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A Day in The Life of Holly H

Online Teaching

My Weekday Daily Routine

I wake up & get ready for work. I also briefly catch up on texts, emails and social media. I start every morning with a large glass of water. I fast until lunch time. I have two teenage boys that get their own breakfast and make their own lunch to take to school, so that allows me to get out of the door 45 minutes after I wake up.


I head to work as a substitute teacher. I teach at 2 different school districts which include 10 different buildings. Each day is a fun, new adventure! I prefer teaching in high school, but will occasionally take jobs in middle school, upper elementary and specials. I love being challenged! I enjoy teaching kids new things every day. I love the flexibility that substitute teaching offers so that I can have days off whenever I need them and can always be at my sons’ events.


For lunch, I typically have leftovers from supper the night before. It is usually chicken, fish, turkey, eggs or hamburgers. Also, many times I eat a can of sardines for an easy lunch because it is so convenient to put in my sub bag. I also like to step outside to get some sunshine and vitamin D and walk around the block to get my legs moving.


After lunch, I finish up teaching. Sometimes I run a few errands before I head home. If I don’t have evening plans, I will get in a workout at the gym or go for a power walk.


Start cooking dinner. I like to cook simple meals from scratch and I love to experiment. I have two growing teenage boys who are in cross country and track, so they have big appetites and fast metabolism. I hate to make the same recipe twice as there as always so many different recipes that I want to try. Thankfully, my family doesn’t usually mind being my guinea pigs.


If my boys have a cross country race my husband and I are there to cheer them on. We love watching them race, especially since they are usually in the top 10 finishers. It is fun to cheer them on and take pictures of them.


Clean up after dinner and do laundry with a Netflix show on in the background. (I just finished watching Heartland and highly recommend it!)


Start getting ready for bed. Curl up with a good book if I’m not too tired. Pick out my clothes for the next day and lay them out.

A Day in The Life of Holly H
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I love the flexibility that substitute teaching offers so that I can have days off whenever I need them.

My Saturday Routine

I wake up and take my time getting ready.


Head to the gym for a strength workout.


Make brunch for my family.


Teach a cooking class to kids. I also do cooking birthday parties. Those are so much fun! In June, I teach three cooking camps to three different age groups.


Take my son to work at the local grocery store. Run errands.


Start cooking dinner. Eat with my family.


Clean up from dinner and watch tv with my family. Have a fire outside with family or friends.


Read a book for a little while to wind down and go to bed.

Holly H in the Kitchen

What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time?

Once a week I have friends over to play games. I read a book every week. (Half of those are audio books that I listen to while doing chores or on my commute in the car.) I like thrillers, biographies, fiction, and crime novels. I enjoy romantic or comedy movies and shows on Netflix. I enjoy going for walks and lifting weights. I really enjoy traveling with my family. I like to experience new locations and make new memories. I love to experiment in the kitchen and compete in cooking competitions at the Iowa State Fair. I enjoy photography which is mainly taking action shots of my boys running in their cross country meets and track meets.


Apple or Android?

Definitely Apple. I got my first Macbook Pro in 2010 and I’ve been hooked on Apple products ever since!

Favorite Music?

I love country and Christian contemporary music.

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