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A Day in The Life of Garima K

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A Day in The Life of Garima K

What does the day in the life look like for a high school principal turned full time Amphy teacher? From teaching her culture to one nation to teaching her culture to the whole world, Garima Katria is a cultural enthusiast, living in one of the most vibrant and diverse cultures in the world. At 45 years, she lives in India where she shares her love of culture with students both in her school and around the world. Let’s see what a day in her life looks like for one of our favorite culture teachers.

What's so special about what your company does?

I am currently employed as a teacher on an international live education platform, Amphy.

If there is anything special in my company than it is how the people cordially work with each other, if there is anything that goes the long way, it is our benevolent nature with our colleagues, even in my early profession all i wanted from my company was to treat me like a family, not like a worker and i felt lucky to always have treated the same way, with Amphy it is the same but exceptionally beautiful, and i’m happy to have found them.

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When teaching becomes fun learning becomes easy, and that is her motive, to make learning EASY and FUN.
A Day in The Life of Garima K

What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Work?

The freedom to work on my time and my space with my ease, after covid the best part that happened to me is the liberty to enjoy my life and work altogether and have a safe work environment, which is without a doubt, my home. I have slowly started to admire other cultures of the world, and it extremely pleases me to gain experience from the world while sitting in one place.

Preference- Working from Home or Home/Office Hybrid?

I like the office rush, it may be so as I am used to it for so many years, but I’m slowly getting used to the home culture and it suits me pretty well. Sitting at home, watching movies, chilling with the homies and getting my daily job done.

Garima K

My Daily Routine


I am a morning person, and this is when I wake up and drink a bottle of water, do some household chores, and later have a cup of tea.



I like getting ready early, so by this hour of the clock, I am done with most of the tasks such as laundry, bathing, cleaning etc
Occasionally I have some classes booked for the morning slot, so after this, I go through most of my assignments and class materials.


10:00am to 11:00am

I take scheduled classes and on break, I usually cook the morning breakfast in a hurry, and this happens only when I have a busy schedule. No lie, I stay in the hang of sleep due to continuous work, but sometimes it’s also due to heavy breakfast.


12:00pm to 1:00pm

If I am free, I cook a lunch meal for the kids and myself and this is when I doze off, for a good day’s sleep, since I can’t be up for so long for the rest of the day.



I wake up all refreshed and check for any scheduled class, then eat my lunch, sometimes I also prefer a cup of tea but that’s occasional, I take a short walk around the corridor if its winter, summers in India are really bad, we call the hot winds as, “luu”, and that’s as bad as the word suggests

Life of Garima K


I then have offline tuitions for the kids, which often gets a little exciting, we practise dance, sketching and singing, it overall is an interactive session.



This time gets a little busy, I get engrossed in busy and a very hectic schedule of cleaning the house again and then cooking for dinner, setting arrangements and then in the meantime, taking a stroll down the streets and meeting with neighbours and friends from around, at this hour i laugh a lot, we all express our thoughts on political happenings and discuss news and movies and new songs, it overall seems like a parliamentary conversation, but i enjoy this thoroughly, afterwards around 9:30, we eat our meal and go out for ice-creams.



I don’t like jeopardizing my health by staying awake for too long. For that reason, I try sleeping early so that I can get back to my schedule for tomorrow.

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