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Hair Growth Tips: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?


Hair is often viewed as an indication of beauty and overall health. How frequently you wash your hair will affect your hair’s overall growth. If long, healthy hair is your goal, then there are a few things to consider when washing. So, how often should you wash your hair for hair growth?


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How Hair Grows

You are born with every hair follicle you will have for the length of your lifetime. You won’t gain or lose any. Around 100,000 of those follicles populate your head and are where the hair grows from.


The follicles are provided with oxygen and nutrition by the capillaries that supply blood to your scalp. The better the blood flow and nutrition, the better your hair will grow. Stimulating the scalp while washing will help increase the blood flow, providing more to the follicles and resulting in more hair growth.

Hair Type

The type of hair you have will affect how often you need to wash for your hair to maintain its health. And healthy hair means hair growth. Know your type and wash accordingly:


  • Oily
  • Dry/damaged
  • Fine/thin
  • Wavy/curly
  • Coiled 


Each of these hair types requires different things. As a rule, the oilier your hair is, the more often it should be washed. This wash removes buildup and dirt and leaves your hair refreshed. It promotes healthy hair, which grows faster and longer.

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Hair health is essential if you want your hair to grow to incredible lengths

Other Factors To Consider

There are a few things to consider when debating how frequently you need to wash your hair. If you want your hair to grow, try to keep it clean and take care of your scalp too.


You may need to wash more frequently if:


  • You just worked out
  • You live in a humid climate
  • You work in an area with lots of dust or pollen
  • Your hair is prone to oil buildup

Know How To Wash

Knowing how to wash correctly will help protect your tresses and keep them growing. There are a few things to remember when lathering up.

Use Less Shampoo

You do not need to use large quantities of shampoo. Using too much can cause damage to the hair strands. This damage leaves them weakened, damage-prone, and less likely to grow. Be sure to use only as much as you need. The diluting of shampoo is also a good idea and will help prevent this.


You can even try hair growth oil which is a natural method of good scalp health. 

Scalp Care Is a Necessity

Focus shampoo on your roots. This focus will prevent hair shaft damage and entirely remove buildup to promote a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair, so pay extra attention to yours when shampooing. Stimulating the scalp will help your hair grow and result in longer hair.

Cool Down Your Water

Turning your water temperature down in the shower can help protect your hair from damage. The cooler temps will smooth the hair cuticle, allowing hair to maintain its strength. Healthy, strong hair grows better.

Pick Products for Your Hair Type

We discussed hair types earlier. You should pick products that are meant for your hair. Doing so will maintain the best opportunities for hair growth. Promoting proper health and hydration will always help hair grow longer.

Hair Growth

Less is More

For many of us, washing less frequently can help boost hair growth. You can figure out your optimal shampoo frequency by adding or removing a wash day each week until you find the right thing for you. Also, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

Deep Conditioning

When looking for what helps hair grow, opt for a deep conditioner. Adding a deep conditioner or damage repair mask to your routine can help boost hair growth and prevent damage. Depending on your hair type, doing this once or twice a week will promote hair health. Remember to pick a product formulated for your hair type and the results you are trying to achieve.

By the Numbers

So, how often should you wash your hair for hair growth? Wash to suit your needs and your hair type. Oily and fine or thin hair types should wash every one to two days. This schedule allows for removing buildup and the natural oils to stimulate hair health and growth.


Wavy or curly hair and dry or damaged hair types should wash in the range of once every four to seven days. The washing frequency will depend on hair density and the severity of the damage. Coiled hair should get a good wash once a week.

Hair Growth

Try a Shampooing Alternative

There are some alternatives to washing every time you hop into the shower. These options also lead to healthy hair and hair growth.

Rinse Only

Rinsing your hair between shampoos is a viable alternative to washing every day. Doing this will remove the sweat, dirt, and excess oil from your hair without the potential for damage caused by washing. Removing buildup is also great for promoting hair growth.

Co-wash Instead

A newer trend is skipping the shampoo and going for conditioner only. Of course, this isn’t an everyday thing, but doing this every other wash or even just once a week can help prevent damage and encourage hair growth. Using conditioner only also gets you shiny, healthy hair.

Stress and Nutrition

Your stress levels and overall physical and mental health plays a part in healthy hair growth. Damaged hair may be caused by what you eat and how it affects your mental health. 


Here’s a quick video explaining how what you eat affects your mental health. 

Healthy Hair Grows

The basic idea here is that if your hair is healthy, it will grow longer. How often should you wash your hair for hair growth? Remember a few simple things that can help get you healthy hair that grows long and strong.


Hair health is essential if you want your hair to grow to incredible lengths. Washing is a critical factor in hair health. Knowing your hair type, washing your hair the right way, and remembering that everyone is different is essential to hair growth. Long hair should be easy to achieve in no time!

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