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5 Fitness Moves to Lose Weight Easily


Are you constantly sucking in your belly with the hope that it’ll magically vanish? Desperately hoping you’ll pull off a swimsuit next summer? Wish to fit into that gorgeous dress in your closet? The only answer to your prayer is fitness moves, and you already know it.


Exercise is the most effective way to build muscles and burn calories, so instead of making excuses, make progress. Your body is your responsibility, and you can make a substantial difference. But don’t expect an easy journey, but it’s going to be worth it.

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It would help to stay determined never to give up and must wake up every morning and declare, “I can do this!” So get your sweaty gear and try these five top fitness moves.

The person in front of the mirror is your competition, so make sure you do it for yourself.

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Effective Fitness Moves to Lose Weight Easily

Weight loss challenges you mentally more than it does physically. It would help to stay determined never to give up and must wake up every morning and declare, “I can do this!” So get your sweaty gear and try these five top fitness moves.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

Intensity is crucial if you wish to maximize the benefits of your workout session. High-Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, entails short intervals of physical exercise at the optimal effort then longer recovery times. The secret to the remedy is your hard work during intense periods, and the move potentially shoots your body fat-burning potential.


Besides forcing your muscles to work harder, burning more fuel, and performing better, this exercise also releases growth hormones that mobilize body fats to serve as fuel. So in just 20 minutes, your workout could burn more calories all through the day than jogging around the block for long.

2. Elliptical

The elliptical may seem like a straightforward machine that casually spins your legs while you’re reading a magazine or watching TV. But don’ be fooled. If you crank up its resistance and maintain a hard pace, you’ll end up breathless. 


Notably, this machine can aid your weight loss goals while protecting your body from additional stress. It provides lower impact movements as it maintains fitness. It’s perfect when one is coming back to running after pausing to recover from an injury.


You may do it the Jennifer Aniston way. The talented actress likes to spend 20 or more minutes on the elliptical. She raises the incline then alternates before walking for a minute and running for two.

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3. Jogging or Running

This is another excellent fitness move to lose weight quickly. A jogging pace ranges between four to six miles per hour, while a running speed is higher than six miles per hour.


According to Harvard Health estimates, a 70 kg (155-pound) person can burn about 298 calories every half an hour jogging at five miles per hour or 372 calories when they increase the pace to six miles per hour.


Running and jogging can also burn detrimental visceral or belly fat that wraps around your internal organs, lowering your risk of chronic ailments like diabetes and heart disease. You can do both activities anywhere, and they’re easy to incorporate into your weekly routine. 

4. Weight Training

This is also another popular alternative for those looking to shed weight. A Harvard Health report estimated that a 70-kg or 155-pound person burns approximately 112 calories every 30 minutes while doing weight training. The move can also promote muscle growth and build strength, which raises the number of calories your body burns while resting or RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).


According to a six-month study, simply doing strength-based exercises for 11 minutes three times every week can raise your metabolic rate by 7.4%. This increase is equivalent to shedding an extra 125 calories daily.


Furthermore, numerous studies have found that the body continues burning calories hours after a weight-training workout session, and this is better than aerobic exercise.

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5. Swimming

This is also among the most fun ways to get in shape and lose weight. According to Harvard Health, a 70-kg or 155-pound person burns about 233 calories every 30 minutes while swimming. 


Your swimming style appears to affect how you burn calories. For instance, the above individual can burn 298 calories if they did backstroke, 409 calories for butterfly, and 372 calories for breaststroke and treading water.


One study of 24 middle-aged ladies spanning 12 weeks found that swimming for one hour, three times every week, significantly improved flexibility, reduced body fat, and lowered several heart disease risk factors like blood triglycerides and total cholesterol.


Swimming is also a tremendous low-impact fitness move, meaning it doesn’t strain your joints. As a result, it’s an excellent option for those struggling with joint pain or injuries.

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Crucial Weight Loss Tips to Pay Attention To

The following crucial tips will aid your weight loss journey and help you achieve the best results:


  1. Count calories – Also known as portion control, this approach has numerous obvious weight regulation benefits.
  2. Sleep on time – Bad sleeping habits can be detrimental to your weight loss strategy as they leave you irritated and hungry in the morning. To avoid these, sleep between seven to eight hours every night.
  3. Eat slowly – Learn how to choose your preferred foods, taste each morsel entering your mouth, and chew deliberately and slowly. You’ll take longer to get full, but you’ll enjoy the food more and get better satiety cues.
  4. Cut on refined carbs – These include grains and sugar that have been stripped of their nutritious, fibrous parts. Consuming these could spike your blood sugar fast, leading to cravings, hunger, and increased food consumption.
  5. Try Intermittent Fasting – In this popular eating pattern, people cycle between eating and fasting periods. Short-term studies have confirmed that this activity effectively aids weight loss.
  6. Drink sufficient water – General assumption is that drinking water can aid weight loss, and it’s true. Drinking water raises your metabolism by between 24 – 30 percent. This helps you burn more calories.
  7. Don’t add sugar – Sugar consumption is directly linked with an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.
  8. The above insights can aid your weight loss plan. You can get more guidance about shedding body weight and other aspects of our daily lives via Amphy. Apply to be a teacher or sign up on the platform, and you’ll be steps ahead of the rest.
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