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A Day in The Life of Loren B


Hi, I am Loren, a new teacher here on Amphy, offering private & group movement classes. I dedicate myself as a Movement Educator & Bowen Therapist to help others feel empowered through movement, healing & love. I currently am the co-owner of Canopy Wellness, an online movement studio with a physical clinic offering Bowen Therapy, where we use knowledge in pain, trauma and movement to help others effectively overcome chronic pain. I also work closely with Bowen College, where our main goal is to spread the healing powers of Bowen Therapy all across the world through the development of successful healers & Bowen Therapists. I knew as a singular educator & healer I would be able to empower a few hundred people to heal, but if I help to inspire & train other healers then we could magnify our collective reach to a few million people!


Over 2 years ago, I left a 9-5 engineering job to build a life fully aligned with purpose, passion and service. This major career shift not only unlocked purpose and passion it also allowed me to enjoy every aspect of my work & life! But if I still had to pick one thing I enjoy most about the work I currently do it would be watching my clients’ faces when they return the next week in amazement of how much better they feel! Oftentimes they don’t even realize the healing possibilities until they are given the space to listen to the gentle cues & reminders from their own bodies.

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I am currently following Foundation Training (FT), an online program to help correct imbalances I have gathered over the years & to grow resilient in the years to come.

A Typical Day for a Mover & Healer

7:00 am: Wake up with sloppy kisses from my furry sidekick. And if she lets me, we can catch a morning meditation before having to go outside.


7:15 am: Morning Movement – I am currently following Foundation Training (FT), an online program to help correct imbalances I have gathered over the years & to grow resilient in the years to come. My morning movement always starts with FT followed by strength or mobility or a mix of both! In the past I would follow a set program & was very diligent with my strength training no matter how I felt, now I listen to my body and give it what it is asking for each and every day. This intuitive approach to movement has blossomed from my own struggles with chronic pain & injuries.


8:00am: Prepare & eat breakfast – I thrive on a carnivore-keto lifestyle, eating 2 large meals a day & always cooking my food fresh. My morning meal usually consists of ground beef, bone broth, liver & a small side of fruit. (Yes, I still eat fruit – olives are a must!)


9:00am: Teach a movement class online – Whether it is with Amphy or my own online movement studio, I love starting my day with community, connection & movement. The power of collective healing & love can even be felt through a computer screen!


10:00am – 1:00pm: Head into the clinic to see my clients for Bowen Therapy – a gentle touch therapy that works on pressure points and fascial lines. Many of my clients present with chronic pain or acute injuries, through working with me & Bowen Therapy they can feel empowered to heal & effectively overcome their pain.


1:00 – 2:30pm: Afternoon Movement – My favourite way to incorporate movement on a beautiful day is a long walk by the water. Walking is one of the best ways to get the body moving & healing! Also, the furry sidekick & my podcast addiction approves! If the condition that day does not agree with an outdoor adventure I will find joy in stretching or dancing inside!

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2:30 – 5:30pm: Catch up on some computer work – whether it is in scheduled meetings, making graphics for social media or updating our virtual studio/library. I currently wear a few hats – I am co-owner of Canopy Wellness & director of communications at Bowen College. At Canopy we run an online studio offering a virtual library filled with movement goodies & online small group training that we can individualize for each member! At Bowen College we train Bowen Therapists all over the world!


5:30pm: Prepare & eat meal #2 – On a nice day I usually light up the BBQ to cook a steak for dinner then I top it with butter. If I am feeling something sweet I’ll grab some pineapple, apple or dates.


6:30 – 8:00pm: Teach a few more movement classes online – Even though my days are long, I always feel re-energized while teaching evening movement classes. And it is a great way to offset a long day of sitting or computer work!


8:00pm: Wind down – Cuddling with my furry sidekick is a must at the end of the day! I like to complement these cuddles with a good book or a thought provoking documentary on Gaia.


9:30pm: Pre-bedtime routine – I always incorporate moments of stillness and reflection before falling asleep. This may include journaling, guided hypnotherapy recording or energy healing.

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