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A Day in The Life of Sanja R

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What is so special about what you do?

As a teacher working online, full time for the past few years it was awesome for me. First of all, I got to meet over 300 people from all over the world. The significant part is that those were not random people, but people we share the same interests, love for the Greek language and Greece itself. I do my best to present the Greek language and culture to my students the best way I can. That, sometimes includes even Greek dance lessons, since I have been taking some courses in Greek dances myself when I was studying Greek. I find it necessary to introduce my students to the way of life in Greece in order for them to be able to fully understand the mentality of people here and the way they express verbally. There are always reasons why we use certain sentence constructions and specific words in Greek since the modern Greek is followed by hundreds of years of the ancient Greek language transformation. Additionally, I got very much influenced by those beautiful people I met online. Having to teach them for long period of time brought us together. I had the pleasure of learning so much about different countries and cultures. I learned a little bit of Italian and Hebrew with them. I have a student in almost every country on the planet.

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I prefer working online .For me it is very convenient, since I also have three children.

Preference- Working from Home or Home/Office Hybrid?

I prefer working online. For me, it is very convenient since I also have three children. They often have after-school activities and I need to take them to their English lessons or volleyball training. That’s why I constantly need to be there for them. So I focus on teaching mostly in the morning, when my children are at school. Since I also work with students from different time zones, I work some hours in the evening as well. But my teaching hours are flexible. I can fix my schedule according to my needs.

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My Daily Routine

Wake up.


7:30 Wake the children up for school, read the newspaper and my lessons schedule for the day, and drink my morning coffee.


As the children leave for school, I am making plans for lunch. I might go shopping or jogging as well.


My first Greek lesson starts at 9:00. Then I have 3 or 4 lessons more.


I am having lunch with the children. I always try to prepare good Greek Mediterranean meals, based on olive oil. I almost never order the takeout. My children and I enjoy the natural taste of Greek homemade meals, with plenty of vegetables and fruit.


Time for midday rest. That would also be a part of Greek life habits. Everything stops at midday and people just relax a little bit.


Go out shopping and take my children to their activities.


Usually, I am doing a few more lessons. My students are often grown-ups working 6 days per week, so some of them prefer having a lesson after work. That includes a few group lessons I organized, where people from different countries learn Greek together and practice conversational skills. In a way it is also the time when we all relax and learn, hang out, make friendships and use the time to progress.

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What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time?

I like to read. Also, I have lots of hobbies, such as shooting lessons, cycling, swimming and running. I sometimes explore my island by car or foot.

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Favourite Music?

I like Greek traditional and Serbian traditional music a lot. Also, I listen to choirs a lot. I used to sing in one choir for a decade. 

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