is a famous street art artist from the United Kingdom, but he brought some of his talents to New York City in his Hammer Boy art on 79th Street.

3. Rag and Bone

Check out the colorful street art graffiti outside Rag and Bone on Houston Street.

4. Tuff City

Head to the Bronx to the Tuff City tattoo shop, where you can see their dragon mural.

5. Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its famous NYC street art, including works by Nick Walker and R. Robots.

6. Fulton Street

An intimidating tiger mural stands at the Engine 6 firehouse on Fulton Street, Manhattan, making it a great place to go for NYC street art.

7. 100 Gates Project

Go to the Lower East Side for the 100 Gates Project, a spot that houses over 75 works of street art graffiti.

8. 3rd Ethos Gallery

Brooklyn’s 3rd Ethos Gallery has both indoor and street art.

9. 76 East Houston Street

The Bowery Wall on Houston Street boasts a colorful mural by Keith Haring.

10. ILO100 Murals in Midtown Manhattan

A non-profit group, Street Art for Mankind, commissioned these murals, which symbolize stable employment issues.

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If you’re looking for a more general spot, the Lower East Side is your best bet.

11. First Street Green Art Park

A mural and event space, First Street Art Park is an NYC street art spot that you won’t want to miss.

12. Harlem River Drive

Another mural by Keith Haring is at Harlem River Drive, and it’s a famous piece of street art graffiti called “Crack is Wack.”

13. Meserole Street

Check out the murals on Meserole Street in Brooklyn, and maybe even take a tour.

14. Welling Court Mural Project

Go to Queens for this amazing street art graffiti, and see over 100 pieces of art.

15. 366 Prospect Place

See this astonishing mural of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Brooklyn.

16. The New Allen

Founded by two restaurant owners who wanted to improve the Lower East Side, this art is on Allen Street.

17. World Trade Center

The location of the devastating September 11th, 2001 attacks is now home to memorial street art.

18. 17th Street and Sixth Avenue

Here you can find the Love Vandel by British artist Nick Walker.

19. Coney Island

Coney Island isn’t just home to the circus and summer fun. You can also find beautiful NYC street art on the island.

20. Little Italy, Manhattan

The Little Italy Street Art Project (L.I.S.A.) is a non-profit group that works to decorate Little Italy with street art graffiti.

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21. 147 Bedford Avenue

See the Fight for Street Art mural by legendary artist Kobra.

22. 910 Rogers Place

910 Rogers Place is where you can see the Big Pun memorial, a street art graffiti tribute to the Puerto Rican rapper.

23. Freeman Alley

Freeman Alley is home to a lot of illegal street art graffiti.

24. Lower East Side

If you’re looking for a more general spot, the Lower East Side is your best bet. It has many different varieties of street art graffiti, including the iconic New York mural, so consider taking a tour around the area.

25. North 6th Street

North 6th Street houses an abandoned warehouse peppered with funky street art.

26. York Street Subway Station

Here you can find the DUMBO walls, including art by MOMO and Yuko Shimizu.

27. John James Audobon’s Neighborhood

The painter John James Audobon purchased real estate in NYC long ago, and street artists have flocked to the area to honor him over the years.

28. JMZ Walls

Many people in the Bushwick street art community came together to decorate the JMZ walls. Check the iconic walls out when you are in NYC.

29. The Graffiti Hall of Fame

New York City has its own Graffiti Hall of Fame, located in Harlem. This is one of the best spots to see NYC street art.

30. Harlem

If you’re in Harlem for the Graffiti Hall of Fame, why not visit the rest of the area? The streets of Harlem boast several magnificent works, and it’s been a center of graffiti culture since the 1970s.

close up of NYC street signs fifth avenue and West 33rd street

31. Hunts Point

The Point’s Village of Murals project brought beloved cartoon characters to life in this graffiti street art at Hunts Point.

32. 11th Street and First Avenue

Pay homage to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg at this NYC street art location.

33. 18th Street and 10th Avenue

This spot is in Chelsea, and its mural depicts Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

34. Bedford Avenue at Quincy Street

Here you can find the mural of the famous hip-hop artist, the Notorious B.I.G.

35. Centre-Fuge Public Art Project

This project started in New York and has expanded to Miami, Florida. Go to the Lower East Side to see some of this project’s art.

36. Love Wall

Head to SoHo to see these beautiful overlapping hearts painted by James Goldcrown.

37. Top to Bottom Mural Project

43-0 21st Street in Long Island City is home to this beautiful mural project, which is three stories high.

38. 837 Jersey Avenue

Look for the street art of David Bowie on Jersey Avenue.

39. Johnson Avenue

Johnson Avenue is a great place to spot graffiti street artists like Tones 1 and Host 18.

40. Domino Park

This mural in Domino Park pays tribute to the Domino Sugar Factory.

41. The High Line

Go to the industrial West Side to see this bright, colorful art.

42. West Village

Are you a Charles Schultz fan? Check out the Snoopy art in NYC’s West Village.

43. Chinatown

New York City’s Chinatown has beautiful street art, including the famous Buff Monster mural.

44. Museum of Street Art

A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without the Museum of Street Art. See some of the best street art graffiti the city has to offer in this astonishing collection

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