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Amphy is Here to Stay: Here’s How to Get on Board


Amphy is Here to Stay: Here's How to Get on Board

Online learning is so in right now, especially live online learning, and that’s precisely what Amphy is offering. With Amphy, you can schedule and choose courses that best fit your schedule, learning objectives, and budget.


Plus, you can engage with your teachers, help grow the community, and take advantage of Amphy’s student lounge to learn from the extensive library of static blog posts at your leisure.


But, how do you get started with Amphy? Well, this free online learning service is simple to sign up for and easy to navigate. Take a look below for some instructions to help get you started and learning right away.

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Amphy is one of the largest online learning communities on the internet to date.

Finding the perfect conversation partner is not easy – when it comes to practicing in a productive way. A good conversation partner should have an excellent command of the language, but that is not enough – he or she should also have other qualities: the ability know how to listen and do so with respect and patience, allowing the student to take the time he or she needs to think and organize her sentences, and even ask questions. In addition, ideally that conversation partner should be able to direct the conversation so that it flows as spontaneously as possible, but without losing control of the learning situation. And finally, she should have enough experience and creative capacity to be able to introduce explanations and illustrative examples into the conversation in a dynamic and fresh way.

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What is Amphy?

Amphy is one of the largest online learning communities on the internet to date. They offer a vast range of learning specialties and have an extensive network of experienced teachers to help users reach their goals and broaden their minds. 


However, Amphy doesn’t just specialize in online learning; the platform believes in live online learning, meaning you can expect to learn and interact with teachers in real-time. Live online learning, as opposed to pre-recorded learning sessions, makes courses more engaging and enjoyable. 


Plus, Amphy has an entire student blog section to help users learn even more when they aren’t attending live online learning classes. So if you’re interested in a topic but want to learn a little bit more about it before signing up for a class, you can choose a blog post about it and brush up on your knowledge or refresh your memory.

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What Can You Learn on Amphy?

Maybe the real question is: What can’t you learn on Amphy? As one of the leaders in online learning, Amphy offers a wide range of classes, including sessions about:







Martial Arts




Music Theory


Social Media

Martial Arts


Within each broad category, you can find specific courses, such as holiday home decor crafts, how to pick out outfits for your body shape, ab workouts, and more unique online classes. You can also search for specific learning objectives via the homepage search bar if you don’t want to scroll through the main category buttons in search of one. 

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How to Join the Amphy Community

Joining the Amphy online learning community is as easy as clicking a button, but engaging with the community and making the most out of your free membership means booking classes, sharing with friends, and continuing to learn. 

Create an Account

Before you can sign up for an online learning class on Amphy, you need to create an account. To do so, you can click the signup option from the site’s top menu bar and input the necessary information, whether that’s your Google account or Facebook, and optional phone number. 


Your account lets you keep track of your upcoming classes and personalize your information to fit your desired scope of learning. For instance, you can input a bio about yourself and your interests, add a profile picture, and select a category that best describes yourself from the drop-down menu allotted to you from your user profile.


You can also navigate your account settings to update your time zone and input your preferred payment methods when signing up for an online learning course. 

Choose a Class

Once you’ve created and personalized your account, you can start learning. For example, if you’re searching for a specific course topic, you can type your idea into the search bar on the home screen or choose from the list of categories ways down on the page. 


If you want to shop around for classes, you can check out the top courses listed on the homepage and browse the listed categories.


Once you’ve found an online learning objective that piques your interest, click on the image to learn more about what you can expect to learn and what you’ll need, about the teacher, who the class best fits, and what you’ll need before the course begins. Sometimes, courses will require specifics, including:


Cooking or baking instruments for online cooking courses (measuring cups, knives, measuring spoons, cutting boards, and other utensils).


Workout equipment (weights, mats, yoga balls, and other exercise necessities). 


Crafting materials (felt, construction paper, coloring pencils, markers, and other art supplies).


However, some classes only require a present mind and an openness to learn.

Book Your Class

After choosing a class, you can select the book option and choose from two presented payment options, either solo or bring a friend, which will offer a reduced price. After your payment goes through, you will receive a confirmation email validating your spot in the class, the time, and the zoom link to the online learning session. 


You’ll do your best to mark the date and time in your calendar and save the email since you’ll need the link to attend the class. 

Engage with Your Teachers

Before attending a class, you can reach out to your teachers to ask questions and give feedback from the online learning course page. You’ll see a small messaging button located beneath the course description on its main screen. 


You can click that option and deliver a message directly to the teacher and see their response return to your inbox next to your picture on the site’s menu bar. 

Invite Friends

After making an account, you might’ve noticed a referral link posted in your user profile. This link lets you share Amphy with your friends, family, and loved ones and gives you a discount on your future class bookings. 


Ultimately, the referral link allows you to share the Amphy community with other like-minded individuals to extend the platform’s reach and help others meet their learning goals. 

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Keep Learning

Now that you’ve got an account and booked your first class, nothing’s stopping you from continuing your education. So go ahead and keep signing up for online learning courses that delight and inspire you, and don’t forget to keep track of them in your account’s inbox and share them with your friends. 

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