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19 Best Lifestyle Coaches and Life Coaches

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Although most of us know what we should be doing, we rarely do it.


Many struggles to develop the motivation to make changes, while others simply don’t know where to start.


Lifestyle coaches are the new solution to an age-old problem: how to address and overcome challenges in distinct areas of life. The lifestyle coaching industry is growing, and more coaches are offering their services remotely—so you can get started immediately.


This guide introduces you to 19 of the best lifestyle and life coaches so you can hop on the trend.

1. Anush Hayrapetyan – Best for Aspiring Travelers 

Anush Hayrapetyan wants to teach you to travel on a budget.


Her courses, available on the popular online education platform Amphy, will introduce you to the secrets of cheap travelling. 


She also teaches clients how to develop side hustles to fund their globe-trotting dreams.

2. Caroline Hale – Best for Plant-Based Living

Most people know that a plant-based diet is generally healthier.


But many don’t know how to transition to a sustainable food plan.


Naturopathic nutritionist Caroline Hale guides her clients through transitioning to plant-based eating and optimal health.

#3 – Silvia Njoki – Best for Planning 

Silvia Njoki is an artist and businesswoman with a talent for teaching creativity and organization. Silvia teaches numerous classes on Amphy, ranging from crochet to day planning.


Her planning courses teach you to break your big goals into manageable steps and track your progress—all in the span of one stand-alone class. 

4. Chris Deavin – Best for Healthy Movement

Chris Deavin is a Life Performance Coach with 20 years of experience coaching clients through holistic habit change.


Chris specializes in instilling healthy movement habits in clients and assumes a holistic approach to this task.


His four-week exercise habit challenge is popular among clients for its accessibility and efficiency.

5. Emma Lou – Best for Women’s Lifestyle Coaching

Emma Lou is a famous lifestyle coach who works primarily with ambitious, creative women.


Emma specializes in helping clients to re-negotiate boundaries and build a lifestyle that suits their needs and desires.


Her 3-month Lifestyle Cleanse will allow you to re-design your lifestyle according to your values and priorities.

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Although most of us know what we should be doing, we rarely do it.

6. Cynthia Santiago-Borbon – Best for Trauma

Cynthia Santiago-Borbon is a Transformational Life Coach and registered Therapist who uses an interdisciplinary approach to common lifestyle issues.


Because she has clinical training, Cynthia is adept at treating trauma-related issues. She works with clients to heal persistent trauma responses and pursue the lives of their dreams.


Her testimonials speak volumes about the quality of her work.

7. Chen Lizra – Best for Somatic Healing

Chen Lizra is a survivor of mental illness and childhood abuse, and her mission is to heal in others what she healed in herself.


Her organization, The Power of Somatic Intelligence, brings somatic healing to clients affected by trauma and adverse experiences.


She also organizes retreats, courses, and events.

8. Jodi Goldstein – Best for Nutrition

Jodi Goldstein’s Integrated Nutrition course, available on Amphy, aims to bring mindfulness practices to the table.


Jodi teaches her clients to connect to their intuition and inner knowledge to make sound decisions about food and exercise. She identifies underlying contributors and resolves food-related behaviors at the root.

9. Arevik Hayrapetyan – Best for Relationships and Parenting

Arevik Hayrapetyan is a relationship coach on Amphy.


She leverages her expertise to allow couples and parents to experience genuine intimacy with their loved ones.


Her parenting class helps families to develop the self-awareness and skills they need to responsibly and lovingly parent their children. 

10. Barbara Esangbedo – Best for Financial Coaching

Barbara Esangbedo is a financial coach on Amphy who offers private coaching sessions and financial literacy classes—for children and adults.


Barbara helps her clients to migrate out of debt and begin accumulating investments and savings.


Each session gives you access to valuable resources and templates for financial planning.

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11. Brooke Castillo – Best for Self-Coaching

Brooke Castillo aims to bring a model for change that empowers people to coach themselves.


To that end, she created the Life Coaching School, which offers self-coaching programs and certification programs so you can coach others.


If you want to become a proficient coach—for yourself or others—Brooke’s program is the way to go.

12. Dara Zycherman – Best for Minimalism Coaching

Dara Zycherman describes herself as an organizer and simplify, and her minimalist approach to organizing your lifestyle works inside and out to bring simplicity to your daily experience.


You can book a one-on-one minimalism coaching session with Dara on Amphy.

13. Martha Beck – Best for Finding Your Purpose

Martha Beck is a lifestyle coach and the founder of the Wayfinder Program, a life coaching training that empowers people to find their purpose in life and teach the method to others.


Although Martha is hard to book, she trains and employs hundreds of coaches through her company.

14. Adam Tyler Smith – Best Blended Coaching 

Adam Tyler Smith is an executive and life coach who combines his multiple domains of expertise into one program.


Adam specializes in coaching ambitious individuals to reach their goals in their careers and personal lives.


You can take Adam’s Mastermind course or schedule a one-on-one session with him.

15. Mel Robbins – Best for Decision-Making

Mel Robbins is a famous TED speaker whose presentation, “The Five-Second Rule,” discusses the importance of counting down to make snap decisions.


Although Mel Robbins is an acclaimed (and busy) coach, her website offers hundreds of free resources and training for interested audiences.

16. Natalie Cohen – Best for Manifestation

Natalie Cohen wants to make your dreams come true.


Her work aims to bring gratitude and serenity to clients’ lives through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), an innovative method that relies on self-talk and inner dialogue to change outcomes.


You can book an NLP one-on-one session on Amphy.

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17. Becky Center – Best for Yoga and Life Coaching

Becky Center’s integrative approach to coaching combines the tools of yoga and life coaching strategies to improve outcomes for her clients.


With Becky, you can transform your vision into an achievable mission, learn mind-body wholeness, and release resistance.

18. Jessica Cudny – Best for Spiritual Coaching 

Jessica Cudney is a somatic therapist and mind-body practitioner who offers transformational one-on-one coaching.


She operates from the belief that mind-body disconnection and environmental isolation contribute to many modern ailments, and she uses spiritual practices to remedy these divisions.

19. Camille Louise Goering – Best for Habit Change 

Camille Louise Goering is a Life & Health Coach specializing in breaking and forming habits across different areas.


She uses research-backed behavioral neuroscience techniques and quantum meditation, proven to support healing, to rewire her clients’ brains so that change is imminent and painless.


You can book a single session or course on Amphy.

Before You Go

Making positive changes can be complicated and overwhelming.


Remember to practice self-care as you navigate your journey of change.


Be gentle and tolerant with yourself and others, and keep your priorities front and center. It will all be worth it in the end.

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