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Easy Exercises You Can Do In the Workplace


More than any other thing the workplace has replaced itself with the GYM, wherein we exercise our brains heavily and do so without any breaks or supplements, the covid thought taught us many other underlying aspects of life such as taking breaks and giving our valuable time to our health and family and much more which we did not take care before the wave hit, we continue do live our lives around the one 9 to 5 job and held every other thing back in our list of priorities.

We shifted our tiring lifestyles to healthy lifestyles, moreover, we went digital, with small businesses over every Tik Tok and people promoting their brands, showcasing daily lifestyles, and many more, making the
impact of covid to revolutionize us in every little manner. We found common people being influencers, teaching others about yoga and its importance, and teaching them simple exercises to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression during that phase.


Though there may not be any dedicated exercises that you can do while working there certainly are many exercises that you can do before entering the workplace, the exercises that you can do while being at the workplace will be discussed further in your readings.

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The workplace is an important part of our life and we can not escape from it, so it's better to be good in shape while we are in it.


The most muscular exercises of all are building calm, focus, and collecting your attention in one place, which can be done by mastering the art of meditating. Meditation allows our mind and body to work in unison and will enable us to control all that happens and goes on in our body.

Often we see our mind being the controller of our actions and not letting us decide what we want, it encompasses the process of altering our mind from taking decisions to following orders. Meditation exercises are accorded as very helpful in the workplace as well, but people benefit from them when they perform them in their free time like in the early mornings In the calm environment with an ambiance full of fresh air and vitamin D, directly on your body helps rejuvenate your skin and calm your mind, you breathe in sound air and feel your lungs and diaphragm expand, and when you hold still for a few seconds and feel that pressure upon your lungs, and then slowly exhaling to find your lungs and diaphragm shrink. All this while you keep your concentration on your breathing.

I have seen people complaining about many things such as its hard to maintain this posture of straight back, and it is hard to navigate which thought to keep and which thought to let go off. When we spend long hours hunched over our desks, it can lead to poor posture and a weakened back. By incorporating back exercises into your routine, you can strengthen those muscles and improve your posture game. And I try to tell them that in the beginning everything is hard and becomes easy when you get the hang of things, for instance, to moderate your thinking skills try turning to a piece of music and then tell yourself that this music is a distraction and you have to deviate from it and maintain your focus on the breathing. Your mind will slowly grab the signals and will thence try to deviate from the tune and will start paying attention to breathing exercises.

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While this exercise is easy to perform you can also do it while at your workplace, go to your chair or anyplace that has calming ambiance for five minutes trying to move out of the space in your head, and imagine yourself sitting on the green grass, and performing the breathing exercise for minutes it can go for 5 minutes to 10 minutes depending upon the time that you can employ while being at the workplace. Although modern technology has provided us with many advantages and conveniences, there is one significant disadvantage: the majority of us spend the majority of the year sitting at a desk for eight (or more) hours per day, five days per week. Sadly, the one thing that might make us successful, profitable, and productive workers for our organization can also negatively impact our health, possibly in a long-term way. Weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses can all be attributed to too much sitting. According to one (somewhat unsettling) study, spending the entire day sitting down increases the chance of death by 40%. Even while we don’t believe that your job will kill you, it’s a good idea to take some straightforward measures to boost your health at work. Simply starting to move your body a little more at your desk is a simple place to start. Try organizing an online fitness class for your company if you are working remotely and seeking virtual ways to exercise with your team.

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Desk push-ups and wall push-ups can be some of the few exercises that will regulate the flow of blood in your hands which have been kept stiff and low due to continuing to stay in the same position. This will also put your mind off for a while from the work and would energize it for the next task, that’s how you’d be able to have a little time off from work and would be able to divert your thoughts. The workplace is an important part of our life and we can not escape from it, so it’s better to be good in shape while we are in it.

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