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A Day in The Life of Pearl S

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Tell us More about You and What You Do

I hold an MBA, and I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve learned how to adapt, change, and even reinvent myself. These are necessary skills in an ever-changing world.


I research and develop training content and I use pictures to convey my words. This makes it easy for people to understand and remember. It also crosses language barriers.


Personal growth and development, both my students and mine, are the most valuable thing in the world as when people grow the world’s economy grows.


What many people don’t know about me is that I’m dyslexic. In my quest to conquer my dyslexia I developed a love of words.


Copy and paste revolutionized my life. I love software and apps because they correct my terrible dyslexic spelling.


I was an introverted nerd, long before it became popular.

Develop a growth mindset Amphy

What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Work?

I enjoy teaching and interacting globally. Without zoom, this reach would not be possible.

I find it fulfilling when my training attendees experience change that leads to their personal self-development.


I love to learn and I love to share my knowledge skills, and practical experience acquired while studying at university for seven years, as well as my decades of entrepreneurial activity in the retail, service, training, coaching, and consulting industries.


I have my finger on the pulse of social media to observe trends. I like to watch what people are eating, wearing buying.


Transition and transformation are important parts of embracing a growth mindset. I guide students on how to let go of uncomfortable comfort zones.


I’m passionate about business, people, skills development, and technology.

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I was an introverted nerd, long before it became popular.

Your Daily Routine

I’m an early riser. From the moment I wake up until the moment that I fall asleep, I do “words.” I read research and write. In fact, my whole day from start to finish consists of words.


I spend my time on three different activities: Researching and developing my intellectual property, marketing and business development, training and coaching.


As I work globally, I’m flexible and available to accommodate clients in different time zones.


I wake up. I open my curtains to watch the sunrise. A short meditation is followed by my daily affirmations. With a cup of coffee in hand, I spend some time on inspirational reading.


06:00 – 09:00
I research, read and write content for my training and coaching courses. I enjoy this creative time and I believe that “Innovation is creativity commercialized.”


10:00 – 13:00
I dive into social media, creating posts, and writing blogs. Creating website content. This is my communication and business development time. I connect globally and have made friends with people I’ve never met in person. Again the zoom has increased my reach.



For lunch, I try to eat outdoors. I eat fish, fruit, and vegetables but my pièce de resistance is chocolate. Barefoot with the grass between my toes and no technology or devices … It’s grounding and reviving almost a mini holiday.


17:00 – 20:00
My training and coaching time. I enjoy this part of my day. With each new person, I learn a lot and they learn a lot. It’s fulfilling and inspiring to make a difference in the lives of others.


I eat dinner and meet up with friends in person when possible or on WhatsApp. It’s good to share and care.


My day is done! To relax before I go to sleep I read crime thrillers. After a day of words, I find giving the authors the job of creating the plot most relaxing!

A Day in The Life of Pearl S. Amphy

What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time?

I meet friends for coffee. I enjoy a long walk for fresh air and sunshine. I watch a movie or read, and let’s not forget retail therapy!

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Meet Pearl S.

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