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Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace


Your health on many levels is obviously very important, yet most of us do not understand the amount of stress we are living with which drains our energy, and our will and creates illness; an overall negative environment within.  This stress creates anxiety and worries, damaging your mental, emotional and physical equilibrium.  The nervous system is bombarded daily with traumatic experiences: driving a car, getting out of bed before the body is well rested, negative thoughts running a conversation in the mind, going to work…


The “workplace”, whether you go to an office, work in a restaurant, work on a construction site, or at home, holds many deadlines, meetings, interactions with difficult clients, co-workers, or leaders and the work itself dictates the need to perform optimally.  Being self-employed has its own stressors such as: building a solid clientele base, creating a constant satisfactory monetary flow, no help with the work, and long hours. There is usually little to no assistance available in the “workplace” to aid an individual in dealing with and overcoming stress.  

This must change as everyone suffers including the business or organization. The key to building a more resilient, productive, and harmonious business or organization is through supporting the mental, emotional and physical health of employees and leaders or yourself on an ongoing basis.  Simple self-soothing techniques such as watching your breath for five minutes (4 seconds breathe in, hold your breath for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 4 seconds), taking a small break away from your workstation, or going outside at lunchtime for some fresh air or a walk can do wonders, but more is needed.  There are many ways this can be accomplished such as: developing mindfulness, practicing meditation and through other healing modalities ie. therapy – Cognitive Behaviour therapy or hypnotherapy, yoga, Reiki (energy healing), different relaxation techniques and more.                        


In particular, mindfulness and meditation are very useful as they work in tandem to create a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. It is a higher state of mind resting in factual information and wisdom.  Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focussed attention which can lead to mindfulness and has been shown to have a wide number of other benefits.


Healing modalities also promote mindfulness, expanded awareness, and a healthier mindset, along with a shift into a higher frequency of energy, allowing the flow of healing life force energies and perhaps a connection to the true and better self achieving greater overall health and well-being. 


Other benefits that can be realized are:


– a calm state of mind which allows for better sleep and reduces stress and anxiety.


– boosts working memory and reduces rumination making it easier to make decisions and apply actions accordingly.


– less emotional reactivity offering self-observation and more cognitive flexibility.


– the ability to fully focus and do your best work.


– reduction of a chance of burnout, disengagement, sick days and strained relationships in the workplace.


– a work and life balance.


– in group sessions, a bond between employees and leaders creates a better work environment.


– relationship satisfaction allows better communication at work and in employee’s and leaders’ personal lives.


– immense spiritual benefits can be achieved if desired.


Prevention is more efficacious and cost effective than treatment after the fact. All that is needed, ultimately, is a monthly group session along with individual support as required utilizing mindfulness, mediation, and other desired modalities.  In turn, this can create a high production rate, optimal job satisfaction, and greater profitable returns for the business or organization and its employees. 

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The key to building a more resilient, productive and harmonious business or organization is through supporting the mental, emotional and physical health of employees and leaders or yourself on an ongoing basis.

The beneficial over-spill into one’s personal life would be most welcomed also.   Of course, it is up to the individual to maintain their personal healing processes and do their “homework” on a regular basis.  There is a commitment needed on behalf of the individual and the business or organization that is equitably supportive.  All must understand and appreciate what is brought “to the table” and understand the mutual relationship between the health and wellness of the individual and that of the business or organization.  Employees, leaders and the self-employed, and the business or organization are all responsible for the well-being of the whole in reducing stress, anxiety, and worry to promote optimal physical, emotional, and mental health. A “balancing act” must be established in order for all involved to come together to become the “well oiled machine” that is sought after in the workplace. 

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