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5 Top Tips For New Parents

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New moms and dads are sometimes surprised by the fluctuation of emotions that come with having a new baby or babies. One moment you’re overjoyed because you have this new little cuddly, soft bundle of perfection that needs you for everything. The next moment, you’re a wreck, exhausted, and a little overwhelmed because they don’t come with instructions. 


You kind of figure it out along the way, and that can be a trying period in your life. 


The crucial thing to remember is that it’s okay to not be okay at times! Your first child, or children, is a beautiful, exciting, and scary experience. You’re trying to have it all together 24/7, and that’s just not a realistic expectation for any of us. 


Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress; give yourself room to grow with your baby. Jot down these quick tips for new parents to keep yourself encouraged as you continue your path to being the best mom or dad that you can be!

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Top 5 Tips for New Parents

Here are the top five tips to any new parents looking for a little reassurance along the way:

1. Know That It’s Okay to Make Mistakes and Learn as You Go

This tip is the very best advice for new parents! Believe it or not, you will make mistakes, a lot of them, as you’re getting to know the best ways to care for your baby (or babies). Every sure-fire method doesn’t work for every little one. So you may try to get your baby to latch on for breastfeeding, and perhaps he or she doesn’t get it right away. It’s okay!


That takes time, just like everything else does. And if your baby never quite gets it and you have to switch to formula, that’s okay too! Baby milk formula has nutrients and vitamins that nourish your baby as well, and you’re not a failure if you don’t breastfeed.


If you don’t remember to pack extra sets of clothes or medications, don’t fret. Your baby may use their pacifier longer than the next kid; it truly doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. This phase is all a learning period, and there’s nothing wrong with you as a mom or dad if you hit bumps along the road.

2. Try to Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

One essential tip that you’ll need to know, especially in the first few months of parenthood, is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Babies are all different with how much they choose to sleep between feedings.


I’ve had a mixture of experiences; my first baby woke up every two hours, my second was more erratic with her sleeping schedule, and my last little one slept four to five hours at a time.


As a new mom or dad, sleep is of the utmost importance! Some days you’ll be exhausted from all of the energy it takes to care for your new baby, but sleep when you can. At least lie down and relax if you can’t fall asleep. It’ll make a big difference in your experience as a new parent.

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3. Enjoy Your New Baby!

When you’re in the moment, sometimes it’s easy to forget to cherish the precious moments that you have with your baby. Late-night feedings and unrelenting crying can overshadow the intimate moments with your infant—if you allow it to happen. 


Every milestone for your baby is worthy of celebration because they’ll be a baby for but a moment, and there will be times where you will wish them to be small again. Furthermore, you’ve accomplished something yourself along the way. 


With each milestone your baby reaches, you’re becoming a more confident and seasoned parent as well! So, never forget to actively enjoy the miracle that is your precious baby. 

4. Have More Than One Set of Medicine

Having a set of medicine at home in your cabinet and having another in your diaper bag is essential.


Babies go through teething pains, common colds, gas, and a plethora of other discomforts. They don’t adhere to a strict schedule. They can and will strike at any time. That’s why taking this approach makes so much sense because you’ll be prepared for anything that may come your baby’s way. 


Having a sick infant on your hands can be a stressful situation. If you have meds on hand,  it can make circumstances a whole lot better.


You never want to be in a situation where your baby is crying, and you have to rush to the store to buy medicine. You risk irritating the baby further, especially if you have to take them with you on your trip to the store. As you can see, it’s much better to be ready at all times to tend to your baby. 

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The fact of the matter is that depending on your baby, you’ll have different challenges to overcome.

5. Accept When Someone Wants to Help

There’s no blueprint to being a parent. Frankly, parenting is unpredictable because every baby boy or girl is unique in their own way. You’ll find that some babies sleep throughout the entire night while others wake up every two hours at all times. The fact of the matter is that depending on your baby, you’ll have different challenges to overcome. 


However, if you remember these simple tips, they can help you to stay even-keeled while not feeling so overwhelmed with being a new parent. Just take it one day at a time. Before you know it, your baby will have grown right in front of your very eyes.

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