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CreativeLife Increases Course Portfolio After Acquiring Wildist


CreativeLive, an online learning platform that offers courses in photography, design, and other creative fields, has acquired Wildist, a provider of learning courses in outdoor photography.

Everything You Need to Know in 50 Words

If you’re a user of CreativeLive, know that you’ll now have access to many more specialized photography courses. This is because CreativeLife just acquired Wildist, a provider of adventure photography courses. If you are already a user of Wildist, you’ll be able to carry on completing your courses through the CreativeLive platform.

More About CreativeLive Acquiring Wildist

While at first glance this may seem like an odd pairing, it makes a lot of sense.


Both companies share a commitment to quality education. CreativeLive offers courses taught by some of the world’s best instructors, and Wildist is no different. Their courses are led by talented photographers who have a passion for the outdoors.


The acquisition gives CreativeLive a chance to expand its reach. Wildist has a strong base of customers who are interested in outdoor photography, and by acquiring them, CreativeLive can tap into that market.


The two companies share a similar philosophy when it comes to business. Both CreativeLive and Wildist believe in making education accessible and affordable for everyone.

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If you are already a user of Wildist, you’ll be able to carry on completing your courses through the CreativeLive platform.

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