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And Now, the Practice of Yoga May Begin


- Pantanjali's Yoga Sutra, Sutra 1:1

Yoga practice will be what you are open for it to be and what you allow for it to be. Yoga is very simple that
way, and at the same time, because Yoga is so allowing and so accepting, one may mistake yoga to be easy or just a workout.


But the thing is, yoga evolves with you and through you. As you open yourself to the practice, the practice will unpack its treasures and wisdom to you.


Being in a rush to get the perfect handstand or the right amount of seconds on the inhale and on the exhale will only create barriers between you and your practice.


So, just accepting exactly where you are on your journey, be it at the very starting point or the summit of the mountain, be prepared to receive exactly what you need at every given moment. 

(And by the way, even the warrior at the top of the mountain, still has the practice of staying in wonder, the beginners mind and coming down again to reenter the mundane).

Women Doing Yoga Amphy
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As you open yourself to the practice, the practice will unpack its treasures and wisdom to you.

We all have our own practice

With this in mind, we can appreciate that we all have our practice, yours may look different from mine, but it’s yours and you’re doing it to the best of your ability while it is giving you what you need to move on and evolve.


It is easy to get discouraged sometimes when we see ”how far” someone has come in their practice, but again knowing that we are all on our own path of self-discovery and exploration helps us return to our focus.


However, there is great benefit to practice with fellow yogis as we are offered the opportunity to inspire each other and support one another on our journeys, making the practice a journey we do together.

Women is Practicing Amphy

Be Curious and Open

Stay curious about your practice and the unfolding of your experience. Be open to all that accompanies your efforts.


Sometimes it may be challenging, sometimes blissful, and at times the practice is quite hard and frustrating. We learn from all of these states and emotion about ourselves.


One thing I can assure you of, is that this journey is filled with lessons and insight, whatever you put into it, you will receive.


Welcome to a magnificent journey discovery.

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