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Best 15 Places for an AWS Training and Certification

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Amazon Web Services or Amazon AWS is one of the top cloud computing platforms. From storing data to running business apps, Amazon AWS is a crucial tool for businesses.


AWS training and certification can make your resume stand out. Learning how to use AWS will also give you an advantage if you’re a small business owner. And since IT is a field that evolves quickly, AWS training and certification can help professionals keep up with the latest changes.


Besides possessing a thorough understanding of cloud-based architectures, you should be familiar with at least one of the programming languages supported by Amazon AWS, including PHP, Ruby, Rust, Python, Java, Node.js, and others.


You’ll also have to become familiar with deployment and configuration management tools like Terraform or Puppet.


Learning about the DevOps or Agile methodology can also give you an advantage when it comes to managing cloud-based projects, whether you’re using the cloud to develop software or in charge of managing the deployment of new cloud-based tools.


As a cloud architect, you should also seek AWS training and certification that addresses networking, data management, cybersecurity, containerization, and more.

Does AWS Require Coding?

Thanks to its extensive interface, Amazon AWS allows you to perform a wide range of tasks without any coding required. Coding skills can make your resume stand out and allow you to do more with AWS, but you can succeed without coding.

How Can I Get an Amazon AWS Certification?

There are 12 different Amazon AWS certifications you can obtain. Each certification focuses on an area like SysOps, DevOps, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Security, and more. There are no specific requirements for training, but you’ll have to take your certification exam through Pearson VUE.

Is Learning Amazon AWS Worth It?

AWS training and certification can increase your earning potential. On average, professionals with this skill earn $112,000 a year.

Our List of the Best 15 Places for an AWS Training and Certification

Read on to learn more about the best online courses and resources for getting started with Amazon AWS.

1. AWS Training

This AWS training program covers cloud computing basics before delving into AWS best practices. You’ll learn how to manage databases, virtual machines, and more. The hands-on approach is ideal for preparing you for an AWS certification exam.

2. Learn Computer Programming

Take your career to the next level with your first programming project! This fun and engaging class will teach you some important basics of programming and help you get started with Python, a language you can use on AWS.

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AWS training and certification can make your resume stand out

3. Cybersecurity for Beginners

The cloud has several advantages, but it can leave your data and important applications vulnerable. The first step to building a safer cloud-based infrastructure with AWS is to learn about the threats your organization is facing with this introduction to cybersecurity.


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4. C# Programming

Learning programming can be fun! This C# class will have you learn programming basics by creating a game. You can use C# to develop applications in the .NET framework on AWS.

5. Java Object-Oriented Programming

Java is another language supported by Amazon AWS. This Java class will teach you about object-oriented programming, an approach you can use to create object-oriented databases, and more.

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6. Python for Beginners

If you’re new to programming, this Python class is a great place to start. You’ll learn how to create basic scripts you can apply to automate tasks in AWS.

7. Scrum

Take your career to the next level with this Scrum class. The Scrum framework is a common tool used by software development teams, marketing departments, and more. It’s a methodology you can apply when developing applications and other products in AWS.

8.R Programming Basics

R is emerging as a popular programming language for use cases like machine learning and data analytics. This R programming class will teach you the basics and focus on applications like data visualization. If your goal is to use AWS for analytics, this class is an excellent use of your time.

9. Important Data Structures in Python

You can think of data structures as the building blocks of a Python program. This Python class will walk you through the most common data structures before exploring how to write Python programs with these elements.

10. Introduction to Python Programming

Are you intimidated by the idea of learning programming? This fun programming class is an excellent introduction to Python if you have no previous experience. You’ll learn basic programming concepts and explore how to solve problems with programming.

11. Basics of SQL

A common use for AWS is to create cloud-based databases. If you plan on deploying an SQL server for your AWS database, this SQL class is a great way to learn about all the commands you can use to organize your database and retrieve data.

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12. Basics of SQL – Part 1

This SQL class takes an approach similar to the one mentioned above. However, it’s part one of a series. If you’re looking to go further with SQL, this class could be a good fit for you.

13. Web Application Development

This class takes a hands-on approach and walks you through a to-do list that will help you plan for a web application development project. It can be an interesting addition to your toolkit if you plan on using AWS to develop customized apps.

14. Business Analytics Course

AWS is a popular platform for running analytics apps. Before deploying a data analytics solution in the cloud, go over important business analytics concepts with this course.

15. Agile and Kanban Fundamentals

Stay organized and manage projects effectively with the Agile and Kanban frameworks. While Kanban has a wide range of applications, the Agile framework is a common approach used by software development teams, including for cloud-based projects.

Wrap Up

AWS training and certification is a skill in high demand. The classes listed above are a great way to familiarize yourself with coding, cloud computing, and other important concepts before taking your AWS certification exam.


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