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A Day in The Life of Rakhi R

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What's so Special about What Your Company Does?

I’m currently working with Amphy as a full-time tutor for students who are enthusiastic to learn a new language and hone their skills at speaking, writing, and singing in that language, Hindi is broadly spoken in seven countries along with India, as their second main language, and I’m so happy to hear from my students across the globe that they love Hindi and Indian culture and are ready to accept and learn Hindi with their open hearts and mind.


Before the pandemic I used to give home tuitions which were very hectic for me due to more traveling and less rest, it was as if I was always on the run to reach a place on time, and during the pandemic all seemed still, lifeless as there were no offline classes, no tuitions, and no more running and little did I know it was all going to change.


I would say, in my case, Amphy has made it possible for me to do the same task with much ease, and rather than perspiring due to the stress of traveling I am inspiring many students to learn and excel and all of this has become so easy, like to interact with many students all across the globe by curtailing the distance between us through the video conferencing mode and making it possible for me to teach them and for them to learn daily and enhance in the skills they love developing. 


Amphy has got an amazing team of teachers who constantly work on promoting their works so more and more students can participate and can take away the learnings from them for life.

Rakhi R

What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Work?

Well with time my perception kept on changing about how I see life, at first I admired just working, them with time I started admiring less traveling and more working and then ever since the pandemic and covid came in advent I have started to prioritize my health and sanity more than anything, but gradually things are getting clearer as to there is nothing more important than work and health and which is why when I thought of switching from offline to online mode of teaching, all I had at the back of my mind was my health and work, though many sites were calling for teachers to teach online it was the time when I wanted to broaden my horizon and reach beyond my limits of thoughts and so I found about Amphy, a fun-loving live learning platform which also needed teachers as there was no one who taught my subject.

And so I knew it was the time to showcase to the world what wonderful language is Hindi and how everyone loves it so much, and just the thought of being able to get myself connected with the world kept me going on and on and till date the thing that I love most about my work is that I can follow my passion and can do that from the safety of my home and are still capable to connect with the world and meet with wonderful students throughout the globe, more than anything else it’s an honor for me which I have received through my work, its a Hindi phrase, “Karm hi puja hai” i.e, Work is worship and I think I am now able to say this with all my heart.

Rakhi R Amphy
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Karm hi puja hai” i.e, Work is worship

Preference- Working from Home or Home/ Office Hybrid?

Though some might say it’s a new normal I think it’s the only normal that we should follow to keep ourselves safe and secure, though there are many social working spaces near me I still prefer working from home, it just gives me a sense of relief and I feel happy always being around the familiar walls, paintings, etc.

Woman Working on Laptop

My Daily Routine

I wake up and spend around half an hour walking, I drink a bottle of water to gain energy and I like listening to the sounds of birds chirping, the cold breeze sometimes and often I look at my phone just in case I have any classes coming.


By this time I get all fresh up and I get ready to eat my breakfast and then read a few journals and do some conversations with my friends and family, asking about their well-being.


I usually have some offline and online classes after this hour so I try preparing myself for everything in advance. I don’t like being late, but we can’t help it sometimes.


I usually like my lunch around this hour, I do not have any offline classes and rarely any online classes, it’s my free hour to watch YouTube and listen to songs and see any movie, but if I have my classes booked, I usually take my lunch and start to prepare myself for the sessions, as I like to keep my sessions interactive.


Oh at this time, I get tired of absolutely everything, I try to relax for a while which means that sleep is a priority at this hour. Relaxing is a must if you have a busy schedule, which is what I think and do.


It’s when I wake up and enjoy a cold cup of coffee that’s my favorite part of the day and I don’t mind saying that I make the best cold coffee ever. After which I get milk from the vendor’s shop and take a long walk.


I play for a while, I like badminton. It’s a good sport that keeps you active and hyped.


I get my dinner and take a stroll sometimes down the balcony. I like stargazing and I do that for a while, and by 


9:00pm I start to dream in my sleep.


What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time?

I like painting, singing. I believe everyone is a great singer, and so I go by my theory and sing some English jazz and Hindi Bollywood and Punjabi songs. It helps me keep going.

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