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Best Remote Companies to Work for That are Hiring Right Now

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You don’t need to commute to an office daily to make a sufficient income or have a positive employee experience. Working from home has become the norm for many amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The unique challenges forced innovation and led to many organizations finding new ways to accommodate employees from home. 


The remote work trend has stuck around since 2020 and is only expected to rise. According to Forbes, data scientists have predicted a 25% increase in remote job opportunities by the end of 2022 and a further increase in years to come. 


Besides the increase in remote opportunities, there’s a lot to love about not going into an office every day. Remote workers enjoy staying home with their families and pets and having the freedom to plan their day on their time without nosy coworkers or an overzealous boss looking over their shoulder. 


There are several benefits of working from home including increased productivity and improved mental health. A successful remote employer will equip their team with all of the tools that they need for success. Keep reading to learn the benefits of WFH and some of the best companies for remote work that are hiring NOW. 

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Due to the reduced costs of commuting and childcare, as well as vehicle maintenance, remote workers usually wind up saving more money than they originally expected.

Why Work from Home?

According to Harvard Business School, organizations that allow their employees to make decisions like where, when, and how they are doing their jobs may have more success than a traditional in-office set-up. 


Benefits of working from home included increased productivity, lessened commuting costs, decreased spread of illness, and overall higher job satisfaction. Remote work is an effective way of earning an income without the usual stressors of going to work, including daycare costs, commuting costs, and travel time. 


Due to the reduced costs of commuting and childcare, as well as vehicle maintenance, remote workers usually wind up saving more money than they originally expected. 

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What to Look for In a Remote Job Opportunity

Although working from home can be convenient, it is important to pay attention to a few factors when evaluating a remote work opportunity. 


  • What is the necessary technology and software for the position? Do you have this or will it be provided to you? 
  • Is this a full-time, part-time, or contract basis position? 
  • Is it completely remote or a hybrid position?
  • Are the hours flexible or will you be required to stick to a traditional nine to five work schedule? 
  • What is the company culture and structure? 


Knowing what you are looking for and what works for you will prevent you from taking on too much work or getting involved in a position that you are not equipped for. 

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Best Remote Work from Home Jobs

These are some of the best companies for remote work job opportunities. If you are looking for other companies to work for, you can find more job opportunities at Jooble.


Ghost is a non-profit, technology company that builds open-source tools for websites. This foundation offers countless benefits for its team and allows employees to work from anywhere. 


Ghost provides technology for its team, including a new laptop and a $500 budget for any workspace needs. This does not include the budget that the company provides for furthering employee knowledge like conference attendance, learning courses, and books. 


Other Perks: 


  • The last Friday of the month is a day off
  • Team retreats 


Spotify is a global music streaming service with about 10,000 employees. Although their headquarters are in Stockholm, they have work opportunities worldwide and offer the option to work from home no matter where you are. 


Spotify’s Work From Anywhere Program recognizes that everyone has different work environment preferences and that allowing this freedom can increase productivity and happiness. The organization allows employees to work in a Spotify office, a co-working space, or entirely from home. 


They only require that you work within the region where your position is. 


Other Perks: 


  • Home office set-up assistance
  • Online learning courses and tutorials 

Adfire Health

Adfire Health is a data-driven media vendor specializing in healthcare. Utilizing their proprietary database of 8MM+ HCPs and 1:1 targeting, they enable healthcare brands to engage the right people, at the right time. 


Adfire Health offers a fully remote work environment with options to work from their offices in New York City and Southern Connecticut. The company provides a laptop and other work-from-home equipment, as well as free access to online learning courses and tutorials.


Other Perks:


  • Regular retreats
  • Unlimited PTO 
  • Mentorship & development programs


Hubstaff is a fully remote company that provides work time tracking services to thousands of companies. This organization is family-oriented and has no geographical limits for hiring team members. 


They currently have several positions available, including a mobile developer, VP of marketing, and business development roles. 


Other Perks:


  • Work equipment and technology budget provided
  • Virtual and in-person staff retreats 


FlexJobs is a fully remote team in the recruiting industry. 


This company truly cares about the employees’ well-being on and off the clock. In addition to technology, office supplies, and housekeeping stipends, employees also receive funds for meditation, fitness, and snack subscriptions. 


Other Perks: 


  • Generous medical benefits open time-off policy
  •  “On the Clock” volunteer program
  •  Fitness expense budgets


Automatic is an open-source technology company for WordPress with employees in nearly 100 different countries. 


“Automatticians” do not go to an office or even use email to do their jobs. They receive a budget to set up their home offices and extensive career coaching opportunities. 


Other Perks: 


  • Open vacation policy
  • Wellness support 


Toptal is a fully-remote company that only requires employees to have wifi and a laptop. It is the largest global, fully-remote company. 


Being fully remote opens up networking opportunities for employees, and Toptal organizes conferences, workshops, and other beneficial events for career growth. 


Other Perks: 


  • Flexible time off policy
  • Paid sabbatical leave 


Doist is all about flexibility—employees can design their own schedules and work whatever time of day works best for them. The collaboration app company also provides a monthly budget for services that help employees do their jobs like home internet, music, and applications. They receive an additional fund for work-related equipment. 


Other Perks: 


  • Personal project allowance
  • Conference and course stipend
  • In-person team retreats
  • Free co-working spaces
  • Monthly budget for health and wellness
  • Paid parental leave
  • Paid pregnancy-related medical leave



BroadPath has been working to optimize its remote work system for over ten years. The Bhive Virtual Workplace is a collaborative environment that connects employees and managers. 


Other Perks: 


  • Virtual team gatherings 
  • Mindfulness and wellness classes 


Liveops is a virtual call center that allows employees to make their schedules. Employees also receive unlimited, flexible vacation time and paid charitable service days. 


Other Perks: 


  • Award-winning remote work company
  • Tuition reimbursement 
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