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A Day in The Life of Stock Trader Abhay S


About myself and Profession

I am a workaholic and a passion-driven stock trader. I like to work day and night but along with that I also feel that one must take care of his health and private life as they are as important as our work life. I am happy working with Amphy as sitting at home made me procrastinate my work and goals but I can see myself getting back all along as the company gives an incredible platform to learn from different teachers in different fields and I’m hoping to utilize my knowledge of finance and banking as a stock trader to teach the students from all across the world the tactics of financing and understanding stock market, etc and how to level up their stock market game for the coming years. I believe that as a stock trader I can educate willing students about how they can manage their finances in the early stages of their lives.

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My job mostly includes traveling with clients from their homes to the loan site to banks and courts, it’s a hectic schedule and most of the things that happen are out of the case’s reach.

My Daily Routine

9:00 am

I would say that It’s what I love and that’s why I do it, I like sleeping as I do not get enough time to rest myself as I am constantly working and traveling, so I like waking up around this hour and just lay in the bed for sometimes, watching over some news and Instagram reels and WhatsApp chats, I don’t mostly get time to reply to my chats and messages so I try to pick them as the first thing in the morning, to stay connected with all my peers and relatives.


10:00 am

I am not a fan of coffee or milk in the mornings so I prefer drinking a bottle of water, it helps to give my mornings a fresh start and then I go for a long bath, I like taking shower baths it’s so soothing and relaxing and because I usually don’t enjoy bathing in the rain, the artificial rain suits me.


11:00 am

I get ready for my travel, most of this hour goes in picking up calls of my clients and preparing my itinerary accordingly, like what places to visit first what all papers to work on which client to final the deals with and sorts of work, I like having a particular motive for each day set during this time as I’m super active and ready for the rest of the day.


12:00- 1:00pm

I get my food, mostly chapati and vegetable along with salad and buttermilk, I think buttermilk is my only source of energy, I rejoice drinking it with almost every meal of my day, I sometimes don’t get breakfast as to whenever I’m in a hurry I try avoiding taking breakfast but I think this shouldn’t happen as the primary source of energy is only a heavy breakfast throughout the day which keeps us all going.

A Day in The Life of Abhay S


All this time I am out of the house to hunt for new clients and settle cases for my current clients. My job mostly includes traveling with clients from their homes to the loan site to banks and courts, it’s a hectic schedule and most of the things that happen are out of the case’s reach.



Most of the corporates get closed about this hour it’s the time when I up my game and scout for new options and tasks and clients, I generally have a meet with the bank official teams like once or twice in a week it’s the time when we talk about how was the process of loan and bank is going and what all changes and amendments do the bank or its officials need to incorporate, we often discuss finance-related topics and its goes great.



Sometimes I reach home back during this hour, if I don’t have any pre-scheduled meetings, I like having dinner with my family.



I like football and this is the time when I play it in the garden with my little brother and for quite a while we take a small stroll and sleep for a good morning.

A Day in The Life of Abhay S
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