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A Day in The Life of Erin C

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Who I Am and What I Do

Hi there! My name is Erin. I am an organizing expert, life essentialist, city gal, and ice cream lover. I love traveling, have dabbled in stand up comedy, and will always win in Full House and Golden Girls trivia. I live just outside Boston with my husband and new baby.


For over seven years, I had a “safe” job. However, the nature and high stress of the work caused me a lot of anxiety in and out of the office. There were countless nights where I lost sleep worrying about the years ahead. Seeing coworkers become so jaded, I hated the idea of that job being my future. I also wanted a job that gave me the freedom to be available to my family, and to live the life I truly want. So I thought about things I was passionate about, and things I liked to do, no matter how small or insignificant I thought they may seem. What would I do if money was no factor?


For several years, I have found it very therapeutic to purge my closet. Getting rid of things that no longer serve me and giving them to someone who can appreciate them was so satisfying. I wondered how I could do THIS for a living. I figured that was just crazy talk, and that I was in no position to try to make that happen — which was, by far, the biggest lie I ever told myself.


After a lot of soul searching and hard work, I started working for myself as a home organizer! I help people clear the clutter from their homes and minds, helping them live a life of more with less!

A Day in The Life of Erin C
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I live just outside Boston with my husband and new baby.

What I Enjoy the Most About my Work

Having realized how much organization and decluttering changed my life, I love teaching my students the same and seeing their transformation. Especially these days, social media tends to make us feel that we need the newest gadgets and fashions in order to be worthy. The truth is that all that stuff is simply a distraction. When we pare down our environment to be a true reflection of who we are, we start living our most authentic lives.

Erin C with her Closet

My Daily Routine

6:00 am: This is when I am awake for the day. With a new baby I am awake at any(and sometimes all!) hours of the night, but by 6am my day has started. I feed my daughter and then have my coffee and breakfast. I switch it up each day: sometimes I have a smoothie, sometimes eggs, or an English muffin with peanut butter. I take my time and plan out my day. 


8:00am – 10:00am: I start my day with administrative tasks: read my emails, check my social media, and respond to direct messages. After I’ve done that, I adjust my schedule for the day, if necessary.


10:00am-11:00am: If I have any in-person appointments, they start at 10am. I prefer to start no later since it takes a lot of time and energy to declutter and organize a client’s space. If I have a virtual appointment, it will start anytime between 10am – 4pm.


If I do not have any appointments that day, I go for a long walk with my daughter, what her permitting. If it is raining or too cold outside, I’ll either go to the gym, do some chores around the house, or spend some time with the baby (playing or doing tummy time).


12:00pm-1:00pm: If chores haven’t already been done at this point, I do them now. This can include anything from laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or general cleaning. Given that I am a home organizer, I especially like to document my home for my social media and website photos.


1:00pm: I have lunch; like with breakfast, I like to mix it up! My usual go-to lunches are protein shakes, sandwiches, or eggs (if I didn’t have them for breakfast that day). If my daughter needs to be fed at this time I will do that, but I am feeding her as needed throughout the day!


2:00pm: If I have appointments, they are usually still happening at this time. If not, I will work on social media content, weekly emails, blogs for my website, or put together videos, PDFs, and emails for my monthly membership clients; I have an Essentialism membership, where members receive education from me (emails, videos, PDFs) on how to simplify in order to live their best and most authentic life.


4:00pm-6:00pm: I wind down my work day, responding to any last emails and messages. I also finish up any chores that need to be done.


6:00pm: Family time; this includes dinner, watching tv, or catching up with my husband after the work day. My husband usually cooks dinner, but our families also love cooking for us! Our dinners can include anything from pasta to chicken, to salads. I also love doing Taco Tuesdays!


8:00pm: Bath time for little miss. It’s a good way to calm her down before bedtime.


9:00pm: Spend some relaxing quality time with my husband and daughter. We’ll watch a movie, an episode of whatever show we’re watching at the time, or listen to a podcast.


11:00pm: Bedtime. Like anything with a baby, this can change on any given day! But we do our best to aim for bedtime now.


These are the elements you should expect in a conversation involving learning Spanish as a second language. And, in that way, you will be able to continue nurturing what is most valuable in that learning process, what makes you keep wanting to learn: your motivation.

Erin C
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