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Beginners Guide To Crystal Facial Tools


Beginners Guide To Crystal Facial Tools

So… these skin-improving tools are not new innovations!


Crystal facial tools go back to Eastern Asian and Chinese medicine, though some say, it’s been around for a lot longer. Crystal facial tools are used in skin care to create both physiological, affecting the physical skin, and energetic, affecting the subtle body, shifts. They have been used for smoothing fine lines, penetrating product, cooling inflammation, lifting, sculpting, and many other wellbeing purposes. These tools support lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, decrease inflammation and some claim it’s even better than Botox for their skin!! It can also reduce facial tension that leads to headaches and premature aging. When done properly, it feels like a gentle facial massage.

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Facial massaging 3-4 times a week not only will your skin complexion improve, fine lines start to fade , your also be boosting your immune system!

Why join a workshop when there are tons and tons of tutorials and guides out there?​

Like I just said there are tons and tons of tutorials out there (some good and bad habits) so much so, that it can become a tad overwhelming as you’re just getting started.

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I like to keep it super simple, because #momlife and because I truly, truly believe our self-care routines need to be simple so the skin can understand what your are wanting it to achieve for you. Following techniques which complement each other and focusing on lymphatic drainage will deliver more effective quicker results.

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Lymphatic Focused Workshop

Before you decide to explore my lymphatic focused workshop, first let’s talk about crystal facial tools. (In the workshop you’ll also discover the difference between the roller and GuaSha)


We use these tools to either roll, press and stroke on skin lubricated with oil. These tools are commonly flat stonesor a roller usually made from jade or other semi-precious stones like rose quartz for their therapeutic benefits.

When it comes to choosing the right tool, the sheer array of shapes, sizes and materials can be daunting, but it all really comes down to personal preference.


You can either choose your tool on their therapeutic benefits or your skin needs. Each crystal and tools have a different effect on the skin. Again we can cover this in the workshop as no tools are required to join. You can choose your tool after the workshop if you decide this skincare approach is right for you.

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Why incorporate these tools into your skincare routine?

1/3 of your immune system is found on the face. So by facial massaging 3-4 times a week not only will your skin complexion improve, fine lines start to fade , your also be boosting your immune system! It’s a WIN WIN.


Improved skin texture
Less puffiness/swelling
More contoured / sculptured face
Less fine lines
Youthful glow
Immune system support
Reduce muscular tension
Stimulate collagen
Boost circulation – detox



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