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A Day in The Life of Sarah B


Who am I and what I do

I’m a Holistic Skin Therapist originally trained in the UK but now live out here in USA, Colorado. I have been within the Beauty & Wellness industry since 2006 both as a therapist and a lecturer. I am a mum to two lively children, Archie 6yrs and Darcy 3yrs and we have a passion for family travel. My dream is to educate my kids through travel and experiencing different cultures. So when the relocation opportunity came up I was all for the change!


I knew my business would be taken solely online when the relocation happened so I decided to focus solely on skincare and created Face F.I.T. I massively miss being in the classroom and still wanted to educate on natural skincare alternatives so decided on launching Face F.I.T online salon. I now offer online services and workshops globally to help people feel more confident in their own skin and step away from the unrealistic expectations of today’s beauty industry.


I offer online Skin Wellbeing Overviews end Skin Mapping consultations to help people discover their true skin type and potential triggers for their skin concerns. These services offer a personalized holistic skincare approach to help achieve the best from their skin. I also offer training in the form of workshops on Facial Yoga and Crystal Facial Tools which is a natural alternative to manage /prevent premature aging and to improve overall wellbeing.

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From a young age I’ve been passionate about clean living, even more so when I become a mum.

What I Enjoy the Most?

As a therapist, I always felt cheated by the beauty industry; false promises, hidden ingredients and misleading advertising.


I always knew I’d never ‘fit in’ the mainstream beauty industry so, from day 1, I went into business for myself embracing natural beauty.


I became a beautician/therapist not just to help people look good but to help people look and feel the best version of themselves, most importantly feel confident in their own NATURAL skin!


From a young age, I’ve been passionate about clean living, even more so when I become a mum. We are exposed to so many toxins daily, why not control one thing we can to reduce our toxic load! Skincare!


I absolutely love educating people on natural alternatives to beauty/skincare! Receiving messages from clients blown away by their skin changes is so rewarding. Seeing people’s reactions to skin mapping consultations always gives me joy! It never gets old to see their amazement in their results.
Hearing my clients say how they can already feel the difference in their skin from facial yoga is why I do what I do.


I love giving people the opportunity to try something different to achieve their skin/well-being desires.

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My Daily Routine

7:00 am: Wake up and perform 2-3 minutes of eye massage moves to remove any fluid build-up. Get out of bed, Perform an oil cleanse with some lymphatic drainage movements, Tone and hydrate. Get dressed (normally gym stuff to inspire me to go!)


7:30am: Get the kids up, dressed ready for school. We normally do some school work together before breakfast (I use this time to do some facial yoga moves)


8:00am: Family Breakfast – Something quick, normally cereal (cornflakes/banana milk/berries) with a super skin food shot (Cherry juice/Ginger Shot /Cucumber Water)


8:30am: Kids in the car, sit in carpool line (opportunity again for some facial yoga moves!) and then head to the gym.


9:00am-10.30am: Gym Workout


10.30:-12:30pm: Head home to reply to emails, and social media messages. Check social media accounts to respond to comments etc. Post social media content.


12:30pm-1pm: Lunch – Normally keep this simple. 1litre of water. Hummus, Crackers & yogurt. Some fruit or nut bar.

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1pm- 3.30pm: Hold online workshops, Consultations for clients.


4:00pm: School pick up. Head to after-school activities on certain days (gymnastics/swimming) – or head straight home.


4:30pm: Snack time! Kids always want food when they get home. I personally have a glass of coconut water to rehydrate. My kids are too young for homework however we like to recap what they’ve learnt that day before chill-out time.


5pm: Start making dinner for the family while replying to any new emails/messages.


6:00pm-7.30pm: This is our family time. Sit down altogether for dinner. After dinner, we either play in the garden, jump in the hot tub, watch a film or the kids play outside with their friends. I start cleaning up and packing school lunches for the next day.


8pm- 8.30pm: Bedtime routine begins.


8.30pm: Either host a workshop / Or get ready for bed myself. I get my skincare regime done before it’s too late and I’m too tired. Then spend quality time with my partner watching films/documentaries.


11:00pm: Bedtime – We like to listen to meditation/manifestation music on a sleep timer whilst drifting off to sleep.

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